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Matlab’s requirements

Xem 1-17 trên 17 kết quả Matlab’s requirements
  • Để có thông tin mới nhất về yêu cầu của hệ thống chúng ta có thể vào MathWorks Web site (, system requirements page. Matlab là một phần mềm có yêu cầu khá cao với hệ thống máy tính, để chạy phần mềm này máy tính cần đảm bảo những yếu tố tối thiểu sau: Bộ xử lý: Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, or AMD Athlon Hệ điều hành: Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 (original and Second Edition), Windows NT 4.

    pdf98p pcbuon 20-11-2010 393 173   Download

  • Engineering often involves applying a consistent, structured approach to the solving of problems. A general problem-solving approach and method can be defined, although variations will be required for specific problems. Problems must be approached methodically, applying an algorithm, or step-by-step procedure by which one arrives at a solution.

    pdf290p nhan4321 29-10-2009 248 163   Download

  • MATLAB®, developed by The MathWorks, Inc., integrates computation, visualization, and programming in a flexible, open environment. It offers engineers, scientists, and mathematicians an intuitive language for expressing problems and their solutions mathematically and graphically. Complex numeric and symbolic problems can be solved in a fraction of the time required with a programming language such as C, Fortran, or Java.

    pdf230p kimthanh_haui 18-02-2011 319 161   Download

  • This worksheet is an introduction on how to handle images in Matlab. When working with images in Matlab, there are many things to keep in mind such as loading an image, using the right format, saving the data as different data types, how to display an image, conversion between different image formats, etc. This worksheet presents some of the commands designed for these operations. Most of these commands require you to have the Image processing tool box installed with Matlab.

    pdf46p chelsea2501 09-05-2010 237 123   Download

  • I am an admitted object-oriented fanatic. I have been designing and implementing object-oriented software for more than twenty years. When I started designing and implementing object-oriented MATLAB ® , I encountered many detractors. They would say things like “The object model isn’t complete,” “You can’t have public variables,” “The development environment doesn’t work well with objects,” “Objects and vector operations don’t mix,” “Object-oriented code is too hard to debug,” and “MATLAB objects are too slow.

    pdf382p tailieuvip13 19-07-2012 106 47   Download

  • Home theater projection has always promised greater viewer engagement, the prospect of a bigger, more exciting, more enveloping picture than just television. Greater engagement requires the screen to fill a larger field of view. This can only be achieved by sitting closer to the screen or increasing the overall screen size. But this has always run the risk of exposing image artifacts that pass without notice on smaller screens.

    pdf14p khanhchilam 01-04-2013 26 5   Download

  • In this paper, a new method to design cam mechanisms with translating roller follower using Matlab and Inventor software is presented. The minimization of the cam size and the contact stress can be determined by controlling design parameters, such as the cam base circle radius, the follower face width and the follower offset. During the design procedure, a number of constraints regarding the pressure angle and the contact stress are taken into account. The finite element aproach is used to perform the analysis.

    pdf6p doctorstrange1 15-06-2018 9 1   Download

  • Over the course of roughly a year, after completing my first book, I resurrected an old pet project of building an autonomous submarine (referred to as the E-2 project) with certain fairly challenging functionality requirements. In the course of developing this idea, I spent many hours on the Internet and elsewhere, researching techniques for rapid development of various electromechanical control systems and platforms to run fairly complex signal-processing algorithms.

    pdf255p thachcotran 08-02-2010 118 23   Download

  • Molecular markers present numerous advantages over conventional phenotype based alternatives.

    pdf346p conquynho32 14-09-2012 41 7   Download

  • For effective management, the COA should cover all transactions (flows) and balanc- es (stocks) of the reporting entity for budget management and general purpose financial reporting (see Box 2 for the “reporting entity” concept and how it relates to the budgetary sector). Governments produce not only general purpose financial statements, but also other types of fiscal reports.

    pdf24p taisaovanchuavo 26-01-2013 42 4   Download

  • A purchaser should assess the environmental risks associated with a property being purchased. In Canada, government o"cials do not “certify” that a property is free from such risks. A property’s environmental status can be ascertained by inspecting applicable company and public records. In virtually all cases, a purchaser will want to do an “environmental audit” of the property which may include conducting scienti!c testing and a technical analysis of the property. Lending institutions often require such an audit before advancing any funds.

    pdf26p quaivatxanh 01-12-2012 26 3   Download

  • In Dewey’s discussion of the distinction between mere experience and an experience, it is clear that unity and closure are required for the latter. Also implicit is an expectation that an experience will exhibit some degree of complexity: for instance, elements must be perceived in relation to one another. My examples, along with many other everyday experiences, may seem to be lacking in these qualities. What should we conclude from this?

    pdf11p giamdocamnhac 06-04-2013 34 2   Download

  • Multiple source documents also show that some national standard treatment guidelines limit which health providers are authorized to administer these medicines. For example, Bolivia, DRC, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Zimbabwe do not yet authorize midwives to diagnose severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia or give the first dose of magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures. In DRC, a prescription is required for magnesium sulfate, but midwives are not authorized to write them (see Box 2).

    pdf128p nhamnhiqa 01-03-2013 30 1   Download

  • Freeform fabrication technology does not require pre-formed mandrels or tooling; instead, it builds physical objects directly from computer graphical data. This type of technology is also known as layer manufacturing, since it constructs the three- dimensional object layer by layer (Jacobs, 1992; Beaman et al., 1997). The technology has proved that it can help to rapidly provide feedback on design concepts, discover inconsistencies in the design, modify the design, and eliminate inconsistency before fabricating the design.

    pdf12p quynho77 13-11-2012 24 0   Download

  • This overview of Fortran 90 (F90) features is presented as a series of tables that illustrate the syntax and abilities of F90. Frequently comparisons are made to similar features in the C++ and F77 languages and to the Matlab environment.

    pdf22p giangtanthon 10-02-2010 136 16   Download

  • CHAPTER ONE MATLAB FUNDAMENTALS MATLAB is a numeric computation software for engineering and scientific calculations. The name MATLAB stands for MATRIX LABORATORY. MATLAB is primarily a tool for matrix computations. It was developed by John Little and Cleve Moler of MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB was originally written to provide easy access to the matrix computation software packages LINPACK and EISPACK. MATLAB is a high-level language whose basic data type is a matrix that does not require dimensioning. There is no compilation and linking as is done in high-level languages, such as C or FORTRAN.

    pdf23p longmontran 15-01-2010 68 13   Download

  • This thesis is submitted to the Faculty of technology at Blekinge institute of technology, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of philosophy in computer science.The book has an Online Learning Center with several powerful components: MATLAB for Machine Design (featuring highly visual MATLAB simulations and accompanying source code); the "FEPC" finite element program, with accompanying Finite Element...

    pdf178p monkey68 13-03-2009 78 6   Download


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