Pair correlation

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  • Under explicit diophantine conditions on (α, β) ∈ R2 , we prove that the local two-point correlations of the sequence given by the values (m − α)2 + (n−β)2 , with (m, n) ∈ Z2 , are those of a Poisson process. This partly confirms a conjecture of Berry and Tabor [2] on spectral statistics of quantized integrable systems, and also establishes a particular case of the quantitative version of the Oppenheim conjecture for inhomogeneous quadratic forms of signature (2,2). The proof uses theta sums and Ratner’s classification of measures invariant under unipotent flows. ...

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  • Analytical expression for the Displacement-displacement Correlation Function (DCF) C R has been derived based on the derived Mean Square Relative Displacement (MSRD) σ and the Mean Square Displacement (MSD) u for fcc 2 2 crystals. The effective interaction potential of the system has been considered by taking into account the influences of nearest atomic neighbors, and it contains the Morse potential characterizing the interaction of each pair of atoms.

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  • Anharmonic correlated Debye model is derived for Debye-Waller factors of bcc (bodycentered cubic) crystals presented in terms of cumulant expansion up to the fourth order. The many-body effects are taken into account in the present one-dimensional model based on the anharmonic effective potential that includes interactions of absorber and backscatterer atoms with their first shell near neighbors, where Morse potential is assumed to describe the single-pair atomic interaction.

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  • Variation in the morphology of the adult male reproductive system among different groups of Hymenoptera offer characteristics that help studies of behavior and the evolutionary history of this group. The objective of this study was to describe the adult male reproductive system of the wasp Polistes versicolor versicolor Olivier (Vespidae: Polistini). The reproductive systems were dissected, fixed and embedded for light microscopy. In P. v. versicolor, the reproductive system includes a pair of testes, each one with three fusiform follicles.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Statistics for the life sciences" has contents: Comparison of paired samples; categorical data - one-s ample distributions; categorical data - relationships, comparing themeans of many independent samples, linear regression and correlation, a summary of inference methods.

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  • Netter's anatomy flash cards are the most convenient and portable way to review anatomy on the fly. This 4th Edition contains full-color illustrations from Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, 6th Edition paired with concise text identifying those structures and reviewing relevant anatomical information and clinical correlations.

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  • Why one more book on dermatopathology? Certainly there are many outstanding encyclopedic textbooks already written and even recently updated. Why one more atlas? Hopefully you will agree that this book is different. We have tried to pair clinical and histologic photographs to enhance the reader’s appreciation for clinical-pathological correlation. In addition, this text is meant to be user friendly whether you are approaching dermatopathology from a background of dermatology or pathology.

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  • We will show that in the two-good nonsequential search model prices of the two goods will be randomized and depending on the nature of demand interrelation we expect to nd no correlation between them if the goods are substitutes or independently valued and negative correlation if they are complements. The latter result derives from an inability to charge the highest price for each good simultaneously as at such pair of prices none of the complements will be purchased at all.

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  • Kleinstreuer and Feng Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:229 NANO REVIEW Open Access Experimental and theoretical studies of nanofluid thermal conductivity enhancement: a review Clement Kleinstreuer*, Yu Feng Abstract Nanofluids, i.e., well-dispersed (metallic) nanoparticles at low- volume fractions in liquids, may enhance the mixture’s thermal conductivity, knf, over the base-fluid values. Thus, they are potentially useful for advanced cooling of micro-systems.

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  • There are many books concerned with statistical theory. This is not one of them. This is a practical book. It is aimed at people who need to understand statistics, but not develop it as a subject. The typical reader might be a postgraduate student in health, life or social science who has no knowledge of statistics, but needs to use quantitative methods in their studies. Students who are engaged in qualitative studies will need to read and understand quantitative studies when they do their literature reviews, this book may be of use to them...

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  • Automatic tools for machine translation (MT) evaluation such as BLEU are well established, but have the drawbacks that they do not perform well at the sentence level and that they presuppose manually translated reference texts. Assuming that the MT system to be evaluated can deal with both directions of a language pair, in this research we suggest to conduct automatic MT evaluation by determining the orthographic similarity between a back-translation and the original source text. This way we eliminate the need for human translated reference texts.

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  • Previous research has shown that the plausibility of an adjective-noun combination is correlated with its corpus co-occurrence frequency. In this paper, we estimate the co-occurrence frequencies of adjective-noun pairs that fail to occur in a 100 million word corpus using smoothing techniques and compare them to human plausibility ratings. Both class-based smoothing and distance-weighted averaging yield frequency estimates that are significant predictors of rated plausibility, which provides independent evidence for the validity of these smoothing techniques. ...

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  • We present and experimentally evaluate a new model of pronunciation by analogy: the paradigmatic cascades model. Given a pronunciation lexicon, this algorithm first extracts the most productive paradigmatic mappings in the graphemic domain, and pairs them statistically with their correlate(s) in the phonemic domain. These mappings are used to search and retrieve in the lexical database the most promising analog of unseen words. We finally apply to the analogs pronunciation the correlated series of mappings in the phonemic domain to get the desired pronunciation. ...

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  • In this paper we demonstrate that there is a strong correlation between the Question Answering (QA) accuracy and the log-likelihood of the answer typing component of our statistical QA model. We exploit this observation in a clustering algorithm which optimizes QA accuracy by maximizing the log-likelihood of a set of question-and-answer pairs.

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  • We investigate the influence of information status (IS) on constituent order in German, and integrate our findings into a loglinear surface realisation ranking model. We show that the distribution of pairs of IS categories is strongly asymmetric. Moreover, each category is correlated with morphosyntactic features, which can be automatically detected. We build a loglinear model that incorporates these asymmetries for ranking German string realisations from input LFG F-structures.

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  • This paper explores the determinants of adjective-noun plausibility by using correlation analysis to compare judgements elicited from human subjects with five corpus-based variables: co-occurrence frequency of the adjective-noun pair, noun frequency, conditional probability of the noun given the adjective, the log-likelihood ratio, and Resnik's (1993) selectional association measure. The highest correlation is obtained with the co-occurrence frequency, which points to the strongly lexicalist and collocational nature of adjective-noun combinations.

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  • For the B-H and A-H pairings, we nd similar patterns: The rst sub-period is dominated by causal spillovers (from H to B, respectively from A to H), which give way to correlated structural innovations after 2001. However, the interaction between B and H, and even more so between A and H, is far less developed than in the A-B case. The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 brie y introduces the history of the Chinese stock market and o ers a literature review. Section 3 elaborates the methodology of the SDCC model. Empirical results are reported in Section 4.

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  • We present a method for learning bilingual translation lexicons from monolingual corpora. Word types in each language are characterized by purely monolingual features, such as context counts and orthographic substrings. Translations are induced using a generative model based on canonical correlation analysis, which explains the monolingual lexicons in terms of latent matchings. We show that high-precision lexicons can be learned in a variety of language pairs and from a range of corpus types.

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