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  • Two other sets of concepts that generate strong, and sometimes conflicting, reactions are the notion of what is 'public' (the public sector, the state, action that takes place in public) versus what is 'private' (of interest only to the individual/family, the private sector); and the meanings associated with money. We suggest that donation is a multi-layered process with each layer having its own public and private meanings. It may therefore be more helpful to think of public and private as being complementary and overlapping rather than in opposition (see Box 4.3).

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  • IVF and related treatments (GIFT and ZIFT, see below) are the most invasive ART treatments. Usually women try other methods first, and turn to IVF when those methods have not succeeded in pregnancy or live birth. One percent of babies in the US are born using IVF. Unlike AI, fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body in which eggs (retrieved from the woman trying to get pregnant or from an egg donor) are fertilized with sperm (from a partner or donor) in a Petri dish.

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  • At the start of the 21st century, the learning potential of significant numbers of children and young people in every country in the world is compromised. Hunger, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, parasite infections, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and injury, early and unintended pregnancy, and infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections threaten the health and lives of children and youth (UNESCO, 2001). Yet these conditions and behaviours can be improved.

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  • A growing literature has demonstrated that neighborhoods of residence affect health and may contribute to socioeconomic disparities in health. Contextual effects have been documented across a wide spectrum of populations, including both children and adults. However, neighborhood effects on the health of the elderly are currently understudied. Neighborhoods of residence across the lifecourse are likely to affect health status in late life and to contribute to observed disparities for several reasons.

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  • Treatment requirements imposed on individual firms were seen as the most direct response to pollution problems. In the climate of the early 1970s, and given the lack of regional institutions in place, the desire to minimize compliance costs and use taxes to meet ambient goals was less strongly felt. This is one explanation for the quantity-based regulatory system we have in place to this day. To understand some of the other explanations, it is necessary to describe the characteristics of a tax system in more detail. Before doing so, mention should also be made...

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  • The vast majority (about 70%) of dairy farmers in Pakistan are smallholding farmers. Up to 43% of dairying households in Pakistan maintain herd sizes of one to two animals while another 28% of the households maintain herds ranging from three to four animals3. Some 90% of milk production comes from smallholding farmers. Many believe that only large mechanized farms are the solution to increased profitability and quality.

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  • As the long-term sustainability of our current financial models are brought into question, stock exchanges are well positioned to restore confidence in the market in the short-term and could, through improved ESG disclosure, drive market efficiency as better managed companies are rewarded. Furthermore, the growing sustainable investment market presents new opportunities for stock exchanges in the form of new products and services for responsible investors.

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  • The efficacy of a screen-and-treat program is influenced not only by accuracy of the screening test but also by the ability of the treatment, in this case cryotherapy, to eliminate CIN2+ lesions identified by screening. While cryotherapy was highly successful in this trial, eliminating 75 to 77 percent of CIN2+ lesions, this was lower than previously reported 85 to 90 percent cure rates for clinical trials in developed countries and for less rigorous studies in developing regions.

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  • Innovestment Grants to provide funding opportunities to support clinical innovations in patient care; Fasttrack Innovation in Technology Awards to offer software development resources dedicated to rapid cycle development of promising innovative ideas in clinical care; Innovators’ Forum to help innovation community at Boston Children’s; Telehealth Task Force to develop hospital-wide strategy for a telehealth program that includes the remote delivery of care and physician to physician virtual consultations.

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  • Crumble and pelleted feeds are usually best, because waterfowl waste feed, especially when it is ground into mash. During the first 3 weeks, feed a 22-percent protein starter ration; then change to a 16-percent protein grower feed. Avoid digestive problems by feeding some grit 1 week before allowing access to green fibrous plants. After 8 to 12 weeks of age, geese and ducks will eat very limited supplemental grain. Most breeders feed a mixture of about 40 percent corn and 60 percent oats until breeding season. Breeding waterfowl require only a 15-percent protein diet.

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  • The Board is the repository of medical malpractice payment data. It receives reports of medical malpractice payments from the courts, medical malpractice insurance carriers and from physicians. In November 2004 the Board issued a report analyzing medical malpractice payment data from 1994 through 2003. Among many significant findings, the report shows that the number of medical malpractice payments in Massachusetts peaked in 2001 and has since declined by 17%. The size of malpractice payments, however, continues to grow.

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  • Interest in trends in the health of the elderly has become widespread in recent years. Until about two decades ago, trends in mortality were assumed to provide a good indicator of the health of the elderly, and because mortality was decreasing fairly steadily, it was assumed that health was improving. Subsequently, both researchers and policy makers have come to understand that health is a multidimensional concept and that trends in mortality do not necessarily represent trends in all other dimensions of health; and, in fact, change in all dimensions does not have to be similar....

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  • The interest in films taken by feminists stems from concern about the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in cinema. It adopts a critical approach towards gender bias on celluloid.

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  • Following the ramp-up into volume rollout described in the section above, a full deployment rate of almost 6,000 premises passed per day is planned for FY2014. A significant risk to achieving this planned rate, and hence, the volume deployment plan, is a possible economy-wide shortage of available construction resources at an acceptable cost. In particular, this will be dependent on the overall market demand for labour. NBN Co will work with the training industry to ameliorate the impacts of possible labour shortages.

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  • Depending on the route, the walk may go through more than one police area. Organisers are normally required to log route details with the operational departments of each separate police force. It may be appropriate to check with the police that your route is considered safe from a crime perspective and take advice about your plans. It is generally the case nowadays that although the police may assist with the development of your event and give advice, they no longer provide a free presence on the day other than their normal beat presence. Any special...

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  • The available evidence suggests that they are not. Every five years, the Census Bureau conducts its nationwide Survey of Business Owners. The SBO samples privately held, nonfarm businesses of all ages, from recently founded to many years in existence. Using SBO data, the American Express OPEN report for 2011 found that just 1.8 percent of women-owned firms had revenues more than $1 million. The figure for men-owned firms was 6.3 percent In public perception, the $1 million threshold has become a sort of magic number.

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  • This session will be an opportunity to reflect on how development cooperation actors can best hold each other to account for commitments made on gender equality, women’s rights and the empowerment of women at sub-national, sector, national, regional and global levels.

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  • Third, the findings reveal that frequent midwifery care users are more likely to consult acupuncturists and doulas. This finding supports previous research identifying midwives as a popular source of CAM information for pregnant women [5] and often encouraging CAM use for women in their care [31].

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  • The traditional approach of corporate governance in the financial sector often involved the regulator or bank supervisor relying on statutory authority to devise governance standards promoting the interests of shareholders, depositors and other stakeholders. In the United Kingdom, banking regulation has traditionally involved government regulators adopting standards and rules that were applied externally to regulated financial institutions.

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  • This article introduces quasi-Darwinian selection as a new explanatory paradigm for marketing relationships. In this paradigm, established relationships are viewed as survivors of a selection process whose parameters are the conduct of the partners, dependencies between the partners, and external adversities in the markets. Selection has the effect of culling certain combinations of these parameters, such as attempts at unilateral control when the partner is not dependent.

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