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  • The MATLAB BVP solver of bvp4c is introduced as a Residual control based, adaptive mesh solver. An adaptive mesh solver is an alternative approach to that of a uniform mesh, which would specify a uniform grid of data points xi over the interval [xi, xi+1] and solve accordingly. The adaptive solver will adjust the mesh points at each stage in the iterative procedure, distributing them to points where they are most needed. This can lead to obvious advantages in terms of computational and storage costs as well as allowing control over the grid resolution.

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  • The second section of the book involves the regional biogeography of individual taxa. This section begins with a chapter by Alberto Taylor and his colleagues on the biogeography of cycads in Central America. Their natural history and experimental ecological methods integrate the evolutionary context of the cycad lineage with contemporary autecology, and they elucidate biogeographic patterns and conservation priorities, the latter of which are under-appreciated but pressingly important in Central America.

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  • But this is just one measure of the failure of efforts to prevent vertical transmission. Following the global commitment at UNGASS in 2001, UN agencies designed a comprehensive program to prevent vertical transmission. This program was based on promoting a woman’s right to a continuum of care starting with sexual and reproductive health and treatment through to psychosocial and nutritional support. The four-prong strategy is stirring in focus and words, but actual progress and achievements have been far more limited.

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  • Transkei, Ciskei, rural, peri-urban and urban consumers on the reasons for not consuming organic products. The two main reasons advanced is that organic products are expensive according to 60% of the consumers in the Transkei, 54.2% of consumers in the Ciskei, 62.5% of peri-urban consumers and 81.8% of urban consumers (see Table 1). The second reason advanced is that organic products are not readily available according to 60% of the consumers in the Transkei, 70.8% of the consumers in the Ciskei, 80% of rural consumers, 62.5% of peri-urban consumers and 63.

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  • We use data from a variety of sources. Our primary file on firm characteristics is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 1997 Employer Health Insurance Survey (EHIS). The survey collects a rich set of information about the firms: regardless of whether insurance is offered, establishment size, 10 broad industry groups, and most important from our perspective, the proportion of female workers and the percent of workers in each of four broad age categories.

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  • Contaminants from the industry discharge flows through river. Some are accumulate, interact and settle with the living organism, plant and sediment and finally reach the coastal and ocean. Plants and living organism in the ocean are important food sources for human intake. Contaminants may then enter human food chain and accumulate in fishes, molluscs (octopus, shellfish, and cockle), crustaceans (shrimp, crab, and lobster), seaweed, sea cucumber and etc. Therefore, it is essential to understand the effect to aquatic environment....

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  • Knowledge of seawater microbial diversity is important for understanding community structure and patterns of distribution. In the ocean water column, organisms

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  • In the previous sub-section we have described the evolution of yields and interest rate spreads in 2002 using weekly data. If the information revealed by policy events is processed efficiently in capital markets, it may nevertheless be necessary to look at higher frequencies to detect any impact of fiscal policy events. In this section we therefore focus more carefully on specific events using daily data. As an illustration, we select two periods for a closer look.

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  • However, this procedure did not exclude the problematic of natural crossing between the newly introduced cultivars and the local germplasm and somatic mutation events, and genetic variability among the olive tree collections has been reported by several authors (Angiolillo et al., 1999; Bautista et al., 2003; Belaj et al., 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006; Cordeiro et al., 2008; Gemas et al., 2000; Gomes et al., 2008, 2009; Martins-Lopes et al., 2007, 2009; Sefc et al., 2000).

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  • Still greater burdens imposed upon mutual funds are what are known as "market impact costs." These are concessions in price to which all institutional investors are subject when they buy or sell securities by virtue of the large sizes of the positions they must trade. In addition to being functions of the sizes of their positions, the magnitudes of such concessions also vary with the "liquidity" of the securities traded which, in turn, is related to the "market ...

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  • Property may be leased as well as purchased. One form of leasing arrangement is a long-term ground lease, in which a tenant leases vacant land and develops it. Once the development is complete, the ground tenant sublets space to retail, o"ce or industrial tenants, depending on the type of development. Ground leasehold interests may be bought and sold in a manner similar to fee simple property interests. Commercial Leasing Most commercial o"ce and retail space, and much of the standard industrial space in Canada, is available only through a commercial lease.

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  • For effective management, the COA should cover all transactions (flows) and balanc- es (stocks) of the reporting entity for budget management and general purpose financial reporting (see Box 2 for the “reporting entity” concept and how it relates to the budgetary sector). Governments produce not only general purpose financial statements, but also other types of fiscal reports.

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  • Conserving the planet’s resources is a shared mission at KI, one that stirs our deepest convictions. As an environmentally conscious company, we demonstrate this commitment in everything we do – from product design and manufacturing, to packaging and delivery, even to the volunteer efforts of our employees. We act with a sense of urgency, to create sustainable solutions, adapt to technology, renew our resources and hold ourselves accountable for every action we take – at every level of our business.

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  • One of the main tasks of economics is to explode the basic in- flationary fallacy that confused the thinking ofauthors and statesmen from the days ofJohn Law down to those of Lord Keynes. There cannot be any question of monetary reconstruction and economic recovery as long as such fables as that of the blessings of 'expansion- ism' form an integral part ofofficial doctrine and guide the economic policies of the nations. None of the arguments that economics advances against the inflationist and expansionist doctrine is likely to impress demagogues.

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  • By addressing both cases, we give Web content publishers a chance to serve RDF data the way they want while still enabling Web content consumers to take matter into their own hands if the content they want is not served in RDF. This solution gives consumers benefits even when there are still few web sites that serve RDF. At the same time, we believe that it might give pro- ducers incentive to serve RDF in order to control how their data is received by Piggy Bank users, as well as to offer competitive advantage over other web sites. In order to achieve...

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  • The EFS data also include information on method-of-payment. Purchases are identified as having been made with cash (this category also includes spending with a debit card), or having been made with a credit card. This makes it possible to distinguish the way that households spend out of current versus future income during the pay period. We lay the groundwork for our analysis with some simple descriptive statistics.

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  • Projects are often more complex and stressful than they need to be. Far too many of them fail to meet expectations. There are far too many conflicts. There are too few moments of joy and too much anxi- ety. But there is hope. It is possible to remove the unnecessary stress and complexity. This book is about how to do just that. It links the essential principles and techniques of managing projects to a “wisdom” approach for working with complex, people-based activities.

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  • Upon successful completion of the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions of driv- er education through your local high school, the Secretary of State’s office will receive notification and add a notation to your driver’s license record. After successful com- pletion of a driving exam, you may be issued a Cooperative Driver Testing Certificate, which must be signed by the driver education instructor and the student’s parent/legal guardian.

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  • Rodents easily explore novel objects, or other rodents conspecifics, in training sessions and the amount of time exploring the object space be recorded. Objects can easily access and then explore (touch, manipulate, smell, climb / feed upon) by rodents (Aggelton, 1985). Exploration activity is defined as direct rodents its nose at the object at a distance no greater than 1 cm and / or touching, or climb on the same subject.

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  • This report examines key financial, investment and technological trends related to clean energy in the world’s leading economies, also known as the Group of Twenty (G-20). Our primary focus is on investment, which is the fuel that propels the innovation, commercialization, manufacturing and installation of clean energy technologies. The data have been compiled and reviewed by Pew’s research partner, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a market research focused on renewable energy.

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