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  • A photopolymer is a polymer that changes its properties when exposed to light, often in the ultraviolet frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum.Be bonds that link one polymer chain to another. Can be formed by chemical reactions that are initiated by radiation. Change physical properties of photopolymers.

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  • Photoinitiated polymerization was used to crosslink a hecxanediol diacrylate-alkyd-DOP system in different film thickness. The rate of the photocrosslinking, as well as on the depth of cure profile was influenced by the film thickness. The hardness, impact and cupping resistance of the UV- cured film were the best when the film thickness was 20 µm.

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  • The photocrosslinking of the diacrylate (HDDA)-short oils alkyde in the presence of different photoinitiators have been studied. The curing process was followed by infrared spectroscopy, insolubilization and hardness measurements. The decay of the photoinitiator during the process was followed by UV spectroscopy. The photocrosslinking of the HDDA-short oil alkyde system was the fastest and the properties of the UV-cured product was the best in the presence of D-1173 photoinitiator.

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