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  • Planning involves selecting a course of action and specifying how the action will be implemented. The first step in planning is to identify the various alternatives. Next, the alternative that does the best job of furthering the organization’s objectives is selected. Management’s plans are usually expressed in budgets. Typically, budgets are prepared annually under the direction of the controller, who is the manager of the accounting department.

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  • Chapter 1 is devoted to the basic concepts of costs and sales and their many variations and uses. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Define the terms cost and sales; define and provide an example of the following types of costs: fixed, directly variable, semivariable, controllable, noncontrollable, unit, total, prime, historical, and planned;...

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  • The National Target Program (NTP) will communicate priority activities addressing the urgent and immediate needs and concerns of the country, relating to adaptation to the impacts of CC. Activities proposed through NTP would be those whose further delay could increase vulnerability, or lead to increased costs at a later stage. The NTP will be presented in the form of a document specifying a list of priority activities, with a concise justification based on a tight set of criteria.

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  • The largest support instance noted relative to AUM was the $336.8 million, or 6.3% of AUM, support to the Russell Money Market Fund. This entire amount was due to the purchase of the Fund’s Lehman holdings, as noted in the following disclosure, “On September 14, 2009, the Lehman Securities were purchased by Frank Russell Company from the Fund at amortized cost of $402,764,934 plus accrued interest of $775,756.

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  • The Project Gutenberg EBook of The 32nd Mersenne Prime, by David Slowinski This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: The 32nd Mersenne Prime Author: David Slowinski Release Date: June 12, 2008

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  • Th e prime objective for writing the fi rst edition of this book was to provide an up-to-date text at a reasonable cost. We also felt that there was a signifi cant gap in the literature for a book that off ered a broad strategic framework as well as a clear and straightforward description of the basic functions and elements related to logistics and distribution. In the second edition of the book, published in 2000, we provided a signifi cant revision of the original text.

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  • The time required to reach other planets makes planetary surface exploration missions prime targets for automation. Sending rovers to other planets either instead of or together with people can also significantly reduce the danger and cost involved. Teams of rovers are both more fault tolerant (through redundancy) and more efficient (through parallelism) than single rovers if the rovers are coordinated well

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  • Contemporary organizations face constant pressure to enhance levels of service and productivity whilst also improving levels of cost efficiency. The volatility of external environment and the rapid pace of technological change increasingly demand innovative means of improving business performance and securing competitive advantage. Human resources (HR) are increasingly recognized as the prime source of competitive advantage and the need for effective people management is therefore more important than ever before....

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  • Governments, businesses and other groups have promised to add three billion dollars to the fight against malaria. The promises came last week at a meeting at the United Nations in New York. The money will support a new Global Malaria Action Plan. The plan aims to stop the disease in Africa by two thousand fifteen. Malaria is not limited to Africa, but ninety percent of deaths happen south of the Sahara. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the plan will not only support bed nets, but research, cutting drug costs and expanding health care systems....

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  • However, despite the convincing evidence in our pilot study of 228 patients, the implementation of CPC detection might result in unanticipated losses or dis-econcomies in the short run. There are two prime reasons, firstly that the new cost-effective technology will probably co-exist with the inefficient alternative for a considerable time period. In our study the idea is a complementary process, leading to decreased biopsies, thus there is not an alternative test; only that CPC detection is not performed.

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  • We present a cost-based (or energy-based) model of disambiguation. When a sentence is ambiguous, a parse with the least cost is chosen from among multiple hypotheses. Each hypothesis is assigned a cost which is added when: (1) a new instance is created to satisfy reference success, (2) links between instances are created or removed to satisfy constraints on concept sequences, and (3) a concept node with insufficient priming is used for further processing.

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