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  • In the right situation, a speaker can use an unqualified indefinite description without being misunderstood. This use of language, normal slate implicature, is a kind of conversational implicature, i.e. a non-truth-functional context-dependent inference based upon language users' awareness of principles of cooperative conversation. I present a convention for identifying normal state implicatures which is based upon mutual beliefs of the speaker and hearer about certain properties of the speaker's plan.

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  • PROJECT TEAM Judith West, Editorial Project Manager Christopher Eaton, Editor and Educational Consultant Kathryn Harper, U.K. Editorial Consultant Marilyn L. Barton, Senior Production Coordinator Editors Theodore Pappas Anthony L. Green Mary Rose McCudden Andrea R. Field Michael J. Anderson Colin Murphy Locke Petersheim Indu Ramchandani (Encyclopædia Britannica India) Bhavana Nair (India) Rashi Jain (India) Design and Media Specialists Nancy Donohue Canfield, Design Megan Newton-Abrams, Design Karen Koblik, Photos Joseph Taylor, Illustrations Amy Ning, Illustrations Jerry A....

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