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  • In Afghanistan, the role of women and their position in the society are inextricably interlinked with the national destiny. Women are symbols of family honor but also carry the burden of embodying the national honor and aspirations of the country. Gender has thus been one of the most politicized issues in Afghanistan over the past 100 years, where many reform attempts rightly or wrongly have been condemned by opponents as un- Islamic and a challenge to the sanctity of the faith and family.

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  • This book is about the gender dimensions of natural resource exploitation and management in Asia. It provides an exploration of the uneasy negotiations between theory, policy and practice that are often evident within the realm of gender, environment and natural resource management, especially where gender is understood as a political, negotiated and contested element of social relation- ships.

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  • Gender has thus been one of the most politicized issues in Afghanistan over the past 100 years, and attempts at reform have been denounced by opponents as un-Islamic and a challenge to the sanctity of the faith and family. During the years of turmoil, concerns about women's security led to the imposition of ever-stricter interpretations of socially acceptable female behavior, supported by the most conservative reading of the holy scriptures. Despite the rhetoric, women suffered from very serious human rights violations throughout the conflict.

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  • This book is a powerful tool for action. It cuts through the politicized rhetoric that too often clouds public discussion regarding climate change by offering practical and manageable advice as to how each of us can take steps that, collectively, can effect meaningful change. I believe it is exactly the kind of synthesis we need, with accessible, up-to-date scientific knowledge that we all will find useful. My scientific research has delved into many aspects of climate science for more than three decades.

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  • March 29, 1973, found me aboard a C-141 transport plane, along with fi fty other U.S. servicemen, returning to the United States after duty in Vietnam. The fl ight was the last in the withdrawal of U.S. military forces under the terms of the peace agreement that the United States and North Vietnam had reached in Paris two months earlier (not to be confused with the much more hazardous and chaotic exodus of the few remaining Americans when the agreement broke down and Communist forces overran South Vietnam in April 1975)....

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  • Could it be that we have unfairly neglected French contributions to green theory because of words written more than 350 years ago?1 It was a sixteenth-century Frenchman who, in the opinion of many green thinkers, penned the most notorious line in the history of Western philosophy. René Descartes (1637: 40) proposed that we “make ourselves masters and possessors of nature”2 by subjecting our material environment first to rational analysis and then to technological control.

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  • • Disposal of pharmaceuticals should be carried out under the supervision of DRA, who organize it according to strict criteria; individuals must not carry it out. Information on pharmaceutical disposal must be carefully handled as it may be politicized and sensationalized. If the public and media are not kept judiciously informed of the efforts to dispose of expired pharmaceuticals safely, the disposal work might be severely hampered by misinformation propagated by uninformed journalists and politicians.

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  • This study appraises consequences of educational decentralization process (EDP). This Study has Applied qualitative research approach in which information was collected from purposively selected participants belong to 50 primary and secondary schools of 12 districts. This study reveals that in the course of ensuring quality education to all, Nepalese education system implemented EDP. School management committee (SMC) was a sole authority while implementing 'market system' of educational management.

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  • The main objective of this paper is to trace-out fundamental concepts of the sustainable transport and its practices and implication in the world. In addition to appropriate sustainable transportation, strategies and opportunities and related issues are also discussed in this paper.

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