Nuclear waste samples

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  • This book covers various topics, from thermal-hydraulic analysis to the safety analysis of nuclear power plant. It does not focus only on current power plant issues. Instead, it aims to address the challenging ideas that can be implemented in and used for the development of future nuclear power plants. This book will take the readers into the world of innovative research and development of future plants. Find your interests inside this book!Steam Generator

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  • In this study, HTO was orally administered to rats at the level of 37 kBq (1 mCi) or 370 kBq (10 mCi) to examine tissue distribution and excretion levels. After sacrifice, wet and dry tissue samples were weighed and analyzed for tissue free-water tritium (TFWT) and organically bound tritium (OBT). The mean tissue concentrations of TFWT (OBT) were 30.9 (17.8) and 4.4 (8.1).

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  • Compound samples based on the mineral-like magnesium potassium phosphate matrix MgKPO4  6H2O were synthesized by solidification of high level waste surrogate. Phase composition and structure of synthesized samples were studied by XRD and SEM methods. Compressive strength of the compounds is 12 ± 3 MPa.

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  • The present article discusses the application of linear regression, scaling factors (SF) and the so-called “mean activity method” to estimate the activity of DTM nuclides on metallic waste produced at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

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  • Private landowners or Federal Agencies responsible for cleaning up radiological environments are faced with the challenge of clearly defining the nature and extent of radiological contamination, implementing remedial alternatives, then statistically verifying that cleanup objectives have been met.

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