Paratracheal lymph nodes

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  • On many levels, YouthAIDS revealed the power of celebrity advocates in promoting awareness and raising funds for a cause. Celebrity advocates were able to raise funds through conventional and unconventional means for the organization. For example, actress Debra Messing’s field visit to Zimbabwe raised awareness for PSI’s work in that country and provided the additional advocacy needed to raise millions of dollars of additional funding from USAID so many more kids could be saved.

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  • In certain situations, such as visits by high-profile political figures or controversial activists, intensive security arrangements are necessary. Such procedures are outside the scope of this manual, and it would be inappropriate and counterproductive to provide details herein, given the wide and unrestricted distribution of this document. When such events occur, event planners must create liaison between emergency service personnel, health professionals, and appropriate security personnel to ensure that they address health, safety and security issues for the event. ...

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  • The relational database uses the concept of linked two-dimensional tables consisting of rows and columns, as shown in Figure 1-2. Unlike the hierarchical approach, no predetermined relationship exists between distinct tables. This means that the data needed to link together the different areas of the network or hierarchical model need not be defined. Because relational users don’t need to understand the representation of data in storage to retrieve it (many such users created ad hoc queries against the data), ease of use helped popularize the relational model....

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  • Airborne suspended particulate matter can be of primary origin, i.e. emitted directly into the atmosphere or of secondary origin, i.e. formed in the atmosphere from gaseous species by either homogeneous or heterogeneous chemical reactions. Due to these different emission sources, particles have different chemical composition and size distributions. Depending on their size, particles have a different potential to be transported over either long or short distances [1]. Primary particles can be produced from either natural or anthropogenic sources.

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  • Some CG companies are fi nding an upstream approach works as well: using packaging and other in-store marketing promotions to drive consumers back online, where they can engage further with the brand. US-based Orabrush, for example, labels its tongue-cleaning products with “As Seen on YouTube” to fuel what the chief marketing offi cer, Jeffrey Harmon, calls “the engagement loop”. Viral videos drive consumers to retail outlets, which drive them back online to see more of Orabrush’s original video content, which increases awareness, engagement and loyalty.

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  • When purchasing wine, the intrinsic attributes color, type of wine and vintage have been found to influence choice as well as extrinsic attributes including familiarity, price, quality/reliability and suitability. Although the primary extrinsic product attributes influencing the wine purchase decision include the brand, the label and the specific terms utilized in describing wine, Gluckman (1990) advises that the quality of wine is an important characteristic and that the attributes that signal quality to consumers can be either extrinsic or intrinsic.

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  • This hyperbolic collapsing of film-historical specificity within a spatially-based and marketing-driven, postmodern nostalgia bath on live TV is only possible in the digital media environment. The 2002 Oscar show introduction performs a mapping of first, a visual and aural take-off on a current film, and next, old movie posters, onto the contemporary Hollywood street, collapsing cinematic space onto at once marketing discourse and geographic space.

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  • Our students were deeply moved, as we were, for example, by a bronze flutist from Benin, Nigeria; a Haida mask of western Canada; a Mayan god of Central America—as we saw how in the very purpose and structure of art, such opposites as sameness and difference, surface and depth, the intimate and the wide, hard and soft are made one. And these are the very same opposites we are trying to put together in ourselves. Through the opposites, we see our true kinship to peoples far away in place and time....

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  • U.S. government.This designation, which is the highest level of backing given on a U.S. government security,means that the government pledges to use its full taxing and borrowing authority, as well as revenue from nontax sources, to pay the interest and repay the face amount of the security. Nonetheless, the market prices of these securities are not guaranteed and will fluctuate daily—just like the prices of any other bonds. U.S. government backing of Treasury and agency securities applies only to the underlying securities and does not prevent share-price fluctuations.

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  • Bernanke and Gertler (1995) and Mishkin (2007) survey the literature on potential transmission channels between interest rates and the real economy. While their focus is on interest rate changes caused by monetary policy, the same channels would be in place for interest rate changes caused by capital inows. In a neoclassical world the `user cost of capital' is the only transmission channel: lower interest rates on bonds decrease the opportunity costs of buying a house and increase the demand for houses.

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  • What factors underlie industry differences in research intensity and productivity growth? We develop a multi-sector endogenous growth model allowing for industry specific parameters in the production functions for output and knowledge, and in consumer preferences. We find that long run industry differences in both productivity growth and R&D intensity mainly reflect differences in "technological opportunities", interpreted as the parameters of knowledge production. These include the capital intensity of R&D, knowledge spillovers, and diminishing returns to R&D.

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  • In their feedback, HEIs have expressed the wish that second-round audits would go deeper into the operations of HEIs than the first audits and that audits be more closely linked to the strategic goals of individual institutions. Compared to the European quality assurance principles, the Finnish audit model has encompassed nearly all higher education activities. HEIs have also expressed their wish to have a quality label that they could use in international cooperation.

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  • Successful dairy cow management requires matching the quality and supply of feed with the cow‟s nutritional requirements as efficiently and profitably as possible. Therefore, it is vital that dairy farmers become increasingly proactive in minimising the uncertainties in pasture growth and availability and become more focused on producing forages that can be preserved and utilised when pasture is not readily available.

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  • The presence of TNCs in the Brazilian pulp and paper sector has not been significant from a historical perspective. The FDI in this sector represented just 4.5% of the FDI accumulated in Brazil in 2000. But since 2000 the sector has been receiving increasing influx of FDI. On average foreign investment in the sector increased from US$ 8.6 millions per year between 1996-1999 to US$ 139.4 millions per year between 2000-2004.

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  • For much of its history, New York City has thrived as a place that both sus- tained a large middle class and elevated countless people from poorer back- grounds into the ranks of the middle class. The city was never cheap and parts of Manhattan always remained out of reach, but working people of modest means—from forklift operators and bus drivers to paralegals and museum guides—could enjoy realistic hopes of home ownership and a mea- sure of economic security as they raised their families across the other four boroughs.

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  • Of course, there were some reasons for attempting to re-establish the old parity, even despite the indubitable drawbacks of such a proceeding. The decision should have been made after due consideration of the pros and cons of such a policy. The fact that the step was taken without the public having been sufficiently informed beforehand of its inevitable drawbacks, extraordinarily strengthened the opposition to the gold standard.

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  • The Lloyds TSB Foundation for England & Wales2 is a grant-making trust, which supports charitable organisations, which help people, especially those who are disadvantaged or disabled, to play a fuller role in communities throughout England and Wales. Key to its suc- cess and efficiency is its presence in and active engagement with communities in England and Wales. That is why it is based locally in nine English regions and Wales and its regional structure enables it to respond effectively to local social needs. The funding goes to charities working in the fields of social...

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  • The Amato law (law 218/1990) of 1990 was the starting point of the reform process. By introducing the joint-stock company as the basic organizational entity in the banking sys- tem, the law constituted an important step towards the privatization of the system. In par- ticular, the law provided for transforming savings banks into joint-stock companies (soci- etá per azioni, Spa). The banks’ capital was transferred to (publicly owned) foundations, thereby legally separating the banking business from social or cultural activities.

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  • We show that the group of firms with a strong sustainability culture is significantly more likely to assign responsibility to the board of directors for sustainability and to form a separate board committee for sustainability. Moreover, High Sustainability companies are more likely to make executive compensation a function of environmental, social, and external perception (e.g., customer satisfaction) metrics.

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  • In rare circumstances, auditors and audit organizations may determine it necessary to depart from a relevant presumptively mandatory requirement. In such rare circumstances, auditors should perform alternative procedures to achieve the intent of that requirement. The need for the auditors to depart from a relevant presumptively mandatory requirement is expected to arise only when the requirement is for a specific procedure to be performed and, in the specific circumstances of the audit, that procedure would be ineffective in achieving the intent of the requirement.

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