Networking for Windows Phone

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  • C# 5.0 includes the async and await keywords to ease writing of asynchronous code. In desktop .NET 4.5, and in Windows 8 .NET for Windows Store Apps, new Task-based methods allow networking calls as an asynchronous operation using a Task object

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  • OS components such as the kernel, networking, graphics support, file system and multimedia are the same on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Hardware manufacturers work with the same driver model on both platforms

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  • NuggetLabs Industries is growing significantly. Due to space limitations, five employees currently share single cubicles…at the same time. While this is great for team building, these space limitations are now impacting business productivity. NuggetLabs has now leased an additional office building roughly 20Km from their headquarters location. While this office will eventually connect to the HQ office, it will initially be set up independently.

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  • Using certificates also opens up for the possibility of removing the key transfer between Alice and Bob completely! This is an important feature when secure communication is being implemented between a large number of participants. This is because none of Bob’s ability to trust the public key he receives now depends on whether he is actually communicating with Alice or not. His ability to trust the key depends solely upon his trust relationship with the trusted third party.

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  • As mentioned, the DNS “phone book” looks like a hierarchical system. This is also reflected in how the actual database which holds the information is implemented. Instead of having a big database containing answers to all queries, DNS works by delegating the responsibility, or “authority”, for each hierarchical component (i.e., a subtree of the DNS hierarchical tree, also called a “zone”) to the servers that should be responsible for that component. These servers can further sub-delegate authority, resulting in a distributed database based on a tree topology....

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  • It’s growing faster than the desktop web and will surpass it by 2015 It can reach more than half the world’s population The web browser is the #1 app used on most smartphones and tablets accounting for 50% of data traffic and 13% of user face time

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  • Professional DVR accepts 4 color cameras and 4 audio inputs, and includes a network connection for remote view. This DVR records in Real-time FULL D1 Resolution Includes remote controller, VGA video output, software and USB backup. This is the perfect solution for commercial or residential applications. Compatible with Apple Mac Users for remote view. Also, this DVR can be watched remotely trough Smart Phones iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Blackberry.

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