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  • It is now almost 40 years since Roger Tomlinson coined the term geographic information system (GIS), and led the development of the world’s first, the Canada Geographic Information System (CGIS), in the mid-1960s (for a history of GIS see Foresman 1998). Today’s technology would be almost unrecognizable to the pioneers of the 1960s, not only because of the almost unbelievable advances in information technology (IT) that have occurred since then, but also because of dramatic changes in the functionality, appearance, use, and societal context of GIS.

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  • Delegation differs from participation in a number of ways: Many leaders define themselves as participative managers if they delegate tasks to their subordinates  more subordinate participation in decision making The goal of delegation is not necessarily to develop employees or create more commitment. Neither does delegation always involve power sharing with employees.

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  • This thesis is about the metaphors of the rainbow and the fogbow, investigations and evaluations, public internet monitors, writing women, reflections and discussions about politics, design and democracy. It is also about the ongoing re-structuring of participation in service design within the development of eGovernment. The aim behind the drive towards eGovernment is to modernise administration and make it more efficient. The transformation and modernisation of public services are proclaimed to bring about a change in services based on a ‘citizen-centred approach.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 6.1 Creating a Class That Participates in an Automatic Transaction Problem You need to create a .NET class that participates in automatic transactions. Solution Use the appropriate custom attributes from the System.EnterpriseServices namespace.

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  • This guide presents resources on child and youth participation from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Australia and the Pacific. Most of the materials are available in electronic form and have been included in the CD-ROM that is part of this guide. The main audiences for this resource guide are practitioners and managers involved in promoting child and youth participation in government, community-based organizations, child-led organizations, NGOs and UN and donor agencies.

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  • LABOR MARKET EFFECT’S OF DEMOGRAPHIC AND INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE IN TAIWAN: RETURNS TO EDUCATION, WAGE INEQUALITY AND WOMEN’S LABOR FORCE PARTICIPATION It seems that parents are sorting on some characteristics of school districts, though not on anything that serves to increase student performance conditional on individual and peer characteristics.

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  • Student participation in class is crucial in the teaching and learning process because it ensures that real learning takes place. When students speak up in class, they learn to express their ideas in a way that others can understand. This article presents the reasons for their low participation and suggests some practical ways to get students involved in learning activities in class.

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  • W e present a method for automatically identifying verbal participation in diathesis alternations. Automatically acquired subcategorization frames are compared to a hand-crafted classification for selecting candidate verbs. The m i n i m u m description length principle is then used to produce a model and cost for storing the head noun instances from a training corpus at the relevant argument slots.

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  • The problem of modeling human understanding and generation of a coherent dialog is investigated by simulating a conversation participant. The rule-based system currently under development attempts to capture the intuitive concept of "topic" using data structures consisting of declarative representations of the subjects under discussion linked to the utterances and rules that generated them. Scripts, goal trees, and a semantic network are brought to bear by general, domain-independent conversational rules to understand and generate coherent topic transitions and specific output utterances.

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  • We describe an unsupervised system for learning narrative schemas, coherent sequences or sets of events (arrested(POLICE , SUSPECT), convicted( JUDGE , SUSPECT )) whose arguments are filled with participant semantic roles defined over words (J UDGE = {judge, jury, court}, P OLICE = {police, agent, authorities}). Unlike most previous work in event structure or semantic role learning, our system does not use supervised techniques, hand-built knowledge, or predefined classes of events or roles.

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  • Research objectives: Clarify some theoretical issues of Border Guard participation in building the socio-political basis in the northwest border region of Vietnam today; assess the situation, reason of Border Guard participation in building the socio-political basis in the northwest border region of Vietnam and point out the causes and experiences; propose basic requirements and solutions for Border Guard participation in building the socio-political basis in the northwest border region of Vietnam more efficient.

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  • Determinants of labor force participation of older people in Vietnam. As the proportion of the older population (those aged 60 and over) keeps increasing quickly in Vietnam, issues related to older individuals’ labor market behavior have drawn a great deal of public attention. This paper aims to identify the determinants of the Vietnamese older people’s decision to be active in the labor force.

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  • The main purpose of this study was to test the model of local residents’ attitudes and participation in tourism to explore the factors which affect to residents’ support and participation in tourism in Ba Be National Park, Vietnam. The results of factor analyses of tourism impacts generated five new factors: Social and Environmental Benefit (SEB), Personal Economic Benefit (PEB), Local Benefit (LB), Negative Social and Environmental Impacts (NSEI), and Negative economic Impacts (NEI).

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  • This research is implemented to investigate the factors that hinder students’ participation in speaking activities at Thuong Mai University. The research’s objects are the teachers and the second-year English-major students of English from Thuong Mai University.

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  • The two techniques: group work and questioning will help students increase their participation in communicative activities in large classes; systematic knowledge of using these techniques in large class context; suggest the implications for learners and teachers in order to raise their awareness of students’ active role and teachers’ efficiency in large classes.

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  • Based on gender-related data in the political sphere for the past few years, the paper focuses on analyses and arguments, aiming at clarifying the actual status of Vietnamese women’s political participation as well as barriers against their participation and representation. Research works have demonstrated that the proportion of women holding the top management positions still remains low, although their proportion in the political system has increased generally. In fact, the number of women taking part in politics is too few to have a significant voice.

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  • This study examines the level of community participation in rural water supply in Vietnam from two approaches: (1) the legal documents at the top level as well as implementing guidances and (2) the case study of community practice and awareness about their role in local water supply.

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  • This research aims to explore the role of service encounter behaviors and customers’ participation in the interaction process to co-create value, leading to customer satisfaction. A model is developed and tested in the health care context.

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  • This study develops and empirically validates a Participation–Learning–Innovation–Performance chain by integrating employees’ budgetary participation, learning goal orientation, innovative behaviors, and job performance.

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  • This study analyzes the role of the Information Processing Theory (IPT) in the budgetary participation with antecedent variables such as environmental dynamism (ED). Furthermore this study examines the influence of budgetary participation on performance (P) in the company. The IPT is used in this study as a contribution to overcome the gap between dynamic environments, information management, budgetary participation and performance.

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