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  • [ Team LiB ] Customizing Your Menus and Toolbars Outlook now has two methods you can use to customize toolbars to show the buttons and menus you use the most and to remove the ones you don't use. If you've customized toolbars in older versions of Office, you're familiar with the first method in which you drag menus and buttons around with the mouse. Choose Tools, Customize to open the Customize dialog to create customized toolbars (see Figure 16.2). Select the Toolbars tab to make a new toolbar, Commands to add new buttons and menus to your toolbars, or Options...

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  • Customizing Your Menus and Toolbars Outlook now has two methods you can use to customize toolbars to show the buttons and menus you use the most and to remove the ones you don't use

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  • This is a book to teach and guide technical drawings with AutoCAD 2002 software. The entire contents of the book is divided into 7 chapters ranging from the basic introduction to the complex instructions in the adjustment and printing drawings. This is the basis for guiding technical drawings on AutoCAD in general, therefore, it can be applied not only in the 2002 version, but also can be used in later versions.

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  • This document is intended as an introductory guide to the development of customised applications using Microsoft Office 97 or Office 2000. We concentrate on using the Excel application, although the general skills gained are equally applicable to the other Office applications. It is not an exhaustive review of all of the features of these two packages - there are too many! I hope, however, to be able to describe the essential features of programming in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and to illustrate some of its capabilities by means of a range of illustrative examples....

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  • AutoCAD is a very powerful 2D drafting application, but behind the user interface (toolbars, pull-down menus, and drawing window) lie the capabilities of navigating and creating 3D models and generating presentation-quality images from 3D models to share with your clients. Before you begin navigating or creating your own 3D models from 3D solids or surfaces or using materials and user-defined lights to generate a photoreal- istic rendering of a 3D model, you must become familiar with how AutoCAD’s user interface works in 3D.

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 29 - Menus, Toolbars, Dialogs, and Internal Frame's Objectives is to create menus; learn the menu components JMenuBar, JMenu, JPopupMenu JMenuItem, JCheckBoxMenuItem, and JRadioButtonMenuItem; create popup menus; use JToolBar to create tool bars.

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  • This module presents Component Object Model (COM) add-ins as a way of developing solutions for Microsoft® Outlook® 2000 and other Microsoft Office 2000 applications. At the end of this module, students will be able to write, debug, compile, and register a COM add-in. They will also be able to use one of the shared Office object models, Command Bars, to programmatically create and modify toolbars and menus. Students will also be able to create a custom property page for Outlook 2000 by using a COM add-in....

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  • Part III — Hacking Menus, Toolbars, and Statusbar /* * This file can be used to customize the look of Mozilla’s user interface * You should consider using !important on rules which you want to * override default settings. */ /* * Do not remove the @namespace line -- it’s required for correct functioning */ @namespace url(“

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  • The Default Display for Command Bars In the Microsoft Office applications, toolbars and menus are known as command bars.

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