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  • If you know how to use JavaScript in the browser, you already have the skills you need to put JavaScript to work on back-end servers with Node. This hands-on book shows you how to use this popular JavaScript platform to create simple server applications, communicate with the client, build dynamic pages, work with data, and tackle other tasks. Although Node has a complete library of developer-contributed modules to automate server-side development, this book will show you how to program with Node on your own, so you truly understand the platform.

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  • This book introduces you to Node, the new web development framework written in JavaScript. You'll learn hands-on how Node makes life easier for experienced JavaScript developers: not only can you work on the front end and back end in the same language, you'll also have more flexibility in choosing how to divide application logic between client and server.

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  • One of the difficulties I had when trying to learn Node.js was how to get started. The references that I found either dealed with quasi-academic topics such as data grams and event emitters, or else myopically focused on a topic without regard for the big picture. This book takes you through the complete process of building an application in Node.js. It starts with the canonical “Hello World” example, and goes on to build a real-time web application capable of sending trading information to thousands of connected clients. What make Node.

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  • Originally devised to enhance web pages in Netscape 2.0, JavaScript is now faced with being a single-threaded language in a multimedia, multitasking, multicore world. Yet JavaScript has not only persevered since 1995, it’s thrived. One after the other, potential rivals in the browser—Flash, Silverlight, and Java applets, to name a few—have come and (more or less) gone.

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  • Query processing takes place on a database front-end while signal-processing functions are executed on the sensor nodes involved in the query. The query execution engine on the database front-end includes a mechanism for interacting with remote sensors. On each sensor a lightweight query execution engine is responsible for executing signal processing functions and sending data back to the front-end. In COUGAR, we assume that there...

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