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  • Beginning XML with C# 2008: From Novice to Professional Copyright © 2008 by Bipin Joshi All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the copyright owner and the publisher. ISBN-13 (pbk): 978-1-4302-0997-3 ISBN-13 (electronic): 978-1-4302-0998-0 Printed and bound in the United States of America 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Trademarked names may appear in this book.

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  • This new edition is updated with everything you need to master the latest version of ASP.NET, including coverage of ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX 4, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, and Silverlight 3. Seasoned .NET professionals Matthew MacDonald and Mario Szpuszta explain how you can get the most from these groundbreaking new technologies. They cover ASP.NET 4 as a whole, illustrating both the brand-new features and the functionality carried over from previous versions of ASP. This book will give you the knowledge you need to code real ASP.NET 4 applications in the best possible style....

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  • This book begins with you working along as Scott Guthrie builds a complete ASP.NET MVC reference application. He begins NerdDinner by using the File-New Project menu command within Visual Studio to create a new ASP.NET MVC Application. You'll then incrementally add functionality and features.

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  • Trong trường hợp này bạn chỉ nên có một trang chủ duy nhất có sẵn trong hộp thoại, mặc dù nó có thể có các trang chủ như nhiều như bạn muốn trong một dự án duy nhất. Chọn trang MasterPage.master và nhấn OK. Trang được tạo ra cần phải có một kiểm soát nội dung cho mỗi của các điều khiển ContentPlaceHolder trong trang chủ:

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