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Modules to drupal 7

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  • Build beautiful interactive maps on your Drupal website, and tell engaging visual stories with your data. This concise guide shows you how to create custom geographical maps from top to bottom, using Drupal 7 tools and out-of-the-box modules. You’ll learn how mapping works in Drupal, with examples on how to use intuitive interfaces to map local events, businesses, groups, and other custom data.

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  • I realize the idea of learning how to use the command line, or set up a local development environment, isn’t as sexy as learning how to push the envelope of Drupal design. Trust me, I get it. But if there’s one thing that prevents Drupal designers from pushing that envelope, it’s this: site building in Drupal isn’t as efficient if you haven’t figured out at least a few of these tricks. Want to know why the same task takes some developers an hour or two, while it takes some of us several hours of banging our heads against the computer? It’s because they know how to...

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  • QR Code Book Description Pro Drupal 7 Development updates the most popular development reference for the release of Drupal 7. With several new and completely-rewritten essential APIs and improvements in Drupal 7, this book will not only teach developers how to write modules ranging from simple to complex, but also how Drupal itself works. This book is for existing Drupal module developers wanting to learn about Drupal 7 and people already knowledgeable in PHP who are interested in developing for Drupal. Simply put, if you are working with then you need this book....

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  • Over 50 recipes to master the creation of Views using the Drupal Views 3 module! Brand new recipe examples using the all new Views 3 UI A wide variety, including multi-display and programmatic views Easy-to-follow recipes with plenty of screenshots and demonstrations

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  • his book focuses on the nontechnical user who is responsible for building, maintaining, and managing Drupal web sites. The book covers why you should consider using Drupal when building a new web site, what Drupal is, installing and configuring Drupal, creating and managing content, managing users, adding functionality to your web site through Drupal modules, and more advanced topics on using themes, panels, and views.

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  • Drupal is one of the most popular web content management systems. It powers a number of today's websites and is a solid choice for many businesses that want to create a compelling online presence. On today's Web, when noise and competition are at their highest levels ever, simply having a great site isn't enough. If you want to be competitive online, you have to have an appreciation for search marketing you need fluency with the skills and strategy behind search engine optimization. Drupal provides only limited SEO functionality straight out of the box.

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  • The style of the book is nicely conversational. The overt humor is sparse, but at the same time you don't ever feel that you're sitting in a lecture hall. The authors seem quite well-versed in the material and aren't subjecting you to death-by-powerpoint-by-screenshot. They don't talk down to you, ever, guiding the reader through the API as a comrade. Even in the areas of security and best practice, when it would be easy to slip into browbeat mode, they resist, presenting facts instead of opinion and advice rather than orders. ...

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  • This hands-on guide takes a look at the main functional areas of Drupal that have significant new features. It explains these new features and how to use them, drawing attention to significant differences from how things used to behave, and giving the reader an idea of the kind of consequences these changes will bring to them. Drupal 7 First Look is written for site administrators, themers, and developers who have some experience with Drupal 6 (or even Drupal 5) and want to upgrade their sites, themes, or modules to Drupal 7 or just learn more about Drupal 7. No programming...

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  • có thể được tự động áp dụng các yếu tố trên một trang. Điều này được thực hiện bằng cách áp dụng các lớp học sử dụng ajax để một yếu tố trên một trang. Một điển hình sẽ được sử dụng để áp dụng các lớp ajax sử dụng một liên kết trong một trang để kích hoạt một hành động AJAX.

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  • chúng ta đang quay trở lại các yếu tố hình thức đang được thay thế. Drupal biết đây là một mảng renderable và làm cho nó giá trị thích hợp. Drupal gửi HTML cập nhật trở lại trang Drupal AJAX xử lý lấy những thay đổi và thay thế các wrapper.

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  • Tuy nhiên, thông tin chứa đựng trong cuốn sách này được bán mà không có sự bảo đảm, thể hiện rõ ràng hay ngụ ý. Không phải là tác giả, cũng không phải xuất bản Packt, và các đại lý và nhà phân phối sẽ được tổ chức chịu trách nhiệm về bất kỳ thiệt hại

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