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  • Long term interest rates play an important role in economics and Önance due to their impact on real activity. Nevertheless, it is widely recognized that forecasting their level is di¢ cult. In the same way, modelling their link to monetary policy is not so easy even if this relationship appears crucial, as emphasized by Goodfriend (1993) for the United States. Similarly the same di¢ culty concerns the rational expectations hypothesis framework in which most empirical analyses of the term structure of interest rates are conducted.

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  • Each group member should document their activities. This is important as human memory is shaky at best and it is likely that each team member will be required to recall details of their activity. There is nothing more frustrating to a manager than to hear an employee say, "I can't remember what I did." If one can't remember, how can the team trust that what they did was correct? Documentation is the responsibility of the team members and will often be a saving grace for them. It is likely that surprises and conflicts may occur during the course of the...

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  • It was easy to learn that she was not the Princess. I did that by going into a stationer's shop and asking for a photograph of the royal lovers. It was not quite so easy to find out who she was, without pinning my new secret on my sleeve; but luckily everyone in Biarritz boasted knowledge of the King's affairs, and the affairs of the pretty Princess. Christopher Trevenna made himself agreeable after dinner to the lady with the nose, who would probably have shrunk away in fear if she had known that she was talking with the Marqués de Casa Triana.

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  • Numbers cited for hair loss only take into account the absolute number of hairs. They do not reflect the fact that the regrowing hairs are lighter and thinner than before, which also adds to apparent clinical hair loss. Hair color was measured by calculating the absorption coefficient from the hairs’ transmission of 700 nm light. Hair diameter was measured from digital photographs. The study showed that the regrowing hairs appeared lighter (with a transmission coefficient 1.

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  • Pasture has a pH of 7, which is neutral. However, starch digestion from low fibre grain results in acid build up, thus lowering rumen pH. To maintain healthy rumen the diet of a dairy cow requires adequate amounts of physically effective fibre. Physically effective fibre is obtained from feed such as hay, silage and other forages. Farmers must be cautious when adding silage to the diet as it has a naturally lower pH of 4.5 due to the fermentation process. As a result many feed rations may be inadvertently lowering rumen pH...

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  • Given the extensive literature on risk premia in equity markets, relatively little is known about expected returns and risk premia in the corporate bond market. Recent empirical evidence by Elton et al. (2001) suggests that corporate bonds earn an expected excess return over default-free government bonds, even after correcting for the likelihood of default and tax differences. As shown by Elton et al. (2001), part of this expected excess return is due to the fact that changes in credit spreads (if no default occurs) are systematic, implying that the risk of these changes should be priced.

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  • In order to provide an estimate of the attainable gains in the liquidity premium, the Commission has conducted a statistical analysis of each issuance of sovereign bonds in the euro area after 1999. The size of the issuance is used as an approximation (as it is the most broadly available indicator even if it might underestimate the potential gain in liquidity premia) of how liquid a bond issuance is, and the coefficient in a regression determines the attainable gains from issuing bonds in higher volumes 8 .

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  • The first column of Table 2 (Model 1) shows the results of the maximum likelihood estimate of the logistic model applied to the pool of data from over the five year period studied. The model includes a constant forcing a variable to be left out of each block of characteristics to avoid perfect multicollinearity from occurring. The constant determines the PD of the excluded loans11. The characteristics of the excluded loan are: financial credit, in euros, long term (over five years), without collateral, 1993, construction sector and lent by a bank in a certain region.

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  • Moreover, the question of whether and over what time frame negative (positive) externalities might be eliminated (rewarded), or how these externalities are an element of the company’s business model, is up for debate. For example, companies that actively invest in technologies to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or to develop products to help their customers reduce their GHG emissions, make a bet on regulators imposing a tax on GHG emissions.

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  • NOP is responsible for enforcing standards of production, handling, and labeling for farming and handling operations that are certified to market their products under USDA’s organic label. Audit Report 01601-03-Hy 8 17 Some actions, up to and including the revocation of an operation’s certified organic status, may be taken by the accredited certifying agent without direct involvement by NOP. However, through its enforcement actions, NOP plays a central role in maintaining the validity of the program and ensuring public trust in USDA’s certified organic labels.

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  • For the executive, physical needs have probably already been satisfi ed in the preceding middle management career and are not relevant. Security is arguably reduced for the executive, due to higher risk of dismissal for poor performance. Satisfaction of the need for belonging is also questionable, as the holding of the power to discipline or dismiss other employees in a fi rm pre- sumably reduces the ties of friendship to them.

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  • Institutional information: An accredited residency program must operate under the authority and control of a single sponsoring institution, and that institution must document its commitment to provide the necessary educational, financial, and human resources to support GME. (See IR I.A. and IR I.B.) Master affiliation agreements are legal documents between the institution that sponsors the program(s) and Review Committee-approved participating sites to which the residents rotate for required educational experiences.

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  • Consumption and government spending are also forecast to contribute to the improved growth performance. Growth in consumption is forecast to rise from 1.4 per cent in 2005 to 1.6 per cent in 2006 and to rise again to 1.8 per cent in 2007. The contribution of net exports to overall growth will be somewhat muted. Although export volumes are forecast to accelerate due to growth in the global economy, so too are import volumes, partly in response to the growth in consumption

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  • The present CCS is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the dynamics in the health sector, including recent national achievements, current and emerging needs and development challenges, government policies and plans, as well as activities of other health development partners. It is aimed at improving the health status of the Mozambican population, through the Primary Health Care approach, but in the context of a major shortage of human resources for health as well as a lack of an adequate and functional health system.

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  • The impact of the crisis further increases the market failure – also driven by increased risk aversion on the supply side of microfinance - and underlines the need for public support for this emerging sector in Europe. In addition to the fundamental structural problems of the microfinance sector in Europe, public intervention has largely been justified and substantiated with positive externalities, i.e. that social and financial inclusion generates attractive economic and social returns.

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  • In the current five-year plan (1991-1995), China plans to place greatest efforts on developing infrastructure, particularly thermoelectric and hydropower installations, new railway systems, large deep-sea ports, a national phone network, and food processing and chemical plants. Local governments also have their own blue prints for local construction besides the central government integrative plan. For example, Guangxi province has 24 new and rebuilt major projects in 1992.

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  • As companies refocus their attention on growth, many find they are held back by the very thing that should be propelling them forward: their sales force. For too many organizations, this critical function is hampered by ineffective sales people and with the expensive drag of turnover. It’s a problem that has held the attention of executives for many years—but one that also has gone largely unsolved.

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  • It is clear that contemporary films have a quicker pace than those 50 years ago, although films from the end of the silent era had ASLs not much different from 1995 films (Salt 2009). Cuts constitute almost 99% of the transitions between shots in contemporary film(Cutting et al 2011a), and given that Mital et al (2010) have shown that cuts affect eye movements, generally causing saccades towards the middle of the screen, it is clear that more quickly paced films demand a reorientation of visual attention to a degree that older films do not....

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  • During the development of the GCAP, many people gave their time and ideas. More than 35,000 people from around the world participated in the process online, through social media, and in face-to-face workshops or events. More than 9,500 people, most of whom lived in Vancouver, actively added their ideas, insights, and feedback to help determine the best path to achieve this plan. Participants oten asked how they could begin to take these ideas and make them real in their own backyards, in their neighbourhoods, and in their businesses.

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  • In Europe, ambient concentrations of PM10 have been monitored in some urban networks since 1990, but there is currently no coherent overall European PM10 data set, mainly because PM10 has only been systematically monitored in a few member states. In addition, there is, as yet, no standardised method for monitoring PM10 across Europe, although standardisation of PM10 measurement methods is under development (cf. CEN/TC 264/WG6).

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