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Physical fault models

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  • : Fluid vents in the Sea of Marmara were discovered and investigated by several studies. In this paper, a numerical model is created for the first time to determine the possible transport mechanism behind those fluid emissions at the seafloor. The finite volume method is used for numerical simulations by implementing a commercial finite volume code, ANSYS-Fluent. The thermal and physical rock properties used in our models are taken from previous studies.

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  • In distributed system data replication is needed in order to improve data availability and performance among replica and those replicas need to be periodically refreshed using some update propagation strategies because the data store may be physically distributed across multiple machines at multiple sites. Data availability means to provide data to requesting node. The key issue is to decide where, when and by whom replicas should be placed and mechanisms to use for keeping the replicas consistent. Replication is a way to enhance the performance of application that accesses the data.

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  • Model based testing is the most powerful technique for testing hardware and software systems. Models in Hardware Testing describes the use of models at all the levels of hardware testing. The relevant fault models for nanoscaled CMOS technology are introduced, and their implications on fault simulation, automatic test pattern generation, fault diagnosis, memory testing and power aware testing are discussed.

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