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Methods of piv

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  • This paper aims to verify the applicability of this method in determining the displacement of sandy soil under different saturation conditions and soil grain sizes. The results showed that this method could effectively determine soil displacement with an accuracy of 0.13 mm. Furthermore, the degree of saturation of soil did not influence the PIV results whereas the homogeneity of soil, as indicated by grain size distribution, reduced the precision of the PIV method.

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  • In this study, single-pixel ensemble correlation algorithm was applied to analyze flow near the surface of an axisymmetric boattail model. The initial images data was obtained by experimental methods with the setup of PIV measurement.

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  • An effective separation method of very pure binder fraction to assess radiocarbon dating is proposed in the present contribution. The elimination of contaminant error sources and the suitable selection of mortar samples enable the reliable dating. Petrographic analysis under polarizing light microscopy is used to identify different mineralogical phases of mortar samples, aggregate nature, and the limestone fragment remains.

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