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  • These results highlight the need for proper solid mine wastes characterization to drive management decisions aimed at reducing heavy metal contamination of surrounding soils and the associated potential environmental and human health risks.

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  • The flood susceptible map was generated by merging the slope map and the stream network maps. The results indicate that about 42.59% of the study area were highly prone to flooding. The areas susceptible to flooding were mainly made up of agricultural lands with high usage of chemical fertilizers for farming, which may leach into nearby rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater during flood occurrence.

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  • Whether to co-process alternative fuels in cement kilns can be evaluated upon environmental and economic criteria. As is discussed in detail below, the potential benefits of burning alternative fuels at cement plants are numerous. However, the contrary is possible, when poor planning results in projects where cement kilns have higher emissions, or where alternative fuels are not put to their highest value use. Five guiding principles outlined by the German development agency, GTZ, and Holcim Group Support Ltd.

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  • We said that you should be ready to work. Here it is where you should be ready to work. Homework assignments (also known as problem sets) are designed to test your endurance and ability to work under pressure. And you’ll be under a lot of continuous pressure! It is not uncommon to see 30-40 page problem sets, which you’ll be delivering every week or two, for every one of your economics courses. Sounds rough? It is. One thing is true (at least from our experience). Unless you are a brilliant / top-of-the- class / remarkably well prepared student, it is...

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  • The first cross-tabulation presented (Table 3) simply shows the number of regions in each combination of the Dijkstra-Poelman and EDORA Structural types. By far the largest number of regions is in the Intermediate Accessible/Consumption Countryside combination. There is also a large number of regions in the Intermediate Accessible/Diversified (Market Services) combination. PR accessible regions are also commonly in the Consumption Countryside type, although a significant proportion are Agrarian.

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  • As discussed earlier, the idea that human experience involves elements beyond our intentional control has been an overshadowed perspective in philosophy, psychology, and Western culture. Of the diverse perspectives within this tradition, Dewey’s aesthetic philosophy, as expressed in “Art as Experience,” is useful for developing the idea that worthwhile experi- ences require more than just control and rationality. For Dewey, there must be receptive undergoing in addition to active doing and thinking. ...

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  • Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework. Scrum structures product development in cycles of work called Sprints, iterations of work which are typically 1-4 weeks in length, and which take place one after the other. The Sprints are of fixed duration – they end on a specific date whether the work has been completed or not, and are never extended. At the beginning of each Sprint, a cross-functional team selects items from a prioritized list of requirements, and commits to complete them by the end of the Sprint; during the Sprint, the deliverable does not change.

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  • It has been called an audit because it is an attempt, the first as far as we are aware, to take stock: to pull together in one place, from the bewildering variety of sources that provide such information, all the available data on cultural infrastructure and consumption. It systematically attempts to make this data robust: to verify it, ensure as far as possible that it is not partial or selective, and quantify it in such a way that it allows London to be compared with other cities. To assist judgement, we have also recorded, as far as possible on a...

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  • A desirable characteristic of a performance measure is that it be timely, i.e., measure the effect of the manager's actions on firm value at the time those actions are taken (Holmstrom, 1982). This suggests earnings should incorporate the future cash flow effects of managers' actions. Ifthis was all there were to the determination of earnings, we could understand the robust result from thirty years of evidence that, for shorter horizons, average annual earnings is relatively well-described by a random walk (see Watts and Zimmerman, 1986, chapter 6).

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  • Second, the sample period in this study covers a full business cycle, thereby providing a better indication of the relative variability of lending activities experienced by commercial banks over this period. Brewer, Minton, and Moser (2000) document a universal downward trend of C&I lending over a sample period of 1985 to 1992, a period during which the economy experienced a significant cyclical downturn.

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  • Implementable on a desk-top PC, CreditManager allows users to capture, calculate and display the informa tion they need to manage the risk of individual credi t derivatives, or a portfolio of credits. CreditManager handles most credi t instruments including bonds, loans, commitments, letter of credit, market-driven instruments such as swaps and forwards, as we ll as the credit derivatives as discussed in this guide.

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  • "All interest paid or accrued within the taxable year on indebtedness, except on indebtedness incurred or continued to purchase or carry obligations (other than obligation of the United States issued after September 24, 1917, and originally subscribed for by the taxpayer) the interest from which is wholly exempt from taxes imposed by this chapter." Though the statement is apparently clear and unambiguous, its application has aroused much litigation and controversy.

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  • By encouraging these lending practices, usury ceilings may fail to give consumers the protection and benefits that they were intended to provide. That is, usury laws may actually reduce the amount of credit that is available to low income or inexperienced borrowers. Low-priced credit is not useful to those who cannot meet the requirements for obtaining it. Thus, when lenders ration credit by some means other than price, first-time borrowers, small borrowers, low-income and high-risk borrowers are likely to find it more difficult to obtain credit.

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  • Security is a broadly used term encompassing the characteristics of authentication, integrity, privacy, non- repudiation, and anti-playback. In the case of our sensor network the security requirements are comprised of authentication, integrity, privacy (or confidentiality) and anti-playback. The recipient of a message needs to be able to be unequivocally assured that the message came from its stated source.

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  • Analysis including data only from satisfactory quality studies found no evidence of a difference in content for 20 of the 23 nutrient categories analysed. In these analyses, conventionally produced crops were found to have significantly higher levels of nitrogen than organically produced crops, while organically produced crops were found to have significantly higher levels of phosphorus and higher titratable acidity than conventionally produced crops.

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  • Tubular organs are essential for organisms to establish transport systems for nutrients, liquids and gases. The development of tubes requires endocytosis of bound ligands, receptors and proteins at the plasma membrane (Bonifacino and Traub, 2003; Nelson, 2009). Clathrin coated vesicles (CCVs) organize major routes of cargo selective endocytosis in higher eukaryotic cells (Conner and Schmid, 2003). The formation of CCVs requires clathrin molecules. During CCV budding, clathrin molecules assemble to form a cage-like coat around the nascent vesicle membrane.

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  • The central panel of the northern and southern walls contained a quadrant painted with xenia, while the wall of the ground floor, or west, was an image of the river Sarno as penates placed between two festoons of flowers. The image was described as a bearded god wearing a crown of reeds. He was sitting on the ground under the shade of a sacred tree. Resting on his left elbow on an overturned urn, he held a reed in his left hand, and his right hand rested on the corresponding knee. He was nude from the upper part of his...

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  • The coasters serving as physical icons are depicted in Figure 9. The person holding the coaster, and only that person, has access to the information on the as- sociated exhibit. Each coaster is approximately 3.5 inches in diameter, 0.75 inches thick, and is made of a hollowed-outCorian base and a clear acrylic cap. An image of the associated exhibit is attached to the bottom of the cap, as shown in Figure 9.

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  • Where an acquisition exceeds the specified threshold or there is a change in control of a listed company, the acquirer must provide an exit opportunity to the shareholders through a timely public offer with appropriate disclosures. In certain acquisitions, such as an inter se transfer of shares between the promoter, Indian promoter and foreign collaborator, pursuant to a scheme of arrangement/amalgamation, no open offer is required, subject to disclosures being made. The government can order the amalgamation of two or more companies if this is in the public interest.

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  • To avoid headaches and tap into a wider pool of prospective tenants, many landlords consider the lease-purchase of their home. This option attracts many potential buyers who could handle the monthly mortgage payments but can’t afford the required down payment. Here’s how it works: You lease your house to the tenant for a specific monthly rent. In addition, the tenant pays you for the right to purchase the home within the option period, usually six months to two years later. This payment is called the option consideration. The option consideration payment is usually made up of two parts.

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