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  • In this chapter, you learn what is input and output devices. The keyboard is presented and different keyboard types are described. You are introduced to various pointing devices, such as the mouse, trackball, touchpad, pointing stick, joystick, touchscreen, and pen input. Scanners and reading devices, including optical scanners, optical readers, magnetic ink character recognition readers, and data collection devices are explained,...

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  • Sau khi học xong chương này người học có thể: nắm nguyên lý cấu tạo và đặc điểm của thiết bị I/O, nhiệm vụ và yêu cầu của thiết bị I/O, cách giao tiếp giữa CPU và thiết bị I/O, hiểu các bước trong quá trình ngắt quãng, nắm được cơ chế DMA. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • Discovering Computers - Chapter 6: Output Describe the four categories of output; Summarize the characteristics of LCD monitors LCD screens, plasma monitors, and HDTVs; Describe the characteristics of a CRT monitor and factors that affect its quality.

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  • Most input/output devices reside the computer case. These devices communicate with what is inside the computer case through cables attached to the case at a connection called a port, sending data and/or instructions to the computer and receiving them from the computer. Most computers have their ports located on the back of the case, but some models put the ports on the front of the case for easy access. The most popular input devices are a keyboard and a mouse, and the most popular output devices are a monitor and a printer. The keyboard is the primary input devices of a computer.

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  • This book considers electronic devices applied to process analog signals in in strument making, automation, measurements, and other branches of technology. They perform various transformations of electrical signals: scaling, integration, logarithming, etc. Such devices are considered in tutorials on electronics. The need in their deeper study is caused, on the one hand, by the great demands of extending the range of input signals, as well as increasing the accuracy and speed of such devices, which usually receive insufficient attention.

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  • We will demonstrate a novel graphical interface for correcting search errors in the output of a speech recognizer. This interface allows the user to visualize the word lattice by “pulling apart” regions of the hypothesis to reveal a cloud of words simlar to the “tag clouds” popular in many Web applications. This interface is potentially useful for dictation on portable touchscreen devices such as the Nokia N800 and other mobile Internet devices.

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  • In this chapter, you will: Learn what a stream is and examine input and output streams; explore how to read data from the standard input device; learn how to use predefined functions in a program; explore how to use the input stream functions get, ignore, putback, and peek;…

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  • The learning objectives for this chapter include: To review computer basics, programs, and operating systems; to explore the relationship between Java and the World Wide Web; to distinguish the terms API, IDE, and JDK; to write a simple Java program; to display output on the console; to explain the basic syntax of a Java program; to create, compile, and run Java programs; (GUI) To display output using the JOptionPane output dialog boxes.

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  • - Thiết bị nhập dữ liệu (Input Device): bàn phím (Keyboard), chuột (Mouse), máy quét (Scanner)… - Thiết bị xuất dữ liệu (Output Device): màn hình (Monitor), máy in (Printer), máy cắt decal… - Bên cạnh đó còn có một số thiết bị khác phục vụ cho việc truyền tin giữa máy tính với bên ngoài ở các vị trí địa lý khác nhau như: thiết bị quay số (Modem Fax), card mạng (NIC), dây cáp các loại (Cable System)....

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  • Mục tiêu : Nắm được tổng quan về cấu trúc máy tính. Hiểu về Máy Turing & Nguyên lý Von Neumann Biết sơ đồ khối chi tiết của máy tính Nắm nguyên lý hoạt động máy tính Biết các component của máy tính : Processors,Memory,Input/Output devices,Bus

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  • C lưu dữ liệu (biến, mảng, cấu trúc, …) trong bộ nhớ RAM. Dữ liệu được nạp vào RAM và gửi ra ngoài chương trình thông qua các thiết bị (device). Thiết bị nhập (input device): bàn phím, con chuột. Thiết bị xuất (output device): màn hình, máy in. Thiết bị vừa nhập vừa xuất: tập tin

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  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), also referred to as programmable controllers, are in the computer family. They are used in commercial and industrial applications. A PLC monitors inputs, makes decisions based on its program, and controls outputs to automate a process or machine.

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  • CODING TECHNIQUES Many errors in a computer system are committed at the bit or byte level when information is either transmitted along communication lines from one computer to another or else within a computer from the memory to the microprocessor or from microprocessor to input/ output device. Such transfers are generally made over high-speed internal buses or sometimes over networks. The simplest technique to protect against such errors is the use of error-detecting and errorcorrecting codes.

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  • The microcontroller is an exciting new device in the field of electronics control. It is a complete computer control system on a single chip. microcontrollers include EPROM program memory, user RAM for storing program data, timer circuits, an instruction set, special function registers, power on reset, interrupts, low power consumption and a security bit for software protection. Some microcontrollers like the 16F818/9 devices include on board A to D converters.

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  • A modem computer consists of one or more processors, some main memory, disks, printers, a keyboard, a mouse, a display, network interfaces, and various other input/output devices. All in all, a complex system. If every application programmer had to understand how all these things work in detail, no code would ever get written. Furthermore, managing all these components and using them optimally is an exceedingly challenging job.

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  • Input /Output Devices Mục tiêu Nắm nguyên lý cấu tạo và đặc điểm của thiết bị I/O. Nhiệm vụ và yêu cầu của thiết bị I/O. Cách giao tiếp giữa CPU và thiết bị I/O. ch Hiểu các bước trong quá trình ngắt quãng. Nắm được cơ chế DMA

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  • Communication systems consist of an input device, transmitter, transmission medium, receiver and output device, as shown in Fig. 1.1. The input device may be a computer, sensor or oscillator, depending on the application of the system, while the output device could be a speaker or computer. Irrespective of whether a data communications or telecommunications system is used, these elements are necessary.

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  • I was privileged to have witnessed the evolution of medical informatics in the United States during its fi rst six decades. Donald A. B. Lindberg, Director of the National Library of Medicine, advised me that documenting this history would be a worthy project since during this period the country moved into a new information era, and it was obvious that computers were having a major infl uence on all of medicine. In this book I address history as a chronological accounting of what I considered to be signifi cant events.

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  • Hệ thống tập tin của DOS và điều khiển đĩa  Bảng FAT : (File Allocation Table) Nằm ngay Boot Sector (sector 0). Bảng FAT được tạo ra khi ta partion đĩa cứng Nội dung Bảng FAT mô tả trạng thái của các cluster còn tốt hay đã hư (vật lý), đã dùng hay chưa dùng…

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  • For simple applications, switching devices such as contactors or solid-state relays can be used to control electrical power. The electrical power in a process can be regulated by varying the ON and OFF times of these devices. But in many processes this provision of energy in large blocks will cause significant variations in the process output. As an example, it would not be possible to control lighting levels simply by using such two-state on/off switching elements. Neither could good temperature controllers be implemented in this way...

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