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  • Oracle Security Server Guide describes the features, architecture, and administration of the Oracle Security Server. The Oracle Security Server is a security product, based on public-key cryptography, that supports centralized authorization and distributed authentication in an Oracle network environment.

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  • The Oracle Cryptographic Toolkit Programmer’s Guide provides independent application programmers with programming interfaces to the services provided by the Oracle Security Server. The Oracle Cryptographic Toolkit Programmer’s Guide is designed to be used by both Oracle and non-Oracle application programmers who require an interface to the services provided by the Oracle Security Server. This document assumes that the reader is familiar with the functionality of the Oracle Security Server, as described in the Oracle Security Server Guide....

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  • In this book, you will find a number of styles of text that distinguish between different kinds of information. Here are some examples of these styles, and an explanation of their meaning. Code words in text are shown as follows: " should be created manually when running in the Production mode and should be placed in the Domain directory in the security folder of the Admin Server".

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  • Deliver dynamic, client/server PL/SQL applications with expert guidance from an Oracle programming professional. With full coverage of the latest features and tools, Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming lays out each topic alongside detailed explanations, cut-and-paste syntax examples, and real-world case studies. Access and modify database information, construct powerful PL/SQL statements, execute effective queries, and deploy bulletproof security. You'll also learn how to implement C, C++, and Java procedures, Web-enable your database, cut development time, and optimize performance....

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  • Examines where security holes come from, how to discover them, how hackers exploit them and take control of systems on a daily basis, and most importantly, how to close these security holes so they never occur again A unique author team-a blend of industry and underground experts- explain the techniques that readers can use to uncover security holes in any software or operating system Shows how to pinpoint vulnerabilities in popular operating systems (including Windows, Linux, and Solaris) and applications (including MS SQL Server and Oracle databases)...

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  • Profiles A profile is a named set of the following password and resource limits: Password aging and expiration Password history Password complexity verification Account locking CPU time Input/output (I/O) operations Idle time Connect time Memory space (private SQL area for Shared Server only) Concurrent sessions After a profile has been created, the database administrator can assign it to each user. If resource limits are enabled, the Oracle server limits the database usage and resources to the defined profile of the user....

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  • 1. Introduction to Oracle for Linux – Oracle Enterprise Linux 2. Installasi Oracle 10g / 11 g for Linux 3. Membuat Database 4. Mengunakan Oracle Enterprice Manager 5. Konfigurasi Network Environment 6. Manajemen Oracle Instance 7. Manajemen Database Storage 8. Administrasi Users dan Security

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  • Lecture Database security and auditing - Protecting data integrity and accessibility - Chapter 8: Application Data Auditing presentation of content Create and implement Oracle triggers, create and implement SQL Server triggers, define and implement Oracle fine-grained auditing,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you’ll learn how to use SQL to build effective databases, efficiently retrieve your data, and manage everything from performance to security! Using this book’s straightforward, step-by-step approach, you’ll learn hands-on through practical examples. Each lesson builds on what you’ve already learned, giving you a strong real-world foundation for success. The authors guide you from the absolute basics to advanced techniques—including views, transactions, Web data publishing, and even powerful SQL extensions for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server...

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  • PL/SQL, Oracle’s procedural extension to SQL, is an advanced fourth-generation programming language (4GL). It offers modern features such as data encapsulation, overloading, collection types, exception handling, and information hiding. PL/SQL also offers seamless SQL access, tight integration with the Oracle server and tools, portability, and security. This guide explains all the concepts behind PL/SQL and illustrates every facet of the language. Good programming style is stressed throughout and supported by numerous examples. Using this guide, you learn PL/SQL quickly and effectively....

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  • This manual describes the basic concepts behind each utility and provides exam- ples to show how the utilities are used. Some of the information this manual provides must be supplemented for the high- security version of the Oracle8 Server, Trusted Oracle. Such information is marked with references to the Trusted Oracle documentation.

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  • Users and Security Security domain The database administrator defines the names of the users who are allowed to access a database. A security domain defines the settings that apply to the user. Authentication mechanism A user who requires access to the database can be authenticated by one of the following: Data dictionary Operating system Network The means of authentication is specified at the time the user is defined in the database and can be altered later. This lesson covers authentication by database and by operating system only.

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  • Most clients only need to perform name lookups in the directory server. To perform a lookup, the directory server must allow anonymous authentication. Directory servers usually do this by default. To look up entries, a client must be able to find the directory server in which that entry resides. Clients locate a directory in one of two ways: ■ Dynamically, by using DNS.

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  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides extreme performance for both data warehousing and OLTP applications, making it the ideal platform for consolidating on private clouds. It is a complete package of servers, storage, networking, and software that is massively scalable, secure, and redundant. With Oracle Exadata, customers can reduce IT costs through consolidation, store up to ten times more data, improve performance of all applications, deliver a faster time-to- market by eliminating systems integration trial and error, and make better business decisions in real time.

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  • The Oracle OLAP option is a full-featured on-line analytical processing (OLAP) server embedded within the Oracle Database. The Oracle OLAP option can be used to improve SQL- based business intelligence tools and applications by improving query performance and enriching them with analytic content. As an OLAP solution that is deeply embedded in the Oracle Database, the Oracle OLAP option allows centralized management of data and business rules in a secure, scalable and enterprise-ready platform..

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  • When additional resources are required, additional nodes and instances can easily be added to the cluster with no downtime. Once a new instance has been started, applications using services can immediately take advantage of it with no changes to the application or application server. Oracle Real Application Clusters is an extension to the Oracle Database and therefore benefits from the manageability, reliability, and security features built into the Oracle Database.

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