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  • During the last decades, the usage of telecommunications systems has increased rapidly. Because of a permanent necessity for new telecommunications services and additional transmission capacities, there is also a need for the development of new telecommunications networks and transmission technologies. From the economic point of view, telecommunications promise big revenues, motivating large investments in this area.

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  • .Connection Oriented Transport Protocol Mechanisms „ „ „ „ „ Logical connection Establishment Maintenance termination Reliable e.g. TCP .Reliable Sequencing

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  • The performance of current transport systems is inadequate when viewed in terms of economic efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Towards Better Performing Transport Networks examines the tools that are necessary to effectively measure these systems and those that are required to improve them. Utilising advanced tools of network analysis, the contributors challenge various pieces of conventional wisdom and in particular the view that intermodal transport is more environmentally benign than road transport.

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