Quest for perfection

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  • Regarded by many as the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport, this authoritative biography charts the success of Roger Federer, drawing from exclusive interviews with Federer and his family as well as the author's extensive experience covering the international tennis circuit. Comprehensive and compelling, this account provides an informed overview of the Swiss tennis star, from his start as a temperamental player on the junior circuit to his triumphs at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: Medical emergency teams and rapid response triggers - the ongoing quest for the ‘perfect’ patient safety system...

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  • One of the sweetest sounds in the world is the SWISH a ball makes as it brushes against the thick cords of a basketball net. This sound can mean only one thing: a player has made a shot, and a team has added to its score. A basket might be the reward for a total team effort. It might be the result of one player’s talent. It might just be a lucky shot. Indeed, no two baskets are exactly alike. A ball can travel many different paths from a shooter’s hand into the net. Making a basket is limited only by a player’s skill and imagination. Basketball...

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  • Data design is an essential part of the application development cycle. By analogy, building an application is like building a house. Having the right tools is important, but we need a solid foundation: the data structure. However, producing a good data structure can be a daunting challenge; the quest for a perfect data structure can lead us to new territories where many methods are available. Which one is the best? How can we keep our focus on the goal to achieve, without losing our time?

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  • The Big Idea. It’s always been the ultimate goal of marketing communications: the idea that perfectly encompasses a brand’s personality while connecting with consumers in a way that ultimately generates transactions. Brands remain on the never-ending quest for the Big Idea. As the media landscape and technology transform the way consumers receive information, increasingly it’s public relations fi rms that are clients’ partners on that quest. “Today what we see is a lot more jump ball,” says Harris Diamond, CEO of Weber Shandwick.

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  • Can these two images be reconciled? How to do we blend Zen and the underlying wisdom it represents with project management and its quest for satisfying people and organizations with valuable outcomes within time and cost constraints? Blending Zen and project management enables us to more effec- tively manage projects to get the results we want, when we want them, for the price we expect to pay. This is the outer work—perfecting the form and perfecting its results.

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