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  • Because American ecocriticism, as a movement, is only about a dozen years old, generalizations about it are hard to make and still harder to validate.1 So I want to begin, not by describing the principles and practices of ecocriticism in any detail (in fact, that is something I want to delay, especially as regards the practices, until chapter four), but by looking at what seems to be, for many of its adherents, ecocriticism’s moment of origin, which is threefold in its implications.

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  • We obtain general results on the stability of mixing and rapid mixing (superpolynomial decay of correlations) for hyperbolic flows. Amongst C r Axiom A flows, r ≥ 2, we show that there is a C 2 -open, C r -dense set of flows for which each nontrivial hyperbolic basic set is rapid mixing. This is the first general result on the stability of rapid mixing (or even mixing) for Axiom A flows that holds in a C r , as opposed to H¨lder, topology. o

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  • We extend the original entity-based coherence model (Barzilay and Lapata, 2008) by learning from more fine-grained coherence preferences in training data. We associate multiple ranks with the set of permutations originating from the same source document, as opposed to the original pairwise rankings. We also study the effect of the permutations used in training, and the effect of the coreference component used in entity extraction.

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  • Can a realist model t h e o r y of natural language be computationally plausible? Or, t o p u t i t another way, is the view of linguistic meaning as a relation between expressions of a natural language and things (objects, properties, etc.) in the world, as opposed to a relation between expressions and procedures in the head. consistent with a computational approach to understanding natural language?

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  • In this paper, we investigate the problem of automatically predicting segment boundaries in spoken multiparty dialogue. We extend prior work in two ways. We first apply approaches that have been proposed for predicting top-level topic shifts to the problem of identifying subtopic boundaries. We then explore the impact on performance of using ASR output as opposed to human transcription.

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  • Substantial formal grammatical and lexical resources exist in various NLP systems and in the form of textbook specifications. In the present paper we report on experimental results obtained in manual, semi-antomatic and automatic migration of entire computational or textbook descriptions (as opposed to a more informal reuse of ideas or the design of a single "polytheoretic" representation) from a variety of formalisms into the ALEP formalism.

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  • LINEAR PROCESSING TECHNIQUES Most discrete image processing computational algorithms are linear in nature; an output image array is produced by a weighted linear combination of elements of an input array. The popularity of linear operations stems from the relative simplicity of spatial linear processing as opposed to spatial nonlinear processing. However, for image processing operations, conventional linear processing is often computationally infeasible without efficient computational algorithms because of the large image arrays....

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  • The inclusion of Business Angels in the range of ‘informal’ (as opposed to ‘institutional’) investors provides us an indication that there are potential difficulties in measuring the size of the Business Angel community. Mason and Harrison identify two main problems, identification and definition. Regarding the former, in his seminal work on Business Angels, William Wetzel (1983) notes that the total population of Business Angels is unknown and probably unknowable on account of their invisibility, desire for anonymity, and the undocumented nature of their investing.

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  • On the ground, this might mean the chance to share the benefits and profits from a communal district heating system. At the strategic level, every decision must aim to improve quality of life while also reducing the levels of pollution, water and energy use, and waste. Local authorities already have legislative powers to promote the well-being of their citizens, and yet these remain overwhelmingly under-used. Given the nature and timescales of climate change, there is no alternative to making hard decisions.

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  • Dependency analysis of natural language has gained importance for its applicability to NLP tasks. Non-projective structures are common in dependency analysis, therefore we need fine-grained means of describing them, especially for the purposes of machine-learning oriented approaches like parsing. We present an evaluation on twelve languages which explores several constraints and measures on non-projective structures. We pursue an edge-based approach concentrating on properties of individual edges as opposed to properties of whole trees. ...

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  • This tool kit is designed for schools that want to help students recover from traumatic experiences such as natural disasters, exposure to violence, abuse or assault, terrorist incidents, and war and refugee experiences. It focuses on long-term recovery, as opposed to immediate disaster response

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  • Chapter 10, International trade policy. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Summarize some important data of trade, explain policies countries use to restrict trade, summarize the reasons for trade restrictions and why economists generally oppose trade restrictions, explain how free trade associations both help and hinder international trade.

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  • The theory of Yin-Yang holds that the world is material and that this material world evolves constantly as the result of the mutual action of two opposing material forces. What is Yin-Yang? At its origin, the terms were used to designate the two slopes of a mountain. The sunny side was Yang and the shady side was Yin. Later, their meaning broadened to include all opposites.

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  • The United States has been in the process of destroying its chemical munitions for well over a decade. Initially, the U.S. Army, guided by recommendations from the National Research Council (NRC), decided to use incineration as its destruction method at all sites. However, citizens in some states with stockpile storage sites oppose incineration on the grounds that the exact nature of the effluents escaping from the stacks cannot be determined.

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  • The United States has been in the process of destroying its chemical munitions for over a decade. The U.S. Army, with expertise from numerous bodies including the National Research Council (NRC), originally decided to use incineration as the method of destruction at all storage sites. However, citizens in states with storage sites have opposed incineration on the grounds that it is impossible to determine the exact nature of the effluents, in particular, effluents from the stacks. Nevertheless, the Army has continued to pursue incineration at most sites.

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  • You may have to rotate or change the view several times to get the arms to go where you want them to. Keep in mind that when people walk, the legs and arms have opposing motion: right leg forward means right arm back. It might take a while to get things just right, but be patient — learning to create poses does not happen in an instant. If you can do so without feeling silly, you should try walking naturally around your work area, observing how your arms and hands swing and twist to give yourself a reference. Of course, if you have a video camera available...

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