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  • The third generation (3G) mobile communication system is the next big thing in the world of mobile telecommunications. The first generation included analog mobile phones [e.g., Total Access Communications Systems (TACS), Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT), and Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS)], and the second generation (2G) included digital mobile phones [e.g., global system for mobile communications (GSM), personal digital cellular (PDC), and digital AMPS (D-AMPS)].

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  • Our first chapter puts LTE into its historical context, and lays out its requirements and key technical features. We begin by reviewing the architectures of UMTS and GSM, and by introducing some of the terminology that the two systems use. We then summarize the history of mobile telecommunication systems, discuss the issues that have driven the development of LTE, and show how UMTS has evolved first into LTE and then into an enhanced version known as LTE-Advanced. The chapter closes by reviewing the standardization process for LTE....

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  • IP Mobility This chapter will provide an overview of IP mobility. It aims to be pretty selfcontained, and so should stand alone fairly independently of the other chapters. IP mobility is very important, because it is predicted that the vast majority of terminals will be mobile in a few years and that the vast majority of traffic will originate from IP-based applications. The challenge of ‘IP mobility’ is to deliver IP-based applications to mobile terminals/users, even though, traditionally, IP-protocols have been designed with the assumption that they are stationary...

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  • In recent years the concept of intelligent multi-mode, multimedia transceivers (IMMT) has emerged in the context of wireless systems [67a,150-1521 and the range of various existing solutions that have found favourin existing standard systems was summarised in the excellent overview by Nanda et al. [153].

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  • There has been an increase in the potential use of wireless devices in healthcare domain for a variety of reasons. The most commonly used device is the cellular phone, which emits strong electromagnetic energy affecting thereby the functionality of the vital medical equipment such as ventilators, ECG monitors, cardiac monitors, and defibrillators. This prompted the healthcare concerns to restrict the use of these phones in the proximity of critical and non-critical care medical equipment.

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