Partial pressure control

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  • Increased miniaturization of the integrated chip has largely been responsible for the rapid advances in semiconductor device performance, driving the industry’s growth over the past decade(s). Soon the minimum feature size in a typical integrated circuit device will be well below 100 nm. At these dimensions, interlayers with extremely low dielectric constants (k) are imperative to reduce the cross-talk between adjacent lines and also enhance device speed. State-of-the-art non-porous, silicon-based low-k dielectric materials have k values on the order of 2.7....

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  • Self-pressurization analysis of the natural circulation integral nuclear reactor through a new dynamic model is studied. Unlike conventional pressurized water reactors, this reactor type controls the system pressure using saturated coolant water in the steam dome at the top of the pressure vessel. Selfpressurization model is developed based on conservation of mass, volume, and energy by predicting the condensation that occurs in the steam dome and the flashing inside the chimney using the partial differential equation.

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  • Most extremely low gestational age neonates (ELGANS, postmenstrual age at birth (PMA) < 28 completed weeks) require supplemental oxygen and experience frequent intermittent hypoxemic and hyperoxemic episodes.

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  • A function containing variables and their derivatives is called a differential expression, and an equation involving differential expressions is called a differential equation. A differential equation is an ordinary differential equation if it contains only one independent variable; it is a partial differential equation if it contains more than one independent variable. We shall deal here only with ordinary differential equations. In the mathematical texts, the independent variable is generally x, which can be anything such as time, distance, velocity, pressure, and so on.

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