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  • The current status of studies of online shopping attitudes and behavior is investigated through an analysis of 35 empirical articles found in nine primary Information Systems (IS) journals and three major IS conference proceedings. A taxonomy is developed based on our analysis. A conceptual model of online shopping is presented and discussed in light of existing empirical studies. Areas for further research are discussed.

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  • The report contains recommendations in each of the above categories, as well some general recommendations. We believe these recommendations will further advance our collective goal to provide a safer online experience to our children. We would like to personally thank the support of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and its staff during this process. Their assistance throughout the past year was invaluable in allowing us to execute on our mandate.

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  • At the end of this lesson, you will be able to: • identify the importance of the needs assessment for an online community building project; recognize the types of information to be collected during the assessment; illustrate the methods for collecting information; and recognize people’s hesitancy or resistance.

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  • The use of the Internet (and other information technology) among the general population has resulted in a rising level of comfort and familiarity with these technologies. Businesses such as retailers, banks, and investment companies have been shifting more of their operations online, seeking to meet customer demand while reducing costs. Many businesses offer customer services online (these electronic services are often called e-business), often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • At the end of this lesson, you will beable to: understand the role of needs analysis in building an online community.Keper is an international non-profit organization aiming to support and serve community radio broadcasters in Africa. Some of the organizational goals are to support radio broadcasting through local action, and offer various services to its members.

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  • The Keper team is carrying out the needs analysis for their online community building project. During needs assessment, they have noticed some issues that will have a critical influence on project sustainability. We need to analyse these problems carefully. Let’s think about IF it’s possible to solve them, and HOW to do it. CRITICAL ISSUES Potential community members don’t have enough skills to deal with technical challenges. Basic national or regional telecommunications infrastructure must be in place for online community building to occur.

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  • Readers may obtain a copy of this spreadsheet online at Unpublished RAND research by the authors of this report explored the issues in applying VAM methodology to military tactical information systems. This research may be available to authorized government individu

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  • Assessing the quality of user generated content is an important problem for many web forums. While quality is currently assessed manually, we propose an algorithm to assess the quality of forum posts automatically and test it on data provided by We use state-of-the-art classification techniques and experiment with five feature classes: Surface, Lexical, Syntactic, Forum specific and Similarity features. We achieve an accuracy of 89% on the task of automatically assessing post quality in the software domain using forum specific features.

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  • Defining your idea: building up your team and identifying goals Needs assessment: assessing the needs of the potential online community members.Capacity building assessment. Analysing technical, financial, institutional and social barriers

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  • Needs assessment: assessing the needs of the potential online community members Capacity building assessment Analysing technical, financial, institutional and social barriers. Understanding Needs and Assessing Opportunities - 2. Creating your team and stating goals – page 2

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  • Will members generate knowledge that needs to be captured, processed, and distributed? What are the gender issues that might influence use or rejection of your online community? Do members need synchronous (same time) and/or asynchronous (different time) interactions?

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  • ISSUES Potential community members don’t have enough skills to deal with technical challenges. Basic national or regional telecommunications infrastructure must be in place for online community building to occur. The online initiative is subject to different laws that exist in different countries or regions.

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  • Objective tests in assessments have been used in most undergraduate courses. Many issues arise in the development of multiple sets of tests such as difficulty, multiple choice type and multiple choice form. Graphical tests are a matter of concern for enhancing virtual interoperability and enhancing teaching quality. This paper introduces how to use Macromedia Flash software in creating multiple-choice graphic questions in a number of different forms. On that basis, we have used to build a graphic problem set for Computer Architecture.

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  • The research population included 204 college students enrolled in life sciences who were participating in an introductory physics course. A blended learning model was used, based on large, traditional faceto-face lectures, practice sessions held with smaller groups of about 25 students and a rich Moodle learning environment. The students' knowledge and understanding were assessed weekly throughout the semester, using two different methods: three ordinary short written tests and online quizzes in the Moodle environment.

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  • This work describes a formative assessment model for a Mathematical Analysis course taken by engineering students. It includes online quizzes with feedback, a portfolio with weekly assignments, exams involving the use of mathematical software and a project to be completed in small groups of two or three students.

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  • This article deals with the integrated use of online quizzes as a teaching and assessment tool in the general program of the subject Proyectos in the third course of Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Gestión over five consecutive years. The research undertaken aimed to test quizzes effectiveness on student performance when used, not only as an isolated assessment tool, but also when integrated into a combined strategy, which support the overall programming of the subject.

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  • A proliferation of retail online training materials exists, but often the person in charge of choosing the most appropriate online training materials is not versed in best practices associated with online training. Additionally, the person must consider the context of the training situation when choosing a training solution. To assist this decision-making process an evaluation instrument was developed.

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  • This research chronicles the development of a capstone experience by a regional comprehensive university. The process began with a multi-year project during which the faculty annually reviewed the results with a view to determining if the class provided the deep learning culminating experiences anticipated. A major measure of success was the desire to replicate the deep learning common in face-to-face classes in the online environment. The results of 166 students were analyzed, 82 online and 84 face-to-face, to determine if a difference existed.

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  • Learning is an active, social process. However, many distance education programs are flat and asynchronous with limited interaction. Virtual environments may be best equipped to foster an active social learning environment that provides optimal distance education. This study explored how nursing informatics students perceived the strengths and limitations of three different online modalities of learning: Learning Management System, Webinar, and Virtual Environments.

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  • In traditional method of agricultural marketing farmers were exploited by the middlemen by taking major share in the consumer’s price. In view of multiple benefits of online trading, the farmers in Karnataka were taking their business online, because of Unified Marketing Platform (UMP) an initiative by the state govt. launched in 2014 by the Rashtriya e-market services (ReMS).

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