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  • Link detection has been regarded as a core technology for the Topic Detection and Tracking tasks of new event detection. In this paper we formulate story link detection and new event detection as information retrieval task and hypothesize on the impact of precision and recall on both systems. Motivated by these arguments, we introduce a number of new performance enhancing techniques including part of speech tagging, new similarity measures and expanded stop lists. Experimental results validate our hypothesis. ...

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  • Existing sensor network architectures are based on the as- sumption that data will be polled. Therefore, they are not adequate for long-term battery-powered use in applications that must sense or react to events that occur at unpre- dictable times.

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  • Event detection is one of the required services in sensor network applications such as environmental monitoring and object tracking. Composite event detection faces several challenges.The first challenge is uncertainty caused by variety of factors, while the second one is heterogeneity of sensor nodes in sensing capabilities. Finally, distributed detection,which is vital to facilitate uncovering composite events in large scale sensor networks, is challenging.

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  • While  the  Port  Authority’s  tunnels,  bridges,  and  airports  continue  to  contribute  the  vast  majority  of  cash  flow  within  the  organization,  over  recent  decades  the  Port  Authority  has  become a  significant  real estate developer and asset manager with  its own expansive  security  force,  a  posture  that warrants  further  evaluation  as  the  demands  of  the WTC  development  approaches  conclusion.   For  example,  the  Port  Authority  is  also  the  owner  of  a  resource  recovery facility, which converts waste to energy.

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  • As a reaction to this complexity, we designed a new abstraction that allows us to express the simple computa- tions we were trying to perform but hides the messy de- tails of parallelization, fault-tolerance, data distribution and load balancing in a library. Our abstraction is in- spired by the map and reduce primitives present in Lisp and many other functional languages.

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  • Event extraction is the task of detecting certain specified types of events that are mentioned in the source language data. The state-of-the-art research on the task is transductive inference (e.g. cross-event inference). In this paper, we propose a new method of event extraction by well using cross-entity inference. In contrast to previous inference methods, we regard entitytype consistency as key feature to predict event mentions. We adopt this inference method to improve the traditional sentence-level event extraction system. ...

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  • In recent years, even all information about degree of stenosis and plaque morphology is not yet considered enough to recognize lesions at risk. New further concepts regarding functional activities of carotid plaques represent the future target to be investigated, in order to indentify the so called “vulnerable plaques” and, consequently, to avoid the disabling ischemic event.

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  • VISUAL BASIC is a VISUAL and events driven Programming Language. These are the main divergences from th1e old BASIC. In BASIC, programming is done in a text-based environment and the program is executed sequentially. In VISUAL BASIC, programming is done in a graphical environment. In old BASIC, you have to write a text-based procedure to design the interface, but Visual Basic enables you to design the interface by dragging and resizing the objects as well as changing their colors, just like any windows-based programs. ...

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  • In this paper, we propose a framework for unusual event detection. Our approach is motivated by the observation that, while it is unrealistic to obtain a large training data set for unusual events, it is conversely possible to do so for usual events, allowing the creation of a well-estimated model of usual events. In order to overcome the scarcity of training material for unusual events, we propose the use of Bayesian adaptation techniques [14], which adapt a usual event model to produce a number of unusual event models in an unsupervised manner.

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  • Given the new unusual and usual event models, both adapted from the general usual event model, the HMM topology is changed with one more state. Hence the cur- rent HMM has 2 states, one representing the usual events and one representing the first detected unusual event. The Viterbi algorithm is then used to find the best possible state sequence which could have emitted the observation sequence, according to the maximum likelihood (ML) cri- terion (Figure 2, step 3). Transition points, which define new segments, are detected using the current HMM topol- ogy and parameters.

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  • A multi-user system usually involves a large amount of information shared among its users. The security impli- cations of such information can never be underestimated. In this paper, we present a new attack that allows a ma- licious user to eavesdrop on other users’ keystrokes us- ing such information. Our attack takes advantage of the stack information of a process disclosed by its virtual file within procfs, the process file system supported by Linux.

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  • The analysis is carried out by the hypothesis testing and the event tree method. The probability of detection for diversion of 8 kg Pu is found to be less than 95% if a large size granule consisting of small size particles gets sampled for measurements. To increase the probability of detection more than 95%, first, a new Material Balance Area (MBA) structure consisting of more number of Key Measurement Points (KMPs) is designed.

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  • Most pipelines are operated twenty-four hours a day from a control station, using telephone, satellite, or microwave communications systems. Computers are widely used to monitor conditions along the line every ten to sixty seconds, sounding an alarm if they detect any abnormality or sudden change in pressure. In the event of an alarm, valves can be closed and nearby pipeline crews dispatched within minutes.

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  • In the late 1990s, the gamma-ray burst (GRB) community ignited the current excitement over transient astronomical events. Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) were a real enigma until ultra-fast event dissemination allowed optical identification of afterglows, leading to rich data and rich science. The events back then were both valuable and infrequent: every new GRB could make a career for a young astronomer, and they were only detected every few days.

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  • Events and conditions for acquisition of stock acquisition rights If a proposal of approval of a merger contract in which the Company becomes the expired corporation, proposal of approval of an acquisition and split contract or a new establishment and split plan in which the Company becomes the split company, or proposal of approval of an equity swap contract or stock transfer plan in which the Company becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary is approved at a general meeting of shareholders of the Company (if any resolution of a general meeting of shareholders is not necessary, when a resol...

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  • We must be daring and search after Truth; even if we do not succeed in finding her, we shall at least come closer than we are at present (Galen AD 130-200) SYNOPSIS (CONTINUED) Surveillance studies and the reporting of spontaneous adverse reactions respectively determine the clinical profile of the drug and detect rare adverse events. Further trials to compare new medicines with existing medicines are also required.These form the basis of cost-effectiveness comparisons.

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  • Consider that network and application firewalls, network and host Intrusion Detection/Preven- tion (IDS/IPS), access controls, sniffers, and Unified Threat Management systems (UTM)—all log security events that must be monitored. Every switch, router, load balancer, operating system, server, badge reader, custom or legacy application, and many other IT systems across the enter- prise, produce logs of security events, along with every new system to follow (such as virtual- ization). Most have their own log expression formats.

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  • Intracardiac Surgical Indications Most surgical interventions are warranted by intracardiac findings, detected most reliably by TEE. Because of the highly invasive nature of prosthetic valve endocarditis, as many as 40% of affected patients merit surgical treatment. In many patients, coincident rather than single intracardiac events necessitate surgery. Congestive Heart Failure Moderate to severe refractory congestive heart failure caused by new or worsening valve dysfunction is the major indication for cardiac surgical treatment of endocarditis.

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  • Social Event Radar is a new social networking-based service platform, that aim to alert as well as monitor any merchandise flaws, food-safety related issues, unexpected eruption of diseases or campaign issues towards to the Government, enterprises of any kind or election parties, through keyword expansion detection module, using bilingual sentiment opinion analysis tool kit to conclude the specific event social dashboard and deliver the outcome helping authorities to plan “risk control” strategy. ...

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