Motivations include fear

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  • Entrepreneurship involves the creation of jobs and wealth in the economy, normally through a small business management. The entrepreneurs may face some problems in performing these functions because certain psychological factors affect their entrepreneurship activities. The study investigated the impact of psychological factors on entrepreneurial intention among Agricultural students of SKUAST-K in Kashmir. Purposive sampling method was used to select colleges followed by simple random sampling to select students, constituting a sample size of 120.

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  • FSA has taken a number of steps to increase the user-friendliness of the program, such as using Web sites to disseminate and collect information and forms. Many Direct Loan schools reported that FSA’s Web sites are effective in helping them administer the program and have simplified the process for Direct Loan borrowers, but it is challenging to navigate among multiple Web sites. FSA officials are aware of schools’ concerns and are developing a plan to redesign its Web sites.

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  • Digitizing is the process of converting a continuos signal (such as sound or video) into distinct units that the compute or other electronic equipment can process. There are many ways to digitize things. there is the microphone, which digitizes sound. The scanner can digitize photos and other images. A digital camera is able to bring video into the computer. You can also digitize 3D objects. For that you use a 3D digitizer. These come in many different shapes and sizes. They usually use lasers to map out the 3D points and create a mesh.

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  • As is well known, a large part of the remittances is channelled via the informal financial system through money transfer companies. So far, the access of migrants and their families to the formal financial system has been very limited due, in part, to the fact that a large proportion of the remittance senders are in an irregular situation in the developed countries. Cost and insecurity are usually pointed out as the main disadvantages to transferring remittances via the informal system.

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  • Copyright laws are increasingly passed without democratic debate or scrutiny. In Great Britain, where I live, Parliament recently passed the Digital Economy Act, a complex copy- right law that allows corporate giants to disconnect whole families from the Internet if any- one in the house is accused (without proof) of copyright infringement; it also creates a “Great Firewall of Britain” that is used to censor any site that record companies and movie studios don't like.

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  • Data Collection: No interesting patterns can be validly discovered without a set of historical data that is representative of the population of interest. Each observation in the historical data set should belong to exactly one of the predetermined classes. In direct marketing, such historical data is collected by observing the purchasing behaviours of customers from a previous campaign. Customers in the previous campaign may or may not have received the direct promotion. Whether a customer was to receive the direct promotion may have been randomly decided or by a data mining model.

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  • As highlighted in Moffitt (1998), many studies over the last ten years have examined the effects of programs like AFDC, Medicaid, and food stamps on family structure and children’s well-being. These studies have been motivated by a growing concern that public assistance programs con- tributed to the rise in out-of-wedlock childbearing and female headship, two behaviors associated with the incidence of poverty, especially among children. Until very recently, however, little attention has been paid to the effects of the EITC expansions on these behaviors.

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  • This Notice sets forth the maximum face amount of qualified school construction bonds (“QSCBs”) allocated by the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) to each State and large local educational agency for 2009 under § 54F(d) of the Internal Revenue Code (Code). For this purpose, § 54A(e)(3) provides that the term “State” includes the District of Columbia and any possession of the United States. This Notice also provides interim guidance for QSCBs.

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  • Sophisticated customers Customers sold interest rate hedging products who fall outside the definition of non-sophisticated customers are not within the scope of this review. They may complain and their complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the banks’ usual complaint handling procedures. Claims management companies There are claims management companies who may offer to submit a customer’s complaint to the bank or the FOS.

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  • The equilibrium of the pollutant between the groundwater and the solid phase of the soil is described by a Freundlich isotherm. This nonlinear sorption isotherm does not vary in time. Sorption takes place at the so-called "sorption sites" of the soil. Two classes of sorption sites are distinguished (Boesten, 1986; Brasseau, 1992b). The sorption sites of class 1 are continuously in equilibrium. The class 2 sorption sites are not continuously in equilibrium with the soil solution.

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  • For Senegal, whose SWAp provided a promising locus for donor coordination in health in 2005 (see Box 1), the situation is increasingly complex: having been a priority in every development plan to date, SRH as an integrated concept does not appear in either the current Document de Politique Économique et Sociale 2011–2015 (Economic and Social Policy Document 2011–2015; Senegal’s third poverty-reduction strategy paper) or the Plan National de Développement Sanitaire 2009–2018 (National Health Development Plan 2009–2018).

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  • Rapid response to emergencies includes the immediate shipment of supplies and equipment to help meet the minimum requirements in a crisis, such as enabling pregnant women to deliver in a clean environment. When the situation stabilizes, UNFPA provides support for the full range of reproductive health services. These services address the life-and-death complications of pregnancy and delivery, the transmission of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, adolescent health, violence against women, and access to condoms and other contraceptives.

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  • Women in prison often have more health problems than male prisoners. As indicated before, many have chronic and complex health conditions resulting from lives of poverty, drug use, family violence, sexual assault, adolescent pregnancy, malnutrition and poor health care (Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, 2006; WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2007a). Drug-dependent women offenders have a higher prevalence than male offenders of tuberculosis, hepatitis, toxaemia, anaemia, hypertension, diabetes and obesity (Covington, 2007).

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  • For the 50 industrial companies in the S&P index, the ratio of the total market capitalization to net earnings is 18.4. Aggregate earnings and this price-earnings ratio imply an estimate for the aggregate market capitalization of 1.62 times GNP. This is slightly higher than Sloan’s (1936) estimate, which was based on a broader subset of industrial companies.

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  • Motivated by these issues, we study the comovements between the returns on country-industry portfolios and country-style portfolios for 23 countries, 26 industries, and nine styles during 1980–2005. During this period, markets are likely to have become more integrated at the world level through increased capital and trade integration. Also, a number of regional developments have likely integrated stockmarkets at a regional level.

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  • Prior to the 1980s, most preferred stocks were issued by regulated utility companies. From 1950 to 1979, 90 of the 108 preferred stock offerings were made by utilities. In the mid-1980s, financial firms began to issue preferred stocks, but the explosive growth in preferred stock issued by financial firms did not occur until after the Federal Reserve’s 1996 ruling on Tier 1 capital. Financial institutions became the dominant issuers of preferred stocks by the late 1990s. While non-financial firms in aggregate have been issuing a steady 30 to 60 new preferred stocks a...

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  • as adopted by the united nations, sustainability is the economic development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Many institutions identify the three aspects of sustainability to be economic, social and environmental, also described as the “triple bottom line” for an organization that focuses on “profit, planet and people”. Within the built environment, the definition of sustainability and how to best achieve it is evolving.

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