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  • A case study "Value stream analysis of a re-engineered construction supply chain" is presented that documents the most common configuration of the supply chain for pipe supports used in power plants in the USA. This supply chain, like many others in construction, has numerous inefficiencies, many of which occur at the interfaces between processes, disciplines or organizations. Recognizing and understanding such inefficiencies, their causes and potential remedies provides a basis for process re-engineering.

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  • The electricity industry is also a key industry for most economies in the world. One of the important stages in the design and operation of the electricity system is system planning. Along with the restructuring of the electricity industry, the problem posed how to put distributed power sources into electric grid. This paper presents a planning model that takes into account the above mentioned clean power sources.

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  • Reform of the electric industry in other countries and states has had substantial impacts on investment in demand-side resources, both positive and negative. But only in those places where explicit policy care was given to DSM did the reforms have beneficial consequences for the electric system and its customers.

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  • The paper presents research on the calculation method of designing optimal current control problem sets to improve the quality of inverter systems used in industrial machine control with loads of, three phase AC asynchronous motors. System kinetics to evaluate control methods. The main goal of adopting the optimal control method of the energy flow to the converter and the three phase inverter is to regulate the output current.

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  • This research proposal is not only a theoretical State-of-theart of Smart Grid technology and its impact on the integration of renewable energy but also features a simulated model of smart grid using MATLAB/Simulink and other related tools. The motivation is to provide greater insight into the current progress of smart grid technology and renewable energy industry.

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  • “Professional English” is intended for masters of the Heat Power Engineering and Power Engineering Industry who study English on the basis of the multi-level approach with the focus on international standards. The Course book includes 2 modules – “Professional Environment” and “Professional Activity” – each of which consists of 3 units covering the topics included in the syllabus programme for the course “Professional English” for intermediate and upper-intermediate masters.

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  • The Course book includes material which helps masters to develop necessary skills to acquire the English language for professional purposes. The course is composed on the basis of the communicative competence and functioning approaches. The organization of the material allows to master students communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, each unit includes tasks to develop the linguistic competence of the masters.

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  • This paper explores how established natural gas interests responded to climate action in the European Union. Climate policy was initially not anticipated to reduce the role of natural gas in the energy system, if anything, many presumed that it would come to play a larger role.

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  • Incumbent firms are frequently portrayed as hampering change, while managerial strategies using traditional public policy instruments remain understudied. Addressing this bias, we examine strategies used by networks of incumbent state and industry actors in China, Japan and California to accelerate the production and diffusion of battery-electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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  • In this article, applying the CPERI/CSPK approach (Cultural Political Economy of Research and Innovation/Complex Systems of Power-Knowledge approach), we argue that digital rebound should be a central research parameter in research on digitalisation and sustainability.

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  • The findings emphasize the need for the Multi-Level Perspective to incorporate a way to examine power relations in renewable energy industries. We argue that the needs and opinions of these workers should be central to deliberations and planning for energy transition in the U.S.

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  • Geothermal energy constitutes an important renewable resource in Turkey that has been extensively utilized for heating buildings, power generation, greenhouse farming and various other industries. One of the most remarkable geothermal locations in Turkey is the low-enthalpy area of Afyon, where five main low-temperature (30–110℃) geothermal fields are exploited. However, further exploration drilling sites have proven inconclusive, casting doubts on the effective presence of high-temperature geothermal systems in the region.

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  • The noncondensable gases in most geothermal resources include CO2 and smaller amounts of other gases. Currently, the worldwide geothermal power is a small sector within the energy industry, and CO2 emissions related to the utilisation of geothermal resources are consequently small. In some countries, however, such as Turkey and Iceland, geothermal energy production contributes significantly to their energy budget, and their CO2 emissions are relatively significant.

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  • In addition to its effects on air quality, stubble burning also affects soil fertility (through the destruction of its nutrients), economic development and climate. The crop stubbles (if managed properly) could provide immense economic benefits to the farmers and protect the environment from the severe pollution. Some of the alternative management practices include the incorporation of the stubble into the soil, use of stubble as fuel in power plants, use as raw material for pulp and paper industries, or as biomass for biofuel production.

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  • Nowadays, flowmeters are widely used in variety industrial fileds such as LPG, paint, oil refining, thermal power, etc. The reading value is used for controlling or adjusting the system. It is necessary to maintain the accuracy of those devices. Generally, those devices are calibrated periodically. Calibration is a comparision between the reading value of a device under test and that of the standard or reading value of a master device. The master devices must be already calibrated.

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  • Turkey is the leading country in the world in terms of boron production and sale. Increasing boron production goes along with an increasing generation of boron wastes. The pollution of the soil and the air around the waste piles, as well as the occupation of several square kilometers of ground, are major environmental problems. It is, therefore, very important to make use of the wastes to both protect the environment and create revenue.

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  • New wave of technology in the connected age is fundamentally changing the way enterprises compete, operate, and do marketing. Today’s empowered customers and prospects generate voluminous and diverse data through activity across channels. Clickstream analytics, an inter-disciplinary field associated with big data and web mining, is a powerful tool to help enterprises gain the most insight into customer trends and behaviors from clickstream data.

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  • These datasets are generated from Ford assembly line in a 6-month period focusing mostly on failure occurrence. The predictive power of the proposed model is supported in both data sets. Results suggest that Station, Model, Feature and Operation are four significant control parameters as they possess a more noticeable predictive power in comparison to time factor. To generalize the study area, other potential modelling methods are also implied for future research and other scenarios.

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  • Trichoderma harzianum is used in biotechnology applications due to its ability to produce powerful enzymes for the conversion of lignocellulosic substrates into soluble sugars. Active enzymes involved in carbohydrate metabolism are defined as carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZymes), and the most abundant family in the CAZy database is the glycoside hydrolases. The enzymes of this family play a fundamental role in the decomposition of plant biomass.

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  • The obtained results indicate that the unfired bricks produced from fly ash of thermal power plants have high potential in construction and contribute to solving environmental problems as well as creating an unfired construction products with high quality produced by a green production.

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