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  • One of the pioneer ways to advertise your products is through classifieds. In those days, business owners utilized the print media for promoting various businesses like buying and selling properties, recruiting, educational, consulting, share trading, insurance, logistics, hotel, secretarial etc., After massive internet growth, classified sites have mushroomeed like viral and every marketer or business owner prefers to post ads every day in order to increase sales and maximise profits.

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  • For most people, advertising a car for sale means classi- fied advertising. Classified ads can be broken into two categories: print and online. Both are good ways to sell a vehicle, although in many cases online advertising can reach a wider audience. No matter which you choose, the idea behind classified advertising is to attract poten- tial purchasers to your car, not to sell them the car with your ad. Selling is your job and is done when you talk to or meet with potential purchasers.

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  • Mass media still accounts for the bulk of ad spending: television (44.1 percent), magazines (21.1 percent), newspapers (17.2 percent), radio (7.0 percent), and outdoor (2.6 percent). The internet accounts for 8 percent. Internet advertising has grown each year, while allocations to other media categories have consistently declined. The internet accounts for 20 percent of consumer media consumption. Given the current allocation of 8 percent of ad spending, continued growth in online advertising is practically a certainty. Online advertising (Web 1.

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