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  • Redeveloping web pages for the iPhone Như các bạn đã học trong chương 2, các ứng dụng web dựa trên iPhone có thể cung cấp cho người dùng của bạn cơ hội tuyệt vời để tận dụng tương liên của Internet và để tương tác với người dùng khác. Trong suốt phần 2, chúng tôi giới thiệu cho bạn rất nhiều công cụ mà bạn có thể sử dụng để tạo ra các trang web bằng cách sử dụng các công nghệ web có thể được mỗi bit như là tinh vi như những gì bạn có thể viết bằng cách...

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  • Advanced WebKit and textual web apps Trong chương trước chúng tôi bao gồm các nguyên tắc cơ bản của redeveloping một trang web hiện có để sử dụng trên iPhone. Trong quá trình này bạn đã học về các khái niệm quan trọng như khung nhìn, và chúng tôi thảo luận rất nhiều những gì làm việc-và những gì doesnt-trên nền tảng di động duy nhất của Apple. Chúng tôi hy vọng, mặc dù, mà hầu hết các bạn không chỉ quan tâm đến việc chạm vào các trang web hiện lên nhưng thay vì tìm kiếm để tạo ra hoàn...

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  • Financial markets play a major role in allocating wealth and excess savings to productive ventures in the global economy. This extremely desirable process takes on various forms. Commercial banks solicit depositors’ funds in order to lend them out to businesses that invest in manufacturing and services or to home buyers who finance new construction or redevelopment. Investment banks bring to market offerings of equity and debt from newly formed or expanding corporations. Governments issue short- and long-term bonds to finance construction of new roads, schools, and transportation networks.

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  • There is beginning to be a considerable body of resources on how to manage the professional practice that goes beyond the homogenous texts on practice management that rather imply that they are all the same and that there is one route to success. Two early contributions, which broke the mould, are undoubtedly Donald Sch€on’s 1983 book, The Reflective Practitioner, and David Maister’s work, especially his 1993 book, Managing the Professional Service Firm.

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  • One day in 1998, Dennis Foth, the Director of Applied Arts in my faculty, dropped by my office. His unit was in the middle of redeveloping their writing program and he wondered if they should include a course about writing for media other than text. Writing for New Media, a 12-hour evening course, was born.

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  • The success of Selznick, in particular, as an independent producer working closely with the studios, pointed the way towards what was to be the future structure of Hollywood production, which became increasingly organized on a contracted-out basis from the 1950s onwards. The studio production-line system gave way to the package system, in which individual film projects were put together on a one- off basis.

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  • The real estate impact of arts and cultural activities is seen not only in the redevelopment of discrete buildings, but in the incremental renewal of large districts involving complex social and design solutions. The physical expression of place-making by the creative sector often plays out over decades. Older urban neighborhoods are filled with architecturally- distinct buildings that exist in the interplay of recently re-built and longer term deteriorated sites.

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  • Land contamination has been recognised as a challenge to present and future generations resulting from previous industrial and waste disposal practices. This book is a result of the authors’ desire to make sure that the risks from land contamination are effectively understood and adequately managed in a context of wise stewardship of resources. It is written for those embarking on their journey in contaminated land management – those final year undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing an option in contaminated land.

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  • Property Taxes Available for School Districts Expected to Grow Faster Than Assessed Value. We expect local property taxes that go to K-12 and community college districts— revenues that generally offset state spending—to grow faster than statewide assessed value, for two reasons. First, local school property taxes benefit in the near term due to the dissolution of redevelopment agencies (RDAs) because a portion of property taxes that went to these agencies in recent years is now distributed to other local governments, including schools and community colleges.

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  • Authority’s Executive Director and 83 of  its employees, causing a significant emotional  toll on  the psyche of the organization.  The events of September 11 became a patriotic rallying point to  demonstrate  to  the world  that New  York,  the  nation’s  largest  city  and  heart  of  its  financial  sector,  could  respond  and  rebuild  in  the  face  of  this  adversity,  in  defiance  of  the  intended  intimidation and threat by the terrorist culprits.

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  • The yield spread – the difference between the long-term and the short-term interest rate – is widely discussed as a leading indicator for economic activity. While the yield spread does not affect economic activity in itself, in contrast to the level of short-term or long-term interest rates, it may contain information about market expectations of future changes in inflation and real interest rates, which may in turn be associated with fluctuations in real output.

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  • The day I commenced the research for this book in August 1998 I arrived at the BayArena, home of German first division side Bayer Leverkusen. The name of the ground had been changed at the beginning of the season to promote the team’s sponsor and owner – the pharmaceutical multinational Bayer. I had bought a season ticket for the largest section of the recently redeveloped ground named ‘Family Street’.

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  • Most Web application vulnerabilities rely on a hacker’s ability to input invalid data or malicious code into the application using techniques such as the ones described. For developers with time- to-market deadlines, it is virtually impossible to comb through code and test every possible permutation of a malicious technique a hacker may attempt.

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  • Housing and Community Development Department and the Neighborhood Action Department. While at the City, she worked with a variety of neighborhood associations, developers and nonprofit organizations in order to facilitate inner city redevelopment. She also planned several of the

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  • Common traditional screens (screens perpendicular and vertical to the flow direction) face extensive problems with screen blockage, which can result in adverse hydraulic, environmental, and economic consequences. Experimentally, this paper presents an advanced trash screen concept to reduce traditional screen problems and improve the hydraulic performance of screens. The traditional screen is redeveloped using a triangular V shape with circular bars in the flow direction.

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  • Depressive disorder is ranked as the largest contributor to non-fatal health burden. However, with prompt treatment, outcomes can improve. Family and friends are well placed to recognise the signs of depression and encourage early help seeking. Guidelines about how members of the public can provide mental health first aid to someone who is experiencing depression were developed in 2008.

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  • There are few interventions that directly address self-harming behaviour among adolescents. At the request of clinicians in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in England and working with them, we redeveloped an adult SMS text-messaging intervention to meet the needs of adolescents under the care of CAMHS who self-harm.

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  • Trauma has a major impact on the mental health and wellbeing of people globally. Friends, family and members of the public are often well positioned to provide initial assistance if someone is experiencing extreme distress following a potentially traumatic event.

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