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  • A significant revision of a best-selling text for the introductory digital signal processing course. This book presents the fundamentals of discrete-time signals, systems, and modern digital processing and applications for students in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science.The book is suitable for either a one-semester or a two-semester undergraduate level course in discrete systems and digital signal processing. It is also intended for use in a one-semester first-year graduate-level course in digital signal processing. ...

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  • Suitable for a one- or two-semester undergraduate-level electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science course in Discrete Systems and Digital Signal Processing. Assumes some prior knowledge of advanced calculus, linear systems for continuous-time signals, and Fourier series and transforms. Giving students a sound balance of theory and practical application, this no-nonsense text presents the fundamental concepts and techniques of modern digital signal processing with related algorithms and applications.

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  • Modern digital technology has made it possible to manipulate multi-dimensional signals with systems that range from simple digital circuits to advanced parallel computers. The goal of this manipulation can be divided into three categories...

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  • In this era of knowledge economy, digital manufacturing as a new manufacturing technology and manufacturing mode has become a strong manufacturing power, promoting the development of manufacturing in the 21st century.

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  • This book is about the digital logic design of microprocessors. It is intended to provide both an understanding of the basic principles of digital logic design, and how these fundamental principles are applied in the building of complex microprocessor circuits using current technologies. Although the basic principles of digital logic design have not changed, the design process, and the implementation of the circuits have changed.

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  • Much of modern digital signal processing is concernedwith the extraction of information fromsignals whichare noisy, orwhichbehave randomlywhile still revealingsomeattributeor parameterof a system or environment under observation. The term in popular use now for this kind of computation is statistical signal processing, and much of this Handbook is devoted to this very subject. Statistical signal processing is classical statistical inference applied to problems of interest to electrical engineers, with the added twist that answers are often required in “real time”, perhaps seconds or less.

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  • In the chapter “Fourier Series, Fourier Transforms, and the DFT” by W. Kenneth Jenkins, many important Fourier transformconcepts in continuous and discrete time are presented. The discrete Fourier transform(DFT), which forms the backbone of modern digital signal processing as its most common signal analysis tool, is also described, together with an introduction to the fast Fourier transformalgorithms.

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  • Much of modern digital signal processing is concernedwith the extraction of information fromsignals whichare noisy, orwhichbehave randomlywhile still revealingsomeattributeor parameterof a system or environment under observation.

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  • Since the 1990s, digital signals have been increasingly used not only in various industries and engineering equipments but also in everybody’s daily necessities. Mobile phones, TV receivers, music CDs, multimedia computing, etc, are the indispensable items in modern life, in which digital formats are taken as a basic form for carrying and storing information. The major reason for the advancement in the use of digital signals is the big leap forward in the popularization of microelectronics and computing technology in the past three decades.

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  • ECE 551 Digital Design And Synthesis: Lecture 10 has many contents: Capacitance is Unavoidable, Modern Processes Are Worse, Cap to ground & Cap to neighbors, What is a Parasitic Extractor, What is Done with These Values, Post Layout Simulation, Parasitics Don’t Just Slow Down Cells, SDF Can Handle Wire RC Delay Too, Refining your S.W.A.G,...

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  • Fundamentals Adaptive systems are at the very core of modern digital signal processing. There are many reasons for this, foremost amongst these is that adaptive filtering, prediction or identification do not require explicit a priori statistical knowledge of the input data. Adaptive systems are employed in numerous areas such as biomedicine, communications, control, radar, sonar and video processing (Haykin 1996a).

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  • Creative designing is the process where the designer plays with the arrangement of lines, forms and colours to provide beauty to the end product. The conventional method of designing is tedious, time consuming and laborious. The modern technique aims at simulation of conceived designing onto monitor which helps in better visualization with wide spectrum of designs. The possibilities of designing with respect to speed, pattern creation, editing, repeating, flexibility, variety, colour ways and cost effectiveness are endless with the introduction of CAD.

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  • In this impact, modern education, especially higher education, is the field most affected. Online teaching, with tools to support the teaching of the digital age, has been changing dramatically in the teaching and learning situation in universities, helping to modernize education and integrate with the world, but there are many issues that teachers and managers must consider to change teaching methods and training strategies, in order to deliver the best results.

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  • Most real world signals of practical interest, such as speech, radar signals, sonar signals, and various communication signals such as audio and video signals are analog. To process an analog signal by digital means, it is vital to convert it into digital form. That is to convert it to a sequence of numbers having finite precision. This procedure is called analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion, and the corresponding devices are called A/D converters.

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  • In modern high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), computers in a broad sense are used in every instrumental module and at every stage of analysis. Computers control the flow rate, eluent composition, temperature, injection volume, and injection process. Detector output signal is converted from analog form into the digital representation to recognize the presence of peaks, and then at higher level of computer analysis a chromatogram is obtained. All these computer-based functions are performed in the background, and the chromatographer usually does not think about them.

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  • The appearance of digital computers and the development of modern theories of learning and neural processing both occurred at about the same time, during the late 1940s. Since that time, the digital computer has been used as a tool to model individual neurons as well as clusters of neurons, which are called neural networks. A large body of neurophysiological research has accumulated since then. For a good review of this research, see Neural and Brain Modeling by Ronald J. MacGregor [21].

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  • The field of digital image segmentation is continually evolving. Most recently, the advanced segmentation methods such as Template Matching, Spatial and Temporal ARMA Processes, Mean Shift Iterative Algorithm, Constrained Compound Markov Random Field (CCMRF) model and Statistical Pattern Recognition (SPR) methods form the core of a modernization effort that resulted in the current text. This new edition of "Advanced Image Segmentation" is but a reflection of the significant progress that has been made in the field of image segmentation in just the past few years.

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  • This book deal with the modern developing of microwave and millimeter wave technologies. The first chapter is aimed at describing the evolution of technological processes for the design of passive functions in millimetre-wave frequency range. From the results HR SOI seems to be a good candidate in the coming year to address both low cost and low power mass market CMOS digital and RF/ MMW applications.

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  • Before we describe the investigation process, we need to define the basic and fundamental concepts. There are few agreed upon definitions in the area of digital forensic research, so we will clearly state the definitions we are using, even the most basic ones. Digital data are data represented in a numerical form. With modern computers, it is common for the data to be internally represented in a binary encoding, but this is not a requirement. A digital object is a discrete collection of digital data, such as a file, a hard disk sector, a network packet, a memory page, or a process....

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