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Practical engineering issues

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  • Part 3 book "Albright's chemical engineering handbook" includes content: Conceptual process design, process improvement, and troubleshooting; chemical process safety; environmental engineering - A review of issues, regulations, and resources; biochemical engineering; measuring physical properties; selecting materials of construction; solid liquid separation; drying - principles and practice; dry screening of granular and powder materials; conveying of bulk solids; principles and applications of electrochemical engineering;... and other contents.

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  • The research reported herein has demonstrated that pervious pavements can be introduced as a sustainable stormwater management initiative and as a key Water Sensitive Urban Design feature to deliver numerous benefits to the environment. The outcomes from the study will be useful in designing environmentally friendly car parks, pedestrian paths, light traffic drive ways, sporting grounds and public areas in the future.

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  • This thesis explores the problem of wasteful fashion consumption in light of the current need for individuals to develop a sustainable way of living. The Agenda 21 report from the Rio Earth Summit (1992) determined that sustainable consumption is an issue to be addressed in terms of resource conservation, waste reduction and a reduction of production pollutants. To date, in Australia, there are no policies or strategies in place to reduce wasteful consumption from the consumer’s perspective and it is this research and policy deficit that this thesis research addresses.

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  • The aim of this research is to improve the reliability of the dynamic formula. This research program will concentrate on the proposal of a correction factor to adjust for this dynamic component similar to the damping parameter used in the Wave Equation Analysis and validate its reliability experimentally and theoretically. Similarly, the issue of the variation in the hammer energy delivered to pile needs to be improved by the adoption of new technology and validate experimentally.

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  • The study also portrayed five best practices related to technology, framework, platform, standards, and tools. In addition, results from the study showed five IT and business benefits, consecutively.

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  • The agriculture sector nowadays in Palestine relies mostly on conventional energy sources and traditional irrigation ways. Considering some factors such as high costs of fossil fuels and providing new electrical network, especially to remote areas and where grid electricity is either inaccessible or expensive to expand, therefore a solar photovoltaic (PV) powered irrigation system can be a practical choice for irrigating.

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  • The presented research covers the areas of thermal hydraulics, severe accidents, risk analysis and probabilistic methods, organisational issues and safety culture, decommissioning and plant life management and extension. Activities are focused towards practical and directly applicable scientific results and competence building. NKS-R funds research activities with particular relevance for the development of Nordic reactor safety research, and promotes participation of young scientists in the activities.

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  • Chapter 3 - Cost behaviour, cost drivers and cost estimation. This chapter presents the following content: What are cost behaviour, cost estimation and cost prediction? cost drivers; cost behaviour patterns; the relevant range; engineered, committed and discretionary costs; cost structures in modern business environments; cost estimation; practical issues in cost estimation.

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  • The software engineer’s job is to solve problems economically by developing high-quality software. In this first chapter we will present important issues that all software engineers should understand to do their jobs well. In this chapter you will learn about the following: How does software differ from other products? How does software change over time? What do we mean when we talk about high-quality software? What types of software are there and what are their main differences? How are software projects organized? How successful are typical projects?...

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  • Robot Manipulator Control offers a complete survey of control systems for serial-link robot arms and acknowledges how robotic device performance hinges upon a well-developed control system. Containing over 750 essential equations, this thoroughly up-to-date Second Edition, the book explicates theoretical and mathematical requisites for controls design and summarizes current techniques in computer simulation and implementation of controllers. It also addresses procedures and issues in computed-torque, robust, adaptive, neural network, and force control.

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  • This book is meant to be an introductory text on the Fundamentals ofEnvironmental Science and Engineering. Today, knowledge ofEnvironmental Science is essential forstudents as well as practicing engineers and scientists of all disciplines. Here an attempt has been made to provide precise and upto date infonnation on the fundamental aspects ofEnvironmental Science and Engineering without going much in-depth in to specific areas, so as to be useful for a cross section of fields of study.

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  • Teaching language as an activity is important especially where learners lack the expected writing proficiency. In Andhra Pradesh, it has been observed that many ESL learners at class IX level, especially those from regional medium schools do not have the required writing proficiency. This could be because of several factors such as inadequate writing practice in the classroom, poor vocabulary, examination oriented writing, teacher- dictated writing, lack of exposure to English, lack of a homogenous English speaking community, limited reading habits and so on.

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  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes clothing or other special equip- ment that is issued to individual workers to provide protection against actual or potential exposure to ionizing radiations. It is used to protect each worker against the prevailing risk of external or internal exposure in circumstances in which it is not reasonably practicable to provide complete protection by means of engineering controls or administrative methods. Adequate personal protection depends on PPE being correctly selected, fitted and maintained.

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  • Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past decades, the power sector is facing a number of critical issues; however, the most fundamental challenge is meeting the growing power demand in sustainable and efficient ways. Practicing power plant engineers not only look after operation and maintenance of the plant, but, also look after range of activities including research and development, starting from power generation to environmental aspects of power plants.

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  • Practical design requires craftsmanship and whether it relies on manual and / or digital tools is important for the outcome [2], but not for design responsibility. This will be discussed in the following, where we search for a clarification of two issues: Firstly, using aesthetic considerations which are analogous to engineering rules and secondly, using methodical approaches to formgiving just as those methods used in ergonomics, manufacturing and technical construction in the integrated design process. ...

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  • A long-standing tenet of distributed systems is that the strength of a distributed system can grow as more hosts partic- ipate in it. Each participant may contribute data and computing resources (such as unused CPU cycles and storage) to the overall system, and the wealth of the community can scale with the number of participants. A peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed system is one in which participants rely on one another for service, rather than solely relying on dedicated and often centralized infrastructure.

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  • Important notice Many practical techniques described in this book involve potentially dangerous applications of electricity and engineering equipment. The authors, editors and publishers cannot take responsibility for any personal, professional or financial risk involved in carrying out these techniques, or any resulting injury, accident or loss. The techniques described in this book should only be implemented by professional and fully qualified electrical engineers using their own professional judgement and due regard to health and safety issues....

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  • Project planning involves answering two questions. Answering the first question, “What do we need to do?” is generally called requirements gathering. Answering the second question, “How will we do it?” is called designing or specifying (see Figure 3-1). A requirement is a carefully written description of a criterion that the work is expected to satisfy. (For example, a requirement for cooking a meal might be to make inexpensive food that is tasty and nutritious.) Good requirements are easy to understand and hard to misinterpret.

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  • Struts is an open-source framework that integrates with standard Java technologies and lets developers build web applications quickly and effectively. In much the same way that Java has overtaken C++, Struts is well poised to become the framework for web application development because of its ability to address the types of issues engineers face when building large-scale web applications.

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  • dipole antenna is a radio antenna that can be made of a simple wire, with a center-fed driven element. It consists of two metal conductors of rod or wire, oriented parallel and collinear with each other (in line with each other), with a small space between them. The radio frequency voltage is applied to the antenna at the center, between the two conductors. These antennas are the simplest practical antennas from a theoretical point of view.

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