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Reading experience in english

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  • This paper is fundamentally based on the researcher’s experience and a synthesis of some secondary sources from other researchers. It serves as a reference for other teachers and educators in the field.

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  • In this article, the author has presented the basic information as well as the principles when assessing language and assessing writing skills. In this process, the teacher is mainly responsible for scoring and giving feedback – two activities that are considered the most time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially in large classes. From the above challenges and with my own experience as a writing teacher, the author has read research about automated writing systems to introduce to managers and colleagues for future use.

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  • Epigenomic studies that use next generation sequencing experiments typically rely on the alignment of reads to a reference sequence. However, because of genetic diversity and the diploid nature of the human genome, we hypothesize that using a generic reference could lead to incorrectly mapped reads and bias downstream results.

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  • The study was aimed at (1) examining how student factors (home parental involvement, students’ perceptions of reading, reading outside school, and information and communications technology [ICT] use) infl uenced reading literacy, and (2) investigating how the factor interacts with reading aspects (reading experience, process and comprehension.

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  • This paper explores a kind of electronic word-of-mouth (e-WOM), the online consumer review (OCR). It has increasingly become important sources of information that help consumers in their decision-making since flourished e-commerce. In the recent years, OCRs have become an important information source that allow consumers to search for detailed and reliable information by sharing past consumption experiences (Gretzel, 2011; Fesenmaier et al., 2008; Yoo & Gretzel, 2008). In a sense, E. Brynjolfsson et al.

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  • The last 10 years have seen the rise of countless functional genomics studies based on NextGeneration Sequencing (NGS). In the vast majority of cases, whatever the species, whatever the experiment, the two first steps of data analysis consist of a quality control of the raw reads followed by a mapping of those reads to a reference genome/transcriptome.

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  • Ribo-seq is a popular technique for studying translation and its regulation. A Ribo-seq experiment produces a snap-shot of the location and abundance of actively translating ribosomes within a cell’s transcriptome. In practice, Ribo-seq data analysis can be sensitive to quality issues such as read length variation, low read periodicities, and contaminations with ribosomal and transfer RNA.

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  • Aims of the study: This study is aimed at giving out a brief overview on graphic organizers, gaining an insightful look into the application of graphic organizers with a view to motivate students’ reading at Ha Huy Tap high school.

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  • Graph-based reference genomes have become popular as they allow read mapping and follow-up analyses in settings where the exact haplotypes underlying a high-throughput sequencing experiment are not precisely known. Two recent papers show that mapping to graph-based reference genomes can improve accuracy as compared to methods using linear references.

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  • A pot experiment was conducted in a net house to evaluate the effects of drought stress (a 20-day water withholding treatment from 100- 120 days after planting) on the growth and physiology of five sugarcane cultivars. The results showed that water stress at an early stage significantly affected sugarcane growth and physiology.

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  • The study looked at the efficiency of the Memrise vocabulary learning tool in EFL students’ lexical resource through reading comprehension performance, in this case, the third-year students, Department of English, University of Foreign Languages, Hue University. This is an experimental research with the participation of 40 third-year EFL students who were equally divided into the experiment and the control groups...

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  • Chapter 17 - Workforce: Optimizing human capital. After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: Describe how the workforce contributes to profitability, explain how expectations for employees are increasing, explain the impact the workforce has on value, use the customer experience grid to describe the relationship between customers and employees,...

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  • Non-verbal communication augments verbal messages one sends. It can either ease understanding or confuse receivers. If it is a business deal therefore, there will be no closure of transactions. This encounter shall require reading nonverbal messages to discover shared cues leading to closure of deals. This is why this experiment was conducted to determine the time lag (TL) for which an occurrence will result in an understanding or misunderstanding. Two controlled groups were subject-respondents in the study, an odd numbered group, R1 to R7, and an even numbered, R1 to R8.

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  • DNA barcodes are short unique sequences used to label DNA or RNA-derived samples in multiplexed deep sequencing experiments. During the demultiplexing step, barcodes must be detected and their position identified. In some cases (e.g., with PacBio SMRT), the position of the barcode and DNA context is not well defined.

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  • Many tools exist in the analysis of bacterial RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) transcriptional profiling experiments to identify differentially expressed genes between experimental conditions. Generally, the workflow includes quality control of reads, mapping to a reference, counting transcript abundance, and statistical tests for differentially expressed genes.

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  • PCR amplification is an important step in the preparation of DNA sequencing libraries prior to high-throughput sequencing. PCR amplification introduces redundant reads in the sequence data and estimating the PCR duplication rate is important to assess the frequency of such reads.

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  • A field experiment was conducted at College of Agriculture, Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Hyderabad, India, in rabi 2014-15 to study the effect of different stages and different heights of detopping on growth parameters and yield components of maize (DHM-117).

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  • Single-cell sequencing experiments use short DNA barcode ‘tags’ to identify reads that originate from the same cell. In order to recover single-cell information from such experiments, reads must be grouped based on their barcode tag, a crucial processing step that precedes other computations.

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  • The study examines students’ silence experience in an English language classroom of elementary level at Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE) and addresses teachers’ complaints about the students’ passivity during classroom interaction. It aims to seek answers to the questions of whether the students were actually ‘taking in’ or not from their teacher while they were keeping silent in classroom and to what extent their silence keeping affected their learning outcome. A ‘think-aloud’ tally sheet and a reading comprehension test were employed as the research instruments.

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  • (BQ) Literary art in digital performance: Case studies in new media art and criticism – Part 1, the following will be discussed in this part: Juncture and form in new media criticism, what is and toward what end do we read digital literature? strickland and Lawson Jaramillo’s slippingglimpse: distributed cognition at/in work, reading the discursive spaces of text rain, geopoetics: aesthetic experience in the works of stefan schemat and teri rueb.

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