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  • In this paper, McCARD code was verified using various models listed in the NUREG/CR-6361 benchmark guide, which provides specifications for single pin-cells, single assemblies, and the whole core classified depending on the nuclear properties and structural characteristics. McCARD code was verified by comparing its results with those of SCALE code for single pin-cell and single assembly benchmark problems.

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  • Module 11 help students understanding where data is stored. After studying this chapter students should be able to: Understanding kernel and processes; logging utilities such as syslog, klog, and dmesg; information storage paths. Inviting you to refer.

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  • The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of different ascorbic acid (AA) concentrations of 0.25% and 0.50% as well as different packaging methods (i.e. air packaging and vacuum packaging methods) on lipid oxidation of cobia fillets during frozen storage at -25 ± 2 °C for 8 weeks.

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  • The effects of two different types of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on the physicochemical properties, biochemical composition, and storage quality of sweet pomegranate variety Beynarı were investigated during long-term storage.

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  • My text Technology of Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies, which was first published in 1983, with an enlarged new edition in 1991, has proved very successful and been welcomed by biscuit manufacturers worldwide. Why, then, consider producing separate manuals in the same field? The idea started, I suppose, when my partner, Pam Chance, pointed out that, as a standard reference work, my book was both too detailed and expensive for the average plant operative to use in the course of his or her work....

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  • - Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system Many companies conduct extensive research on color schemes, designs and types of product packaging that is the most appealing to its intended consumers.

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  • Sophisticated : these include business analysts, scientists, engineers, others thoroughly familiar with the system capabilities. Many use tools in the form of software packages that work closely with the stored database. Stand-alone : mostly maintain personal databases using ready-to-use packaged applications. An example is a tax program user that creates his or her own internal database.

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  • In this article, effect of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and different postharvest treatments on quality of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) fruit was investigated. Quality indexes of litchi during cold storage at 4 ± 1 0C were measured in terms of decay, total soluble solids, titratable acidity, color, anthocyanin content and incidence of microbiological infection.

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  • The results showed that while the shelf life of sea grapes preserved in PVC was only 2 days, that in PA, PP were up to 10 days. Moreover, the weight loss, the rate of damage and total aerobic microorganisms of grape seaweeds preserved in PA were lower than that in PP. This means that suitable packaging will help to maintain the quality and extend the shelf life of fresh sea grapes.

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  • Effectiveness of two different (3 mM and 6 mM) concentrations of oxalic acid (OA) application in combination with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on skin browning, fruit skin color (L*, a*, b*) values, fruit flesh firmness, total soluble solids (TSS).

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  • The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the quality and shelf life of minimally processed carrots during cold storage.

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  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides extreme performance for both data warehousing and OLTP applications, making it the ideal platform for consolidating on private clouds. It is a complete package of servers, storage, networking, and software that is massively scalable, secure, and redundant. With Oracle Exadata, customers can reduce IT costs through consolidation, store up to ten times more data, improve performance of all applications, deliver a faster time-to- market by eliminating systems integration trial and error, and make better business decisions in real time.

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  • "Marketing" is defined as the aggregate of functions involved in transferring title and in moving goods from producer to consumer. Agricultural marketing2 includes such processes as assembling the raw commodities, grading, packaging, transportation, preparation for use, storage, shifting and sharing risks, change in ownership, pricing and exchange, wholesaling and retailing. One of the first steps in agricultural marketing is assembling the raw commodities.

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  • Food Science and Technology is a multi-disciplinary field that applies fundamental scientific principles to the research, development, manufacture, packaging, storage, and marketing of food products. It is a discipline in which biology, chemistry, engineering, microbiology, biochemistry, toxicology, management, and other basic and applied sciences are used to study the nature of foods, the causes of their deterioration, and the principles underlying food processing.

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  • Poultry processing plants are designed for rapid slaughtering, butchering, and packaging of meat. The process combines rapid line speed with distinct divisions of labor on the processing line [Lipscomb et al., 2005]. Musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses are thought to be the principal on-the-job safety problems for workers on the processing line.

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  • In recent decades, a lot of efforts has been spent on investigation of metal borohydrides, which can potentially serve as advanced hydrogen storage materials for mobile applications. In this research, we investigate the structure changes under high pressure of the compounds MBH4 (M = K, Na) as important borohydrides in hydrogen technologies, using ABINIT simulation package based on density functional theory (DFT) and the generalized gradient approximation (GGA). The pressure is in a wide range of 0 GPa to 40 GPa.

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  • This study examines the chemical and microbiological changes and the sensory attributes of black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) when stored at the temperature of 0 ºC. Sodium propionate and sodium lactate were used to treat shrimps before storage. Vacuum packaging was also carefully investigated.

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  • The data center is a key resource. Many organizations simply shut down when employees and customers are unable to access the servers, storage systems, and networking devices that reside there. Literally, millions of dollars can be lost in a single hour of down time for some businesses, such as large banks, airlines, package shippers, and online brokerages. Given these consequences, reliability is a key data center attribute. Another is flexibility. Tomorrow’s requirements may not be the same as today’s.

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  • Considering these attack vulnerabilities and scenarios it is clear that the typical BCS is not a desirable target. System resources are limited (storage space, CPU power, common OS and software packages, etc.), and valuable information is limited to the BCS system itself (configuration data, router tables) but no financial or personal information.

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  • Our infrastructure (Akash1 ) consists of a virtual storage system prototype designed to run on commodity hard- ware. It supports data accesses to multiple virtual vol- umes for any storage client, such as, database servers and file systems. It uses the Network Block Device (NBD) driver packaged with Linux to read and write log- ical blocks from the virtual storage system, as shown in Figure 3. NBD is a standard storage access proto- col similar to iSCSI, supported by Linux. It provides a method to communicate with a storage server over the network.

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