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  • Decellularization is a process that involves the removal of cellular material from the tissues and organs while maintaining the structural, functional, and mechanical properties of extracellular matrix.

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  • The government is taking the lead by developing a management plan for the northeast region of Alberta. This plan will look beyond oil sands development on a project-by-project basis by addressing the cumulative effects of development. This approach enables responsible resource development that incorporates creative and innovative solutions to secure economic prosperity, while maintaining the province’s commitment to environmental protection and stewardship.

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  • This paper presents the experiences gained from ongoing research collaboration between the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University and the Southampton e-Science centre at the University of Southampton using a serviceoriented approach for complex engineering design optimization. The service-oriented approach enables programmatic collaboration to be realized while maintaining the autonomy of individual codes at the different institutes and organizations. In the current work, a Genetic algorithm optimization logic implemented as a Grid...

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  • The skin plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the living organism while allowing the interaction of the organism with its environment. To fulfill these functions, mechanical stability is as important as flexibility. The mechanical properties of skin are very diverse depending on the anatomical location, and they evolve throughout life from the fetus to old age. Both genetic and acquired skin diseases modify skin biomechanics, as do intrinsic and photoaging.

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  • The lung is an extremely complex organ. While most organs in your body are made up of a few different types of cells, the lung contains more than 40 different kinds of cells. Each of these cells is important to health and maintaining the body's fitness. Air pollution can change the cells in the lung by damaging those that are most susceptible. If the cells that are damaged are important in the development of new functional parts of the lung, then the lung may not achieve its full growth and function as a child matures to...

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  • The Coffee Project will source its coffee from roasters that use a direct-trade model and provide ethically-sourced coffees. This model ensures appropriate compensation to the farmers at origin. The Coffee Project’s pricing will be comparable to its main competitor, Jude’s Health and Java House, while maintaining a 75% gross margin. Our competitive advantage will be our ability to donate to charity organizations, as well as our high-quality roaster lineup.

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  • 548 Making Key Strategic Decisions materials. Lastly, some companies use EDI to transmit their invoices and then to receive the subsequent payments. While industries use different versions of EDI in different ways, their goals are always the same: minimize the processing time and lower inventory costs and overhead expenses. An industry organization in Washington, D.C.

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  • Information is the life-blood of decision making. While companies are willing to dedicate resources to advertising, marketing, and sales initiatives, they are often- times reluctant to devote the same to garnering accurate and timely financial in- formation to make business decisions. Very few executives and business owners will deny the value of building and maintaining reliable mechanisms for handling the financial data needs of the organization. However, actions often fall short of this intention.

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  • The Threat Analyzer facility operates in the following manner: Manager receives alerts from the Sensors and organizes the alerts by the timestamps with alert; the most recent alerts are listed first. All alerts are stored in the database, while a preset number of the most recent alerts are also maintained in a cache, known as the alert cache. The alert cache contains only unacknowledged alerts, and is exclusive to a Real-Time Threat Analyzer query; a Historical Threat Analyzer query only pulls alerts from the database.

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  • The increasing possibility of using many forms of bodily material to benefit others in medical treatment and research has brought about a constant pressure within the UK to meet demand. There is a continual need to recruit new blood donors in order to maintain an adequate supply of blood; three people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant; many fertility clinics are not able to meet requests for treatment involving donor eggs or sperm; and research organisations cite difficulties in accessing bodily material as a key factor limiting research progress.

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  • A growing trend in transnational social movements is the joint efforts of migrants to maintain and foster links with their places of origin through the creation and organization of ‘hometown associations’ (HTAs). HTAs are established not only in response to the social and cultural challenges faced by new immigrants in adjusting to life in a foreign country, but also to fund small-scale development projects in home communities through collective remittances.

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  • The gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) plays dual roles in hwnan physiology: digestion and uptake of nutrients and the more daunting task of maintaining immune homeostasis (protecting the body from potentially harmful microbes, while inducing tolerogenic responses to innocuous food, commensals and self-antigens). The unique architecture ofthe GI tract facilitates both ofthese functions; multiple levelsofinfolding results in an immense overall surface area that allows maximal nutrient absorption while housing the largest nwnber ofimmune cells in the body.

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