Parsing and interpreting comparatives

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  • W e .explain the reasons for dividing comparative Adjectival comparison Adverbial comparison with "as" Determiner comparison Comparison on PP Clausal comparison "Before" comparison "Same" comparison "S-operator" comparison Complex comparative determiner "Simple" phrasal comparison John is taller than Mary. Few people run as fast as John. John bought more books than Mary. John was happier in New York than in London. John has more books than Mary has newspapers. John had this job before me. John was born in the same city as Mary. Mary had more friends than John thought.

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  • In this paper, we present an integrated model of the two central tasks of dialog management: interpreting user actions and generating system actions. We model the interpretation task as a classication problem and the generation task as a prediction problem. These two tasks are interleaved in an incremental parsing-based dialog model. We compare three alternative parsing methods for this dialog model using a corpus of human-human spoken dialog from a catalog ordering domain that has been annotated for dialog acts and task/subtask information.

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  • We describe a new loss function, due to Jeon and Lin (2006), for estimating structured log-linear models on arbitrary features. The loss function can be seen as a (generative) alternative to maximum likelihood estimation with an interesting information-theoretic interpretation, and it is statistically consistent. It is substantially faster than maximum (conditional) likelihood estimation of conditional random fields (Lafferty et al., 2001; an order of magnitude or more). We compare its performance and training time to an HMM, a CRF, an MEMM, and pseudolikelihood on a shallow parsing task.

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