Migration of work force

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  • Ninety million people migrate for work globally every year and an increasing percentage of those workers are moving between emerging economies, rather than to industrialized nations. Otherwise known as South-South labor migrants, these workers are filling jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, construction and service industries in countries like Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt. Migrant workers provide a cost-effective and hardworking labor force in labor-intensive industries, but they are also vulnerable, isolated and often heavily indebted.

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  • Unemployment and under-employment have increased continuously over the last five years, encouraging internal and external migration. Unemployment currently affects 11% of the labour force and the informal sector accounts for more than 65% of economic activity, providing sources of marginal employment and under-employment to a large percentage of adults of working age and even to school-age children.

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  • The numerous limitations faced by women, particularly in rural areas, have compelled them to look for alternative options in other places. For example, in Latin America, a great part of the migrations from rural areas during the 1960s and 1970s was made up of women seeking better opportunities as maids in cities (Villarreal 1996). In recent decades, rural women have continued to migrate to urban areas and, besides domestic work, they are also employed in export assembly plants or maquilas, particularly in Central America (Vargas-Lundius 2007, 221-27).

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  • Benefits Realized by the Customer: BGX/ACE systems support rapid change, maintenance and turn-up of new services, creating faster generation of revenues and decreased costs of technical labor and service downtime. Technicians are no longer forced to work in crowded splice cases. The risk of cutting the wrong fiber or knocking down live service is virtually eliminated. BGX/ACE systems arrive preprovisioned, eliminating guess work from fiber identification. Technicians access the network at virtually any time without inconveniencing customers and without requiring expensive new structures....

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  • As most readers know, evolutionary biology took off only after it was synthesized with population genetics in the 1920s and 1930’s (Fisher 1930). Mathematical treatments of allele frequencies that incorporated selection, drift, mutation, and migration made it possible to begin to understand the forces that shaped the genome. As Lewon- tin (1974) has noted, however, this theory developed separately from breeder’s theories about selection for phenotypes; the task of mapping changes in allele frequency to changes in phenotype remains a challenge.

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  • Many have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make this special issue possible. The editorial team at Forced Migration Review has been the anchor on which we have all relied. The authors of the articles and those who submitted pieces we could not include deserve special recognition. Their work was done after-hours, often in the field during time they did not have. Ricardo Ernst, my fellow guest editor, has been an able partner responding with feed- back from all corners of the globe.

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  • Nepal has witnessed massive political upheaval during the past decade with insurgency forces actively expressing dissatisfaction with the existing status quo. It was in early 1996 that the Maoist insurgency took root in the country exerting a tremendous influence on the social, economic and political life of the country. The constant conflict forced the Nepalese people to migrate from rural to urban areas and to neighboring countries, resulting in the displacement of a large proportion of the population and impacting the demographic situation.

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