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  • This book began life in many scattered forms, including some of my earlier writings. But the central argument was forced into a unified form during a course of ten public lectures that I gave in the autumn of 1998 at the American University in Cairo. There I tried to explore some of the implications of the emergence of a single global economy, of globalisation or, in its most extreme form, the fusion of national economies.

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  • One of the lessons that the Bank has learned from the experience of so- cial funds is that involving poor citizens in the choices, design, and imple- mentation of projects responsive to their immediate needs may unearth new but modest sources of domestic savings for capital formation. These savings, effected mainly through the labor of the poor and the mobiliza- tion of parts of their unspent incomes, frees up public resources for other uses. This can potentially reduce the claims of the public sector on the national economy.

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  • This volume includes eleven papers that were prepared as part of a research project on International Aspects of Taxation by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The papers examine the role of taxation in cross-border flows of capital and goods, the real and financial decisions of multinational corporations, and the implications of growing economic interdependence for a country’s choice of a tax system. These papers were presented at a conference...

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  • This volume contains nine papers that were prepared as part of a research project on the impact of taxation on international capital flows, under- taken by the National Bureau of Economic Research. These papers pres- ent new quantitative findings concerning the effects of taxation on foreign direct investment, international tax avoidance, and international produc- tivity spillovers. This research was presented and discussed in a series of meetings that culminated in a conference held in Cambridge, Massachu- setts, on 14–15 November 1997....

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  • A national infrastructure bank would help spur more infrastructure investment by creating a strong federal lending authority capable of financing and coordinating high-value infrastructure investments throughout the country. It could provide low-interest loans and loan guarantees to state, local, and private investors, and help stakeholders connect available capital with financially viable projects and willing partners.

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  • For the purpose of this review, green bonds are broadly defined as fixed-income debt securities issued (by governments, multi-national banks or corporations) in order to raise the necessary capital for a project which contributes to a low carbon, climate resilient economy. To date, these have been issued predominantly as AAA-rated securities by the World Bank and other development banks and some other entities in order to raise capital specifically for climate change and green growth related projects.

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  • While the United States struggles to develop a national infrastructure investment plan, the European Union has been operating a transna- tional, publically chartered infrastructure bank for longer than half a century. Founded in 1957, the European Investment Bank funds criti- cal projects throughout Europe and in developing nations worldwide to the tune of tens of billions of dollars every year. The bank is capitalized by funds from its 27 member states but also raises a large portion of its capital from issuing bonds.

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  • We’re just a few days away from the third PMI India National Conference on Project Management and the excitement in the community is palpable. The huge success of the conference in the past two years has set delegate expectations high. A lot of effort has gone in this time to ensure we raise the bar even further in terms of the content and overall delegate experience during the conference. I’m delighted to see that our efforts have paid off. Bangalore, the host for this year’s conference, is truly the home for project management in India.

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