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  • Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging plays an important role in the evaluation of bacterial and tuberculous spondylodiscitis and associated complications. Owing to its high sensitivity and specificity, it is a powerful diagnostic tool in the early diagnosis of ongoing infections, and thus provides help in prompt initiation of appropriate, therapy which may be medical or surgical, by defining the extent of involvement and detection of complications such as epidural and paraspinal abscesses.

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  • The main objective of this work is to develop an economically viable process for producing papermaking fibres of adequate quality and generating energy from wheat straw. Wheat straw was selected as the raw material since wheat is cultivated and available worldwide (Curtis 2002) and only a minor part of the straw is used for energy production or animal feed. One of the primary aims in this work is to find ways to store the raw material chemically between the harvesting periods and examine the effects on pulping and pulp properties (Paper IV). In addition, the aim of this work is...

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  • What have been the impacts of the GGDP-generated maize technologies? In the absence of reliable baseline data, it was not possible to calculate quantitative measures of project impact. Based on farmers’ qualitative judgments, however, it is clear that adoption of the GGDP-generated technologies has been associated with significant farm-level productivity gains (measured in terms of maize yields) and noticeable increases in the income earned from sales of maize. Impacts on the nutritional status of rural households, however, appear to have been less pronounced.

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  • Australian farmers continue to face the challenge of declining terms of trade in agriculture, yet remain internationally competitive through effi ciencies and productivity growth. The growth in the farm sector had increased steadily over the 30 year period from 1974-75 to 2003-04 at an average rate of 2.8 percent, consistently out-performing other sectors.

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  • Conversely, judges may assign one or two beers much higher scores than other beers simply because they stand out as being much more flavorful (extreme scoring). In addition, as judges become tired (and possibly intoxicated) during long flights, they may allow impressions of some very noticeable characteristics of particular beers to overly influence their perceptions (and scores) of other characteristics of the beers (halo effect). For example, a weizen that is too dark may (falsely) also seem too heavy and caramel-flavored.

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  • A pre-financing payment of 60% of the MEDIA contribution to the action will be transferred to the beneficiary within 45 days of the date when the last of the two parties signs the agreement, provided all possible guarantees are received by the Agency Pre-financing is intended to provide the beneficiary with a float. The account or sub-account indicated by the beneficiary must make it possible to identify the funds transferred by the Agency. If the funds paid into this account give rise to interest or equivalent profits in accordance with the...

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  • To make sure that directors know and understand their roles it is valuable to hold orientation sessions at which new board members learn about the organization and their role in governing it. This should include education on what “governance” involves and how it is practiced in the organization. 6 In situations where the new directors have been involved with the organization for some time and know it and its people well, orientation may only be a review of their governance responsibilities and any other additional information they need to begin work on the board.

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  • As the University of Kentucky continues in its state-mandated mission to reach Top 20 status among the nation’s premier public research institutions, it is imperative that the entire University communicate with a clear, consistent public identity. The development of visual identity standards by the entire University is critical to achieving this objective. Every time someone from the University of Kentucky communicates with the public, it contributes to our reputation.

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  • The final stage of the analysis phase involves the selection of the strategy(ies) which will be used to achieve the desired objectives. Strategy analysis involves deciding what objectives will be included IN the project, and what objectives will remain OUT, and what the project purpose and overall objectives will be. In addition to examining the logic, strategy analysis also looks at the feasibility of different interventions.

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  • A preliminary production aid is property used in the process of creating preliminary art and generally includes such items as scans, layouts, visualizations, artwork, illustrations, proofs, images, etc. Unlike intermediate production aids and special printing aids, preliminary production aids are not presumed sold to the customer prior to use. As such, you should pay tax on your purchase of tangible items developed and used to produce your preliminary designs. As explained in Preliminary art vs.

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  • In a layer system, a typical laying hen will consume feed which contains 1.1 kg N while producing approximately 250 eggs . In a broiler system, a typical broiler year (6.7 birds sent 18 to market per year) will also consume 1.1 kg N per year of which 0.6 kg N is excreted and 0.5 kg N are assimilated into body tissues . 18 The macronutrient and micronutrient (see appendix III) values provided strongly indicate that poultry manure is very rich in terms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as some other elements.

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  • Korea’s experience also illustrates how good crisis management can accelerate structural adjustment. The Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s led to significant down-sizing among large firms in Korea. This process was characterized by mass lay-offs of highly-skilled personnel, and large reductions in corporate R&D spending. The response of the Korean government, in addition to boosting education expenditure, was to increase its R&D budget, to offset the decline in corporate R&D spending.

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  • Another important point made in the FSA study is the reason that some individual households find it hard to keep up with their home mortgage payments. Adverse life events were mentioned by individual households as the reason that these households had difficulties in paying back outstanding debt. 32% explained that unemployment was the reason, 26% quoted relationship break-downs, 15% serious ill health/accidents, 11% care for children and 7% partner’s health or accident.

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  • However, the implementation and optimization techniques needed to satisfy the special (update and transaction) requirements of active databases are not present in sequence queries, which therefore provide greater opportunities for query optimization, which are discussed next. In this article, we explore optimization techniques inspired by string-search algorithms, since finding sequential patterns in databases is somewhat sim- ilar to finding phrases in text.

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  • Program Director Michele Cohen maintains “consulting a conservator in the process of designing a public sculpture is a precautionary measure which can only result in a more durable finished product. We can’t foresee all problems, but we can certainly minimize them by thoroughly investigating materials and fabrication methods.” Preserving the integrity of the artwork should be the highest priority during the design process. In the United States, federal and state laws address issues of preservation and artists’ and moral rights.

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  • The influence of Greek sculptural ideals and Greek clothing are relatively well known, as is the connection between the aesthetic and Pre-Raphaelite artists and dress reform (Newton; Cunningham). The exhibition The Cult of Beauty. The Aesthetic Movement 1869–1900 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2011 made these connections through a display of clothing, dress manuals and other items.

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  • The result of these constructions is that narrative proceeds in a straight trajectory through time. Any transitions that break linearity (for example, flashbacks) are carefully prepared for and all narrative threads are sewn together at the end. The continuity style is a remarkable form because of its persistence, its invisibility, and because we learn how to read it easily and without any instruction than seeing the films themselves.

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  • Using a more control-oriented terminology, the point-to-point motion task is a stabilization problem for an (equilibrium) point in the robot state space. For a car-like robot, two control inputs are available for adjusting four con guration variables, namely the two cartesian coordinates characterizing the position of a reference point on the vehicle, its orientation, and the steering wheels angle. More in general, for a car-like robot towing N trailers, we have two inputs for recon guring n = 4+N states.

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  • We’re already making great strides in this direction. Agencies across the Federal government, including the Departments of Energy, Agriculture, and the Interior, are working to promote clean energy deployment by offering grants under the Recovery Act to renewable energy manufacturers and developers; funding cutting-edge R&D; modernizing our rural energy infrastructure; siting the world’s largest solar power plants on public lands; and opening a new frontier for offshore wind development.

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  • The components of a loosely coupled system are typically designed to operate by generating and responding to asynchronous events. An event notification service is an application-independent in- frastructure that supports the construction of event-based systems, whereby generators of events publish event notifications to the infrastructure and consumers of events subscribe with the infras- tructure to receive relevant notifications. The two primary services that should be provided to com- ponents by the infrastructure are notification selection (i.e.

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