Privilege management

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  • An important part if systems and network protection… is determining who has access to what. This is call “privilege management or access control” There are 4 major types of “access control” that we will discuss in the next slides User Based – DAC based Group Based – DAC based Role Based – system based roles Rule Based – system based rules

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  • Quản trị quyền của người dùng trong Windows đơn giản với User Privilege Manager Bạn không phải là chuyên gia máy tính, nhưng bạn được giới thiệu rằng trong hệ điều hành Windows từ XP trở lên, mỗi người dùng có những quyền và mức độ truy cập hệ thống rất khác nhau, dù việc cấu hình chính sách cho việc đó khá phức tạp.

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  • Chapter 12 - Policies and disaster recovery. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Policies and procedures, privilege management, education and documentation, communication, disaster recovery, business continuity.

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  • Oracle provides for easy and controlled privilege management through roles. Roles are named groups of related privileges that are granted to users or to other roles. They are designed to ease the administration of privileges in the database. Role characteristics Roles can be granted to and revoked from users with the same commands that are used to grant and revoke system privileges. Roles can be granted to any user or role. However, a role cannot be granted to itself and cannot be granted circularly. A role can consist of both system and object privileges.

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  • Lecture Security + Guide to Network Security Fundamentals - Chapter 12 include objectives: Define identity management, harden systems through privilege management, plan for change management, define digital rights management, acquire effective training and education.

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  • Managing a sales force can seem at times like trying to herd cats or force water to go uphill. Having had the privilege of leading numerous sales teams across multiple industries, I can share more than a few stories (good and bad). After more than 25 years of sales management experience, let me share 4 steps I believe are essential.

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  • While managers designed traditional methodologies in an effort to control projects, the technical community gave birth to agile methodologies in response to their frustrations with traditional management (or lack thereof) and the resulting impact on their products and morale. For example, the principles of XP are focused almost entirely on the development process. While the technical community has championed these principles, very little has been written about the management side of agile development projects.

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  • A corporation can be viewed as a nexus of contracts designed to minimize contracting costs (Coase 1937). Parties contracting with the firm desire information both about the firm’s ability to satisfy the terms of contracts and the firm’s ultimate compliance with its contractual obligations. Financial accounting information supplies a key quantitative representation of individual corporations that supports a wide range of contractual relationships.

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  • Initialization Parameter Files In order to start an instance and open the database, you must connect as SYSDBA and enter the STARTUP command. The Oracle server will then read the initialization parameter file and prepare the instance according to the initialization parameters contained within. Note: You must have SYSDBA privilege. Authentication and the SYSDBA privilege will be discussed in later lessons.

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  • Managing Privileges A privilege is a right to execute a particular type of SQL statement or to access another user’s object. These include the right to: Connect to a database Create a table Select rows from another user’s table Execute another user’s stored procedure System privileges Each system privilege allows a user to perform a particular database operation or class of database operations; for example, the privilege to create tablespaces is a system privilege.

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  • A critical aspect of board/staff relations is the authority of directors to give instructions and orders to staff members. Generally a board will deal directly only with the Executive Director. Other employees should receive direction from their supervisors or managers. Individual board members may only direct staff with the express permission of the board or, if appropriate, with the agreement of the Executive Director.

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  • After studying this chapter you should be able to: Define privilege audits, describe how usage audits can protect security, list the methodologies used for monitoring to detect security-related anomalies, describe the different monitoring tools.

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  • GynEndo News is the monthly newsletter of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology. GynEndo News is the best way to keep you updated in Gynecological Endocrinology. Receive every month scientific contents from Gynecological Endocrinology, the official journal of the Society, and from the international press. Let the relevant news in your area come directly to your e-mail, rather than looking for them...

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  • Hệ thống phát hành, sử dụng và hủy ACs là Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI). Trong PMI, tổ chức chứng nhận thuộc tính Attribute Authority (AA) phát hành ACs. Một AA có thể không giống như một CA. Động cơ chính cho việc sử dụng ACs là để cấp phép. Vì một người dùng có thể chỉ giữ một vai trò nào đó trong tổ chức trong một thời gian ngắn, nên khác với giấy chứng nhận khóa công cộng, AC chỉ có giá trị trong một vài ngày hoặc ngắn hơn. Hình 10.5.

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  • Key elements of successful programmes Key elements of successful WHP programmes include: establishing clear goals and objectives, linking programmes to business objectives; strong management support; effective communication with, and involvement of, employees at all levels of development and implementation of the WHP programme; creating supportive environments; adapting the programme to social norms and building social support; considering incentives to foster adherence to the programmes and improving self-efficacy of the participants. ...

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  • In just over a third of the firms visited we found there were inadequate systems and controls in place around the sales process. Inadequate systems and controls of this sort indicate that the firm and the senior management have not given appropriate priority to compliance with regulatory obligations that were designed to provide positive outcomes for consumers. Just under two thirds of firms visited could not demonstrate they had taken sufficient steps to ensure their sales processes meet the required standards.

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  • Defined by SHARED_POOL_SIZE Library cache contains statement text, parsed code, and execution plan. Data dictionary cache contains definitions for tables, columns, and privileges from the data dictionary tables. UGA contains session information for Oracle Shared Server users when a large pool is not configured.

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  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: Create users Create roles to ease setup and maintenance of the security model Use the GRANT and REVOKE statements to grant and revoke object privileges Create and access database links

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  • One of the keys to using the logframe successfully is understanding what the definitions mean in operational terms, and in particular the relationship between Results and Project Purpose. Although managers are accountable for delivering the Results, they cannot control the behaviour of the target group. Achievement of the Project Purpose requires a ‘beneficiary response’ whereby the target group uses project services and in doing so derives a benefit for themselves. However, this does not mean that project managers are not responsible for achieving the Project Purpose.

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  • Heartland would like to gratefully acknowledge Jamey “Todd” Braun, RN, BSN, MPH – retired Tuberculosis Nurse Consultant New Mexico Department of Health; Lynelle Phillips, RN, MPH – University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing; and the Heartland National TB Center Staff for their support and assistance in bringing this manual to print.

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