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Non-linear systems

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  • This paper introduces an optimal tracking controller for robot manipulators with saturation torques. The robot model is presented as a strict-feedback nonlinear system. Firstly, the position tracking control problem is transformed into the optimal tracking control problem.

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  • In this article, a new wavelet type-2 fuzzy brain imitated neural network (WT2FBINN) is presented for nonlinear system decoupling control. A sliding mode control combined with a decoupling control is illustrated.

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  • In this paper, the method design controller based on the feedback linearization control (FLC) method with optimal parameter for time response thanks to BAT algorithm for magnetic levitation system (MLS). Feedback linearization controller based on equivalent transformations brings a nonlinear system into linear form, then uses the poles-placement method to find parameters for the linear tracking controller.

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  • This paper proposed an adaptive controller based on Fuzzy logic for Cleaning and Detecting Robot Manipulator (CDRM). In fact, robot manipulators are a nonlinear system and in the working process, they usually bear the nonlinear fiction, payload variation external disturbance, etc.

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  • In this study, a combination of multi-input fuzzy control, single-input fuzzy control, sliding mode control and backstepping control is introduced to the industrial robot manipulator (IRM). Simulation results show the high performance of this control method when compared to adouble-fuzzy backstepping sliding mode controller (DFBSMC) and Fuzzy Backstepping Sliding Mode Controller controller (FBSMC).

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  • In this paper, we present a new improvement of the third-order Newton-Krylov method with a quaternary convergence rate and prove the convergence of the iterative formula. In addition, the paper also presents an experimental result to demonstrate the convergence speed of the method.

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  • The theory of differential equations has been widely known and developed in recent years. One of the issues that many authors give their undivided attention to is the stability boundary of nonlinear dynamical systems.

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  • Free vibration of a silicon microbeam in micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) subjected to electrostatic and axial forces is studied in the framework of a sinusoidal shear deformation theory. A nonlinear finite element formulation based on the von Kármán nonlinear assumption and the modified couple stress theory (MCST) is formulated and employed to establish the discrete nonlinear governing equations for the microbeam.

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  • This article presents the pseudospectral method to calculate numerical solutions for nonlinear Duffing differential equations on the interval [–1, 1]. This method is based on the differential matrix using the Chebyshev Gauss – Lobatto points. To find numerical solutions of the nonlinear Duffing differential equations, we have built an iterative procedure. The software is used in calculating in this study is Mathematica 10.4. The obtained results show that this method has high accuracy with very small errors.

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  • Ebook Econometric analysis (Fifth edition): Part 1 includes contents: Chapter 1 introduction, chapter 2 the classical multiple linear regression model, chapter 3 least squares, chapter 4 finite-sample properties of the least squares estimator, chapter 5 large-sample properties of the least squares and instrumental variables estimators, chapter 6 inference and prediction, chapter 7 functional form and structural change, chapter 8 specification analysis and model selection, chapter 9 nonlinear regression models, chapter 10 nonspherical disturbances - the generalized regression model, chapter ...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Computational physics: Simulation of classical and quantum systems" has presents the following content: simulation of classical and quantum systems; rotational motion; molecular mechanics; thermodynamic systems; random walk and brownian motion; electrostatics; waves; diffusion; nonlinear systems; simple quantum systems; elementary qubit manipulation; reaction-diffusion systems;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Aeroservoelasticity: Modeling and control" presents the following content: finite-state aeroelastic modeling; linear aeroelastic control; robust control of linear time-invariant systems; nonlinear aeroservoelastic applications; adaptive suppression of transonic LCO;...

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  • In this paper, vibration of Timoshenko microbeams with an axial force in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) is studied for the first time by using a nonlinear finite element procedure. Based on the von Karm´ an geometric nonlinearity and the modified couple stress theory (MCST), a beam element is formulated by employing hierarchical functions to interpolate the displacement field.

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  • The nonlinear buckling analysis of functionally graded carbon nanotubereinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) plates subjected to axial compression load is analytically examined in this paper. Assuming that the FG-CNTRC plates are stiffened by an oblique FG-CNTRC stiffener system.

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  • Ebook "Numerical methods and optimization: A consumer guide" makes it possible for the reader to discover how to escape the dictatorship of those particular cases that are simple enough to receive a closed-form solution, and thus gain the ability to solve complex, real-life problems; understand the principles behind recognized algorithms used in state-of-the-art numerical software; learn the advantages and limitations of these algorithms, to facilitate the choice of which pre-existing bricks to assemble for solving a given problem; and acquire methods that allow a critical assessment of num...

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  • This paper aims to analyze the free and forced vibrations of the twostorey building frame with cracks. The two-storey frame system with cracks is modelled when many constituent parameters existed such as crack depth, crack location, flexural stiffness and elastic force which were involved by a nonlinear function.

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  • The nonlinear kinematic wave model is developed from the Saint Venant system of equations, which includes a nonlinear kinematic wave program that solves the system of equations by Newton's iterative method and a linear kinematic wave program for calculations initial flow value. The developed model is tested with sample problems and compared with the simulation results by Mike 11 model on Tra Khuc river.

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  • This paper proposes a new method to compensate backlash by using Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) and a nonlinear compensator without pre-determined backlash parameters. The adaptive controller assures the controllability of the different systems with uncertain parameters. While, the nonlinear compensator is used to overcome the effect of backlash.

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  • This research proposes an advanced proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller for position-tracking control problem of a pump-controlled Electro-Hydraulic System (EHS). Although conventional PID controller is a practically robust and easy-to-use method, it is difficult to maintain good control performance of such system which contains both high nonlinearities and unknown terms.

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  • The aim of this paper is to use genetic algorithm to identify parameters of a nonlinear balancing system. In this case, single-linked inverted pendulum was chosen. With identified parameters of nonlinear model, a LQR controller was designed to prove that parameters were identified well. Results which were operated in Matlab/ Simulink environment showed that identifying process was good.

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