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  • At the Sinclair family reunion, Katy noticed that the number of people attending could be divided into three equal groups. She also noticed the number could be divided equally into groups of four, five, or six. What is the smallest number of people who could have attended the reunion? F 30 people G 60 people H 90 people J 120 people

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  • Tips for taking the test: Here are some suggestion to help you do your best: Be sure to read carefullu all the directions in the test book...Use your calculator to help you sovle the problems on this part of the test...

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  • But all these allusions to what was said or what has happened are quite unnecessary. The logic of the reform has an inexorability all its own: once the reform is entrenched in K-12, the university courses would have no place to go but to follow suit. Another induction step would result in a demand for reform in the graduate program. Thus in no time at all, the burning question of the day will be: are proofs allowed only in graduate courses? From a broader perspective, the reason we must object to the reform is that it threatens to bring down the whole education system.

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  • Diane Ravitch, the noted education historian points out “At every level of formal education, from nursery school to graduate school, equal opportu- nity became the overriding goal of postwar7 educational reformers. Some- times those who led the battles seemed to forget why it was important to keep students in school longer; to forget that the fight for higher enroll- ments was part of a crusade against ignorance, and that institutions would be judged by what their students had learned as well as by how many were enrolled.

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  • Mathematics is a way of organising our experience of the world. It enriches our understanding and enables us to communicate and make sense of our experiences. It also gives us enjoyment. By doing mathematics we can solve a range of practical tasks and real-life problems. We use it in many areas of our lives. In mathematics we use ordinary language and the special language of mathematics. We need to teach students to use both these languages. We can work on problems within mathematics and we can work on problems that use mathematics as a tool, like problems in science and geography.

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