Myoma and adenomyosis

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  • Laparoscopy is widely recognized as a procedure of choice for gynaecological surgery. Myomectomy and hysterectomy are the most frequently performed surgical procedures in gynaecology. A morcellator is often used in myomectomies or subtotal hysterectomies, but morcellation may cause rare complications, such as parasitic iatrogenic myoma or adenomyoma. To improve patient counselling, proper risk estimation as well as risk factor identification should be acknowledged.

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  • In just eight years time, it is predicted that half of the world’s population will be on Australia’s northern doorstep. Four billion people across Asia, enjoying economic growth of around 10 percent per year, represent unparalleled opportunities for Australia’s economy, especially its dynamic farm sector. Expanding Asian societies need food and fi bre like never before and, due to their growing affl uence, are demanding produce of the highest quality: a domain where Australian farmers, because of our clean and natural production systems, have a clear competitive advantage.

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  • Evaluation of 60% of GOK facilities was undertaken in 2009 with UNICEF support and in 2010, 75% of hospitals were supported with BFHI capacity strengthening efforts. The implementation of the program has a strong training component. About three quarters of Kenyan population seek health care in dispensaries and health centres that are in levels two and three according to Kenya Essential Package of Health (KEPH).

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  • Students Teach Lifesaving Lessons in Egypt Members of the Egyptian Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) organized a week-long education campaign targeting parents waiting in the outpatient clinics of 20 university hospitals nationwide. Through the effort, 5,000 families were educated about the disease and received informational materials, including a pneumonia coloring book for children. The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (EPSF) distributed fliers, brochures, posters and t-shirts to more than 40,000 people.

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  • Internet can be compared with a library. Like a like a library, the Internet is also a source of enjoyable, important and varied information that can be obtained and used by millions of people across the world. The Internet also, like our library contains different forms, like text sound and graphics. Super library does not allow just anybody to browse books or cassettes; this facility is available only for authorized members of the library. In a similar way only authorized users of the Internet can access it to obtain information.

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  • Just as it is difficult to forecast the severity of a pandemic, it is hard to predict its economic effects, even if the outbreak’s scope and severity are known. Based on past influenza pandemics and the SARS outbreak, the most significant impacts would be a sharp decline in demand as people avoided shopping malls, restaurants, and other public spaces, and a reduction in the labour supply as workers become ill, stay home out of fear, or take care of others who are sick. The general slowdown in economic activity would reduce gross domestic product (GDP).

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  • After the two introductory presentations, participants receive hands-on training in how to operate (launch on a computer, troubleshoot, etc.) the UCB particle monitor, the HOBO CO logger and CO diffusion tubes. During a field trip to a nearby biomass-using home they place the instruments in the kitchen, record important sampling information on a sampling data form and collect basic information about the kitchen and household. A post- monitoring questionnaire characterizes important factors that can affect IAP levels.

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  • You may want to know how treatment may change your normal activities. You and your doctor can work together to develop a treatment plan that meets your medical and personal needs. Because cancer treatments often damage healthy cells and tissues, side effects are common. Side effects depend mainly on the type and extent of the treatment. Side effects may not be the same for each woman, and they may change from one treatment session to the next. Before treatment starts, your health care team will explain possible side effects and suggest ways to help you manage them. ...

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  • Francesca Cornaglia is a Lecturer in Economics & Finance at Queen Mary University of London and a Research Associate at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), London School of Economics. Elena Crivellaro is a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Padua. Sandra McNally is a Research Fellow and Director of the Education & Skills Programme at the Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics and Deputy Director of the Centre for the Economics of Education.

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  • Efforts may be warranted to promote increased dietary intakes of potassium, fiber, and possibly vitamin E, regard­ less of age; increased intakes of calcium and possibly vitamins A (as carotenoids) and C and magnesium by adults; efforts are warranted to increase intakes of calcium and possibly magnesium by children age 9 years or older. Efforts may be especially warranted to improve the dietary intakes of adolescent females in general. Food sources of these nutrients are shown in appendix B.

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  • The new toolkit focuses on relapse prevention, risks of secondhand smoke exposure and the health benefits of quitting smoking for mother and infant. It also emphasizes the potential and underlying issues related to relapse including postpartum depression, stress and miscarriage. An appendix for counselors to use as a reference tool during counseling sessions is also included in the toolkit.

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  • Children’s health behaviors and risk-taking (sexual activity, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, substance use, violence, etc.) are determined by a variety of factors. Governments, foundations, communities, schools, and adults all play important roles in supporting healthy behaviors among children. Implementing evidence-based programs and policies increases the impact of financial and resource investments and can improve child health outcomes. Since 2002, there have been some improvements worth noting.

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  • The advantage of the Hall-Liebman data set for our purposes is that, since we are concerned with the connection between executive risk taking and risk-taking incentives, it is necessary for us to have a very good estimate of the precise portfolio of executive stock option holdings, including details about the number, exercise price and maturities of all options held.

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  • Option buyers pay a price for the right to buy or sell the underlying security. This price is called the option premium. The premium is paid to the writer, or seller, of the option. In return, the writer of a call option is obligated to deliver the underlying security (in return for the strike price per share) to an option buyer if the call is exercised and, likewise, the writer of a put option is obligated to take delivery of the underlying security (at a cost of the strike price per share) from an option buyer if the put is exercised. Whether or not an option...

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  • As our goal is to observe managers’ abilities to generate profits through active management, we employ only properties that were both bought and sold within the sample period, and thus for which we have round trip transaction returns. In future versions of the paper, we will relax this condition where possible to account for properties purchased within the sample period and not yet sold, as well as properties purchased prior to the start of the sample and sold with the sample period.

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  • Valuation of all assets and liabilities, other than technical provisions should be carried out, unless otherwise stated in conformity with International Accounting Standards as endorsed by the European Commission. They are therefore considered a suitable proxy to the extent they reflect the economic valuation principles of Solvency II.

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  • The results of the review are structured to summarize the relevant studies that addressed each of these questions in relation to medicine, nursing and other health professional contexts. Several studies addressed more than one of our questions. For clarity, we have highlighted the different aspects of a single study under the relevant questions.

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  • Regenerative medicine holds promise not only as a means to compensate for donor shortages, but also as a means to improve the standard of care. In many cases, transplants or medical prosthetics are currently available, but they only offer a partial solution in comparison to the healthy, undamaged physiological state. Therefore it is important for researchers in regenerative medicine to stay mindful of current medical options and continually attempt to improve upon them.

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  • Unrecognised sleep-related generalised epileptic seizures disturb sleep achritecture as they cause arousals. Generalized epileptic seizures reduce total sleep time and elongate latency to REM sleep. Amount of NREM1 and NREM2 stages may be extended (Foldvary-Schaefer, 2002). Partial epileptic seizures during sleep do not disrupt night sleep markedly, only in case of their secondary generalization (Dasheiff, 2003). Epileptic seizures during daytime influence night sleep too. They reduce REM sleep, what may be cause of fatigue in postparoxysmal period (Bazil, Castro & Walczak, 2000).

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  • Many procedures were introduced to improve the recovery of postoperative sexual function and urinary incontinence: bladder neck suspension or reconstruction (Poon et al., 2000), reconstruction of the rhabdosphincter (Rocco et al., 2007), periurethral suspension of the dorsal vein complex/urethral complex (Patel et al., 2009) and preservation of the neurovascular bundle (Kaiho et al., 2005), but have failed to solve the problems completely until now.

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