Minimal energy consumption

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  • "Under the right conditions and applications, evaporative air-conditioning (EAC) technologies can provide excellent cooling and ventilation with minimal energy consumption." Evaporative air-conditioning technologies are being used increasingly in residential and commercial applications worldwide. EAC technologies, which rely on water as a coolant rather than on chemical refrigerants, are economical to produce and use and have important environmental benefits.

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  • The electric consumption in the building shares the highest portion in all user sectors. Therefore, energy conservation in building is important to get higher energy standard in the country. Retail and wholesale building consume high electricity. Energy consumption ratio in this building type is 40% Air conditioning, 28% refrigeration, 12% lighting and 20% from the other. Those element need to be focused. This research is an optimization of air conditioning design and building envelope with operation schedule, refrigeration and lighting system.

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  • Exact prediction of the cooling and heating load, proper sizing of the heat ventilation airconditioning (HVAC) system and optimal control of the HVAC systems are important to minimize energy consumption. Calculation of thermal load of building is very essential to find exact air-conditioning equipment and air handling unit, to achieve comfort operation and good air distribution in the air-conditioned zone. This project Cooling load estimation for a Reading Hall of CAET, JAU presents by using TETD method. The Reading Hall considered in this study is situated in Junagadh (70.45°E, 21.

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  • The reactions form chains and rings of alumino-silicate networks in geopolymeric structures. The raw materials used for geopolymerization normally contain high SiO2 and Al2O3 in the chemical compositions such as meta-kaoline, rice husk ash, fly ash, bottom ash, blast furnace slag, red mud, and others. The geopolymer-based material has potentials to replace Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)-based materials in the future because of its lower energy consumption, minimal CO2 emissions and lower production cost as it utilizes industrial waste resources.

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  • Lignocellulosic biomass bioethanol production, commonly referred to as Second Generation biofuels, using agricultural residues, forest residues, energy feedstocks, municipalities, and other waste crop solids is considered as a promising alternative energy source in order to minimize reliance on limited fossil sources, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental pollutions. Bioethanol from food based materials may lead to „„food vs fuel” conflict with the increase of world population.

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