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Overlapping generations model

Xem 1-7 trên 7 kết quả Overlapping generations model
  • This note presents the simplest overlapping generations model. The model is due to Diamond (1965), who built on earlier work by Samuelson (1958). Overlapping generations models capture the fact that individuals do not live forever, but die at some point and thus have finite life-cycles. Overlapping generations models are especially useful for analysing the macro-economic effects of different pension systems.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "advanced macroeconomics" has contents: the solow growth model, endogenous growth, cross country income differences, real business cycle theory, nominal rigidity, infinite horizon and overlapping generations models.

    pdf327p thuongdanguyetan04 25-07-2019 5 0   Download

  • Chapter 9 Overlapping Generations Models This chapter describes the pure-exchange overlapping generations model of Paul Samuelson (1958). We begin with an abstract presentation that treats the overlapping generations model as a special case of the chapter 8 general equilibrium model with complete markets

    pdf48p summerflora 28-10-2010 44 3   Download

  • We present a discriminative model that directly predicts which set of phrasal translation rules should be extracted from a sentence pair. Our model scores extraction sets: nested collections of all the overlapping phrase pairs consistent with an underlying word alignment. Extraction set models provide two principle advantages over word-factored alignment models. First, we can incorporate features on phrase pairs, in addition to word links. Second, we can optimize for an extraction-based loss function that relates directly to the end task of generating translations. ...

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  • This paper is in line with a literature review of the ageing society, economic growth to provide a deeper understanding of whether ageing population diminishes or enhances economic growth. Firstly, the paper presents the causes of the negative effects of population ageing on economic growth. The paper reveals that lower fertility, longer life expectancy, low consumption and high public spending on health care lead to aggregate output growth decline in the long run.

    pdf13p vimariecurie2711 01-08-2019 1 0   Download

  • This book is concerned with the computational processing of 3D faces, with applications in human computer interaction. It is a discriplinary research area overlapping with computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning and HCI. Within the last 10 years, fast increase in performance of memory, display and processor speed has allowed the expansion of Computer Graphics. It has now overcome Image Processing in its achievement. In the 3D face field, the CG-generated faces are almost indiscernible from real faces. Still it requires manual drawing for each image and artistic skills.

    pdf145p batoan 04-08-2009 246 80   Download

  • Extractive methods for multi-document summarization are mainly governed by information overlap, coherence, and content constraints. We present an unsupervised probabilistic approach to model the hidden abstract concepts across documents as well as the correlation between these concepts, to generate topically coherent and non-redundant summaries. Based on human evaluations our models generate summaries with higher linguistic quality in terms of coherence, readability, and redundancy compared to benchmark systems. ...

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