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  • The problem with conventional textbooks is that they often have the following goals. 1. They want readers to be able to use functional and polite Japanese as quickly as possible. 2. They don't want to scare readers away with terrifying Japanese script and Chinese characters. 3. They want to teach you how to say English phrases in Japanese. Traditionally with romance languages such as Spanish, these goals presented no problems or were nonexistent due to the similarities to English.

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  • The present performance is, so far as the end could be reached, the fulfillment of a design, formed about twenty-seven years ago, of one day presenting to the world, if I might, something like a complete grammar of the English language;--not a mere work of criticism, nor yet a work too tame, indecisive, and uncritical; for, in books of either of these sorts, our libraries already abound;--not a mere philosophical investigation of what is general or universal in grammar, nor yet a minute detail of what forms only a part of our own philology; for either of these plans falls very far short of ...

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  • Of making many English grammars there is no end; nor should there be till theoretical scholarship and actual practice are more happily wedded. In this field much valuable work has already been accomplished; but it has been done largely by workers accustomed to take the scholar's point of view, and their writings are addressed rather to trained minds than to immature learners. To find an advanced grammar unencumbered with hard words, abstruse thoughts, and difficult principles, is not altogether an easy matter.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'comprehension and syntax', giáo dục - đào tạo, sau đại học - mba phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The undersigned, in behalf of the Young People's Institute, hasten to present to you the followingResolutions, together with their personal thanks, for the Lectures you have delivered before them, on the Philosophy of Language. The uncommon degree of interest, pleasure and profit, with which you have been listened to, is conclusive evidence, that whoever possesses taste and talents to comprehend and appreciate the philosophy of language, which you have so successfully cultivated, cannot fail to attain a powerful influence over the minds of his audience. ...

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  • I have throughout adhered to the deductive method, that is, I do not set any exercise before the student, except on points previously explained. I have always regarded as mischievous the system of setting exercises beyond the knowledge of the student, and in which one-half of the words are translated ; these may be called exercises in writing, rather than exercises on grammar, and in doing them the student often loses sight of the very points the grammarian wishes to elucidate .

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  • Homer, in all probability, knew no rules of rhetoric, and was not tortured with the consideration of grammatical construction, and yet his verse will endure through time. If everybody possessed the genius of Homer, rules and cautions in writing would be unnecessary. To-day all men speak, and most men write, but it is observed that those who most closely follow Homer's method of writing without rules are most unlike Homer in the results. The ancient bard was a law unto himself; we need rules for our guidance.

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  • Nothing so quickly or so certainly reveals the character of our culture and early associations as our speech. The persistence of habits formed in youth, especially bad habits of pronunciation, is well known, and the correction of such faults in adult life is a matter of considerable care and effort. This manual has been prepared for practical use in the school-room and for the use of families and individuals who value a correct pronunciation of the English language. Several important features of this manual have justified its preparation. ...

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  • THE ROYAL SCHOOL SERIES Highroads of Geography Illustrated by Masterpieces of the following artists:— J. M. W. Turner, F. Goodall, E. A. Hornel, Talbot Kelly, W. Simpson, Edgar H. Fisher, J. F. Lewis, T. H. Liddell, Cyrus Cuneo, &c. Introductory Book— Round the World with Father 1916 .That's where Daddy is! (From the painting by J. Snowman.) .CONTENTS. 1. Good-bye to Father, 2. A Letter from France, 3. In Paris, 4. On the Way to Egypt, 5. A Letter from Egypt, 6. Children of Egypt, 7. Through the Canal, 8. Amongst the Arabs.—I., 9. Amongst the Arabs.—II., 10.

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  • J jacket cells (MESO: Orthonectida) The ciliated somatoderm; the number of body rings and their arrangement is of taxonomic importance. jaculatory duct A region of the vas deferens through which sperm is emitted. see ejaculatory duct.

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  • R race n. [F. race; member of the same stock or lineage] A population or aggregate of populations inhabiting a defined geographical and/or ecological region possessing characteristic phenotypic and gene frequencies or features

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  • I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues who helped me edit, fact-check and prepare this book for publication. I sincerely hope I don't forget anyone. Thank you Ouazzani Chahdi Mouhcine for helping me find hundreds of great jokes in darija and for reading and correcting my Arabic transcriptions. Thank you Steve Jones, Mark Renfroe, and Doug Clark for reading my draft manuscript and making incredibly useful comments during the editing process.

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