Multilayer switched networks

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  • Deploy the required Cisco products and servieces that enable connectivity and traffic transport, given a network design that include multilayer switching over various Ethernet technologies. Implement the necessary services at each layer of the network to allow user to obtain service in a working multilayer switched network

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  • This Study Guide is based on the current pool of exam questions for the 640-604 – Switching 3.0 exam. As such it provides all the information required to pass the Cisco 640-604 exam and is organized around the specific skills that are tested in that exam. Thus, the information contained in this Study Guide is specific to the 640-604 exam and does not represent a complete reference work on the subject of Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks.

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  • Chapter 1 include objectives: Describe common campus design options and how design choices affect implementation and support of a campus LAN; describe the access, distribution, and core layers; describe small, medium, and large campus network designs;...

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  • Outline: History of WDM networks. Current Internet: Multilayer protocol stack between IP and WDM layers. Future: IP directly over WDM Challenge: Virtual Topology Reconfiguration, Multilayer routing, One proposal: Optical Burst Switching technologies.

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  • Key Concepts Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Network

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  • Define IIN and Cisco SONA frameworks. Describe the Cisco Enterprise Architecture and how it maps to the traditional three-layer hierarchical network model. Describe the devices in a nonhierarchical network . Identify problems that can occur in a nonhierarchical switched network Identify problems that can occur in a nonhierarchical routed network .Define multilayer switches in a nonhierarchical network .List the issues that occur with multilayer switches and VLANs in a nonhierarchical network

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  • In this 5-day Authorized Cisco course, implement campus networks using multilayer switching technologies over high-speed Ethernet and wireless topologies. This course addresses the integration of routing and switching technologies to create an efficient campus network. Design, build, and configure a campus network with device and link redundancy for high reliability, while maintaining the performance to meet today's demanding application requirements, such as voice, video, and secure wireless technologies....

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